Chapter 374 Did She Miss Him So Much?

Chapter 374: did Nian Nian fall in love?

The atmosphere was especially quiet. Shu Nian knew he was contacting his father.

After all, Lin Jitian did all this for revenge.

Ji Rufeng was unhappy to see Yao Baobei tied up, but then he cooperated with Lin Jitian's men to tie himself up.

His smile was a little enigmatic, perhaps only here, when Shu Nian died would it be more impactful.

However, as time passed and Lin Jitian never did anything to Shu Nian, Ji Rufeng knew that he was wrong.

"Ring! Ring!" Lin Jitian's cell phone rang, and they all looked over.

"Good. Everyone's here. Open the door."

From downstairs, there had been lin jitian's men.

Now the people there were confronting Gu Xinyan, and there were a lot of them, but Gu Xinyan had a gun in his hand.

He was downstairs, shouting at the sky, "I'm here, and the people who want to see me should show up, right?"

This was Lin Zhaoying's nursing home. Lin Jitian had driven everyone to another building, and now the neighborhood was empty, only his voice.

"There's only one car downstairs. There's no one else inside."

"Very well, it seems that he did come alone. Shu Nian, your father really loves you."

Shu Nian opened his lips. It was true that his father loved him. But he was an old fox, how could he come here alone?

He hummed and looked across the building.

There, no one seems to live there...

"Xin Yan, I'll wait for you on the rooftop."

Lin Jitian waved and motioned for the others to take them up. Lin Zhaoying was carried on her back, and now her eyes were filled with excitement.

Finally, she wanted to see Gu Xinyan again!

The building was not high, and the top floor was only seven floors, but Shu Nian had no doubt that as long as a person fell, he would die.

Yao Baobei and he were pressed to the side together. All they had to do was look down and see the concrete floor downstairs.

"Nian Nian, is it uncle Gu?"

"Well, he came to save us."

Yao Baobei was so close to tears and snot that she could not wait to pounce on the man who appeared at the top of the roof.

It was the prince charming she had known since she was a child, and even the way she appeared was so handsome.

"Yao Baobei, don't be crazy about my dad." Someone was very displeased and his mouth twitched as he warned.

Yao Baobei curled his lips, "Don't forget that he's my father now. What's wrong with me worshipping my father?"

He grunted, keeping his face shut, unwilling to argue with Yao Baobei again.

In fact, in the eyes of their parents, I am afraid that Yao Baobei is indeed more important than himself.

"Xin Yan, you're finally here. You won't come until dad invites you in this way."

Lin Zhaoying was the first to move forward, but someone was holding a wheelchair, and she was not allowed to move.

"What are you doing? Let me go. That's Xin Yan. Xin yan won't hurt me."

All she could see was anticipation and excitement. She wished she could rush over and hug Gu Xinyan now.

The latter, however, remained expressionless. He even looked at her from the beginning to the end. Then she opened her lips and revealed a smile that turned the world upside down, "Zhao Ying, long time no see."

"Well, it's been a long time. I waited until your hair turned white, but it didn't go to waste. You finally came to me."

Lin Jitian smiled bitterly and was heartbroken, "Zhao Ying, can't you forget him? You forgot that he destroyed your leg!"

"Your father sent me to prison himself. And what happened to your mother, that poor woman?"

"No, I have, I have forgotten. Dad, I've forgotten all those unhappy things. All I have to do now is get me and Xin Yan together."

She shook her head vigorously, her self-deception falling into the eyes of everyone, and her reaction was different.

Gu xinyan was calmer than he had imagined. He swept past Shu Nian and Yao Baobei and raised his eyebrows slightly, "I'm here. Let them go."

"My son and daughter-in-law have nothing to do with this. Just let them go and tell me to jump."

His words became clear and clear. Shu Wei frowned and looked around, as if he could vaguely see a figure on the opposite roof.

Is it Gu Xiang or Gu Huai?

Or is there a police officer?

"There's no need to be so troublesome. When you die, I'll let them go."

"How can I trust you? After all, no one can say what you will do to them."

The two of them had a face-to-face discussion about gu xinyan's death and immortality.

Shu Nian wanted to roll his eyes and tell them to be more serious about such a serious problem.

In fact, he was the only one who felt relaxed.

Yao Baobei panicked when he heard that Lin Jitian wanted Gu Xinyan's life. She carefully leaned against Shu Nian and whispered, "What should I do? Is dad going to sacrifice himself for both of us? Can you think of something quickly?"

"What can I do? I'm tied up too."

Shu Nian rolled his eyes and leaned back, looking as if he was leaning against Yao Baobei. But the latter raised his foot and kicked him in the calf.

"Don't joke. It's about time. The person who risked his life to save you is your father. If something happens to him because of us, how will you explain it to aunt Shu?"

Shu Nian looked at her reddened eyes and her gradually flustered expression and helplessly explained, "Don't worry, he's not that stupid."

"We can definitely get out of this. Don't worry. I promise you won't get hurt, and I promise my dad won't get hurt, okay?"

Yao Baobei pursed her lips and nodded, not realizing that she had forgotten someone.

Shu Nian promised that no one would be harmed, but he did not guarantee himself.

In the end, it was impossible for Lin Jitian and Gu Xinyan to make a deal. The latter looked like they were going to die. However, that light and airy appearance could not help but make people suspicious.

"You, let them go."

Lin Jitian pointed at Shu Nian and Yao Baobei. As long as gu xinyan stood here and put down his weapon, he didn't have to worry about threats anymore.

Besides, this was the rooftop, and there was no one around, and there were no police from the beginning to the end.

When Yao Baobei was untied, his eyes were filled with tears, "Uncle Gu, be careful. Don't worry."

Don't worry girl, uncle will be fine. Uncle is waiting for you to be his daughter-in-law."


Yao Baobei pursed his lips and wished he could take Gu Xinyan with him. But in the end, Shu Nian pulled her back.

Just as the two of them were about to leave the edge of the roof, a scream came out.


It was Lin Zhaoying. She turned around and stared at Shu Nian, "Dad, I'm going to kill him!"

At the end of his straight arm was Shu Nian.

The latter's face immediately became solemn. He raised his hand and pulled Yao Baobei behind him. His handsome face was gloomy.

"Aunt lin hates me so much?"

"Hate? No, I don't just hate you, I hate you all. I just want to catch all of you one by one and cut off the pieces of your flesh."

"Then, throw it out to feed the dog."

As she spoke, she actually laughed. Her eyes were full of seduction and cruelty.

"Why are you two still standing there? Kill him, I want you to kill him!" Lin Zhaoying seemed to have lost his mind. Seeing that no one had done anything, he grabbed a knife and pushed the wheelchair towards shu nian.

The ground on the roof was flat, and the wheelchair moved forward almost without any resistance, just in time for a downward arc where Shu Nian was. As she rushed over, her speed got faster and faster.

Yao Baobei exclaimed, trying to pull Shu Nian away, but the latter had been in front of her, never willing to expose her to danger.

"Lin Zhaoying!" Gu xinyan gave a low roar and immediately raised his hand to make a gesture, then ran along Lin Zhaoying's path.

Someone was still holding Shu Nian. As long as they didn't do anything, they didn't mind catching Shu Nian and letting Lin Zhaoying kill him himself.

Yao Baobei's eyes widened as she heard Shu Nian shout, "Gu Huai, aim at her!"


What's so bad about it?

She widened her eyes and didn't see the bad guys, but Nian Nian just shouted. Although she didn't see the bad guys appear, she still attracted the attention of others.

There was no such thing as the sniper Yao Baobei had imagined, and no such thing as expected heroism.

The crazy woman had already come to them, and she could only bite the arm of the man who had bound them.

Shu Nian took this opportunity to avoid the fatal blow.

Lin Zhaoying hit the wall and the rock under the wheelchair made her flip out.

The rooftop was in disrepair and the iron wire beside it was already rusty. When she rushed over, the force was so strong that she flipped out.

"Zhao Ying!"

Lin Jitian almost screamed to stop him, but he was so far away that he could only watch Lin Zhaoying climb out of the roof.

Her instinct to save herself finally caught the person closest to her.

Yao Baobei was dragged downstairs as well...

"Brother, sister-in-law fell!"

Across the street, Gu Xiang exclaimed. She immediately threw away her binoculars and ran downstairs.

Gu huai, on the other hand, took a deep breath and pointed the gun at the opposite side, "Damn it, who touched my sister-in-law!"

"Gu Xiang, stop. Sister-in-law didn't fall."

Fortunately, in the telescope, Yao Baobei was still held by shu nian, although he was hanging on the roof.

Only the other woman seemed to have disappeared.

"Big brother is awesome. Look at you. You almost killed sister-in-law."

Gu Huai heard the blame around him and felt extremely aggrieved, "Who knows that person is disabled? How can I see him in a wheelchair?"

"And you keep quiet. What if you miss?"

As he spoke, he had already dealt with the two men standing next to Shu Nian. The anesthetic gun worked faster than he had imagined, falling to the ground almost at the moment of the shot.

When Gu Xiang saw the situation, he often ran away with a flick of his hair, "Stay here. I'll help dad!"