Chapter 373 To Think of A Deep And Loving Grudge

Chapter 373 Nian Nian's deep love and resentment

Shu Nian stood still and motionless throughout, and the emotion in his eyes was nothing but sadness.

He knew something about Lin Zhaoying. Even though no one mentioned it after the twins were born, he could still find it.

This woman, she deserved it.

"I'm not Xin Yan, aunt lin. Take a look at who I am."

Shu Nian seemed to know that her name would provoke her, and when she spoke, Lin Zhaoying fell into a trance again.

Her face looked particularly frightening, as if hope had been shattered in an instant, and her whole face turned pale for a moment.

"Yes, you are not. Why would Xin Yan come to me? He hasn't come to me in the past 20 years, and he won't!"

"Since he's not, dad, why did you bring him here? Get out, get out."

Lin Zhaoying looked extremely excited and wanted to throw the thing in his hand at shu nian.

But Lin Jitian's words stopped her, "Take a closer look at who he is."

"Anyway, it's not Xin Yan. It's just that they look a little alike, huh... I know, I know who you are?"

Lin Zhaoying looked up abruptly and glared at Shu Nian, "Shu Wei's son, you're Shu Wei's son."

"Dad, he's the son of that bitch. Mom was killed by him. Kill him, kill him!"

Lin Zhaoying's mother?

Shu Nian pondered for a long time, vaguely remembering the woman who kidnapped him.

In the end, she did not hurt him, but because of him, she hurt the twins still in her stomach.

Shu Nian subconsciously clenched his hands and his eyes grew sharper.

If someone hadn't been pulling him, he would have rushed up while Lin Zhaoying was cursing.

Lin Jitian sneered and became more and more unpredictable, "Yes, he is the eldest son of Shu Nian, Shu Wei and Gu Xinyan. You have suffered for so many years, your mother has suffered, and they will return it today."

"You just have to watch."

Shu Nian frowned and his face was gloomy. It looked frightening, "President lin, since I'm already here, at least let Bao Bei come out to see me."

"Miss yao? She's not with me."

Lin Jitian shook his hand and looked very helpless, "She's with Ji Rufeng. Of course, I can ask him to bring someone over to see you."

Originally, it was planned like this.

There was a deal between Ji Rufeng and Lin Jitian, one for Yao Baobei and one for Shu Nian. However, Lin Jitian's ultimate goal was to target the Gu family, which Ji Rufeng did not know.

When he received a call from Lin Jitian, Yao Baobei was still awake.

"To your place? President lin, I have no obligation to help you with these things."

"No, we are working together. But let me remind you, if you don't see Shu Nian, do you think that girl will follow you obediently?"

"Unless the young master of the Ji family, the head of the ji family, wants a woman."

Lin Jitian's words almost killed ji rufeng.

He had crawled out of hell for so many years without caring or caring about anyone, but he had a weakness.

Yao Baobei was the only soft spot in his heart.

Lin Jitian said calmly, "I have a way to make her give up on you. Come over here, I'll let that girl see the Gu family die with her own eyes."

"If she knew that shu nian was going to kidnap the Gu family, it was all because of her. Can she stay with Shu Nian?"

Needless to say, this method is extremely tempting.

Ji Rufeng pondered for a long time, just in time to see Yao Baobei slowly waking up in bed.

"Ji Rufeng?" She was shocked and subconsciously examined herself. After making sure that she was not violated, she calmed down a little, "Where did you take me? What did you do to me!"

He could see the anger and accusation in Yao Baobei's eyes, and the only thing left in his clean and beautiful eyes was his hatred for himself.

Ji Rufeng smiled bitterly, "If I can do what you say, it's worth the risk. But it's important to note that this has nothing to do with me."

"Of course."

When he hung up the phone and looked back at himself, Yao Baobei was extremely cautious, "Ji Rufeng, where's Nian Nian?"

"What are you thinking?"

Ji Rufeng saw all of Yao Baobei's resistance, his fists clenched, and all the emotions in his body were suppressed.

It turned out that unknowingly, she already hated herself that much.

Both of them waited for a long time before Ji Rufeng said slowly, "I have no intention of doing anything to you. Didn't you want to see Shu Nian? I'll take you to see him."

"Where is he?"

"You'll know when you go."

- - -

The atmosphere in the room became more and more strange. Lin Zhaoying had been wearing makeup in front of the mirror for an hour. Shu Nian was watched in the corner while Lin Jitian lowered her head to explain something to the others.

When Shu Nian looked over, Lin Jitian also caught sight of him, "You have something to say to me?"

"Well, I caught them too. You didn't say anything and didn't mention the terms. I'm scared. I don't know what you mean."

Lin Jitian patted him on the shoulder and said slowly, "Don't worry. You'll find out soon. If you can cooperate with me, you can get your twins to come over and get together."

"I like family reunion best."

The words were full of hints.

Shu Nian suddenly understood something and his breath became sharp.

He flung his hand off his shoulder and stood up abruptly, "I'm in charge of the Gu enterprise now. I should be the one to ask for any questions."

"President lin, the past is over. Now that your career has been redeveloped and your daughter is still alive, why not start over?"

The people he hated from beginning to end were probably his parents.

After all, more than 20 years ago, the man who was engaged to Lin Zhaoying was his father.

Shu Nian felt helpless when he thought about it. After all these years of resentment, he still had to face it this way.

"Looking for you? What do you know? You just think I'm going to get revenge on your dad. But what about the truth? Is he not being nice to me, or am I not being nice to him?"

"My daughter, a surgeon at the North city First hospital, became a specialist in the surgery of the First hospital at a young age. What happened?"

"Because of him and your mother, my daughter has become what she is today!"

"I, lin jitian, did something wrong, so I admit ten years in prison. But what's wrong with my wife and my daughter? The only mistake they made was that they shouldn't have anything to do with me, and that they shouldn't dream of marrying Gu Xinyan!"

Shu nian was expressionless, and lin jitian seemed to be thinking back to the time when his expression became more and more solemn, "Wait, everything will be over."

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Go take a look."

Someone approached them immediately and asked them for their identity before letting them in.

Shu Nian recognized the man's voice with the tip of his ear. It was Ji Rufeng.

But Yao Baobei wasn't there.

Lin Jitian did not see Yao Baobei and was surprised, "Master ji, this is not what we agreed on."

"Because I didn't know that president lin had other plans. Shu Nian, Bao Bei wants to make sure you're safe and sound. Talk to him."

He took out his phone and pointed it at Shu Nian. Yao Baobei's voice immediately came from inside, "Nian Nian, where are you? Are you okay? Did they do anything to you? Were they hurt?"

"I'm fine." Shu Nian's voice softened, and he coaxed, "Listen, I have no problem leaving where you are now."

"I don't, they will hurt."

Yao Baobei was actually locked nearby. She calculated when ji rufeng would leave. Nian Nian must be in the same building as herself.

He thought about it and talked to Shu Nian as he tried to find a place to escape.

Shu Nian persuaded a few words, and found that Yao Baobei had always insisted, so he simply looked at Ji Rufeng, "This has nothing to do with Bao Bei. You shouldn't have involved her."

"Of course, when she knows you're safe, I'll take her away."

Take it to the opposite side and let her witness your death.

Shu Nian frowned and a bad feeling welled up in his heart. He looked around for an opportunity to escape.

Lin Jitian's target was his father, and he probably wouldn't do anything to him or Bao Bei until he showed up.

But if his father ever showed up, the whole family would be threatened.

He must not let this happen!

Suddenly, Shu Nian grabbed the phone and threw it at the nearest person's face. He quickly threw the other one away and rushed out the door.

Between the sparks and sparks, the man standing by the door suddenly raised the knife in his hand and stabbed shu nian.

He could have avoided it, but he didn't know why the door opened at that moment.

The other party could not stand steadily and the knife missed.

As Shu Nian dodged, he saw that the knife was about to land on the person who entered the door and immediately extended a hand to block the blade.

"Nian Nian!"

The screams sounded, and Yao Baobei's eyes seemed to be filled with blood. Shu Nian's arm was cut right in front of her and blood gushed out.

"Why the hell are you here? Go!"

Shu Nian wanted to knock Yao Baobei out with one punch. Since she could escape, she should just leave. He was still foolishly charging towards the muzzle.

Now it's good that both of them are stuck here.

Lin Jitian watched as Shu Nian was injured and Yao Baobei was stopped. His eyes were full of smiles, "It's not as good as old coincidences. Miss Yao and I are destined to help me stop those who want to escape. Thank you, thank you!"

Yao Baobei's face was almost red to the point of bleeding. How did she know that the moment she broke in, it was just when Nian Nian was about to run away?

Fortunately, unfortunately, he was blocked.

"Nian Nian, I'm sorry." Yao Baobei was about to burst into tears when he saw those people stop the bleeding for shu nian.

Shu Nian was fine, but he could endure the pain.

Only this time, they will tie him and Yao Baobei together tightly, not giving them any chance to escape.

Even Lin Jitian had started calling.

"Xin Yan, it's me. You should know who I am and why I'm looking for you, right?"