Chapter 375 The Ending of Deep Love (1)

Chapter 375: the ending of Nian Nian's deep love

The roof was already in a mess. When Gu Xiang rushed over later, her brave father had already dropped lin jitian and the others to the ground.

A few people who had been shot unconscious by gu huai were still lying on the ground. Her innocent sister-in-law was now crying so hard that her nose was full of tears.

"Think about it. Think about it. Come on. Your brother has lost a lot of blood."

Yao Baobei shivered and tried her best to hold shu nian's bleeding arm, but no matter what she did, Shu Nian still didn't look well.

That handsome face had already turned pale, and there was no blood on his lips, "What's the matter? It's so serious. Dad, is the ambulance here? Tell them to hurry. My brother is bleeding out."

"You're going to run out..." Shu Nian rolled her eyes, but was still in the mood to joke with her. Looking at the mixture of blood and tears on Yao Baobei's face, his heart ached.

He simply held her hand tightly and said in a rough voice, "I'm fine. Don't cry."

"All right, stop yelling and take them down first." Gu Xinyan threw the thing in his hand and squatted down to carry Shu Nian.

Several people had heard the siren of the police car and helped them downstairs as soon as possible.

Yao Baobei followed behind. In addition to being dizzy, all he could see was the red oozing from Shu Nian's arm.

It was because he was pulling her that it was so serious.

It seemed like nothing good ever happened to Nian Nian when he was with him.

He said he would never let her fall.

He said, let her think nothing but hold on tight.

So he pulled himself up with his injured arm and lost so much blood that he almost fainted.


Shu Nian shook his head, his eyes suddenly blurring. He leaned on Gu Xinyan's back and said in a low voice, "Let me tell you something."


"I married Yao Baobei. Hey. You know this before mom, are you proud?"


Gu Xinyan's face became more and more serious. When he sent Shu Nian to the ambulance, his expression had turned livid.

Shu Nian narrowed his eyes and saw that Yao Baobei looked like he was about to faint before being sent to another car.

Only then did he slowly say, "That's my wife, the mother of your future grandson. Twins are unreliable, and I still make up my mind that you are the most reliable. What, before I wake up, help me look after her?"

"I have a wife too, so I can only watch it for a little while."


He opened his lips, which were so pale that he finally lost consciousness after the confession.

Outside the emergency room, several people were waiting anxiously. Gu Huai showed up at the hospital carrying a big box and was scolded back by Gu Xinyan.

"Get rid of this thing first and bring it here?"

Gu Huai crawled through her hair, remembering that the large box she was carrying contained an anesthetic gun. All he could do was smile and say, "Don't worry, it's all taken apart. I can't tell."

He was an expert in this area. He usually gave Gu enterprise research on formulas and stuff, and assembled them when he was free.

"Is brother okay?"

"It's okay, just a little blood." Gu Xinyan's understatement was either for him or for Yao Baobei, who was feeling guilty and blaming himself.

Gu Huai, however, did not have much thought, so he breathed a sigh of relief and sat down, "A big man is not afraid of bleeding. He can't die."

"Sister-in-law, dad said it's okay. Why are you still crying?"

Yao Baobei forced out a smile, but it never reached her eyes, "No, I'm not crying. He'll be out in a while. I, I'm just worried."

Don't worry, our family is not panda blood. Can't such a big hospital save a person? Hey, hey, come out."

Just in time, the nurse pushed Shu Nian out. He hadn't woken up yet, but he looked fine.

Gu Xinyan was talking to the doctor, "How was it?"

"There's too much blood loss. Take good care of it these days. The condition of the arm is quite serious. Trauma and strain require long-term treatment."

"I'm afraid it will have some effect if it is cured in the future."

Gu Xinyan frowned after hearing this, "Can it be used normally?"

"That's fine, but you need to pay more attention to things like heavy objects. It's enough that this kid could pull like that. He had to lift a hundred pounds after the injury. Otherwise, how could he get to this point?"

Gu Xinyan said fiercely, "Shut up."

Qin Yuanxing followed his gaze and saw the guilt-ridden Yao Baobei beside him. Suddenly, he understood, "In short, cultivate yourself first. Don't move that arm in the past few days. Actually, it doesn't matter. By the way, let Gu Huai go to my wife's company. The formula she developed recently was unsuccessful. I haven't seen anyone for half a month."


The two exchanged a few words, and a certain father sold his son in a few more words.

Gu Huai didn't know about his future and was destined to work with a group of women.

Of course, that was good for him.

For a person who knows all kinds of formulas and precision instruments, the entire Gu family has taken a liking to his great potential, especially this person who has great potential is still a living idiot. He can never tell the difference between one million and ten thousand.

If Gu Xiang was here, he would have used a box of instant noodles to get rid of him.

"Girl, he'll wake up later. If you're tired, go and rest. I'm here."

Yao Baobei shook his head and refused to leave. Gu Xinyan could not hold her back, so he let her guard Shu Nian in the room.

Lin Zhaoying fell and died. Lin Jitian's group should be arrested. He always had to deal with the follow-up matters. If Gu Xiang was allowed to negotiate with the police, he might cause some trouble.

Shu Wei still didn't know the news...

When he left, he threw another glance into the room. It was only a short while. It should be fine, "Who is that? Are you the nurse in charge of this ward?"


"The family members who were accompanying them were also in a bad mood. They came to check their rooms every half an hour. Dr. Qin said so."


Gu Xinyan looked down at the time and left in a hurry.

Yao Baobei was the only one in the room who thought nothing would happen, but he ultimately underestimated Shu Nian's instructions.

Later, ji rufeng came here, but he never went in.

Because of him, Yao Baobei almost fell. Even he himself could not forgive this.

As for Yao Baobei and Shu Nian, he probably never had the chance to get involved again in this.

"Wang Jin, this is Ji Rufeng. I think you'll need something about Lin Jitian."

Not long after, someone asked for the room number and went to Shu Nian's ward.

When she opened the door, Yao Baobei was still a little surprised. Then she saw the man rushing towards her and pushing her aside. "Are you okay?" Shu Nian, are you okay?"

"Nian Nian isn't awake yet. Don't disturb him."

Yao Baobei couldn't help but remind him, but he didn't know that his words had provoked the man.

"Is he okay?"


Ruili glared at her and smiled sarcastically, but she didn't raise her hand to hit anyone, "Yao Baobei, it's because of you again!"


"What are you? How dare you stay here? Hurry up and leave. It's not enough to harm him. What else do you want to do to him now?"

"They said that Nian Nian's arm would be crippled after that. Aren't you the one who caused all this? What are you still doing here? Get out of here!"

Yao Baobei shook his head, his eyes especially firm, "No, I want to wait here for him to wake up."

Ruili was so angry that she couldn't wait to get rid of Yao Baobei. What she feared most was that shu niang would really like yao Bao Bei, and now that she was even willing to get hurt for Yao Baobei, did that prove it indirectly?

"When he wakes up? Do you want to apologize to him or repent? Nian Nian has a good temper. Even if it's because of you, he won't blame you. But Yao Baobei, you have to know yourself."

"Look at how he's been hurt since he was a kid. It's not because of you. If I were you, I would have hidden as far away as I could have, and would never appear here to affect him again."

There was a look of disdain in her eyes and eyes, and Yao Baobei felt even more depressed.

Actually, what ruili said was right. She always wanted Nian Nian to take care of her, not him. She shouldn't have stayed by his side.

But now, they were married.

Nian Nian was hurt for her, and she couldn't leave at this time.

So he shook his head, "I'll wait until he wakes up. He won't leave."

Ruili sneered and added fuel to the fire again, "Also, you can't get involved between Shu Nian and me, even if he wants to marry you under the pressure of his family."

"But I'm pregnant."

She just grasped Yao Baobei's fear of loss and gain and knew that she had no confidence in herself, so she said sarcastically.

"Do you know what this means?"

Yao Baobei's eyes widened in astonishment and he stroked his heart, feeling that the last faith he had been holding on to would be crushed.

Ruili's pregnant means that she has Nian Nian's child?

Impossible. Nian Nian said it had nothing to do with her. Besides, they just got married.

"If you have any conscience, you should leave Shu Nian and help us. In this way, both of us will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives."

Ruili's words were like the last straw that crushed the camel. Yao Baobei immediately clenched his fists and his mind was filled with ruili's condemnation.

Finally, she couldn't help but turn around and rush out.

The nurse who came to inspect the room saw that there was someone inside and walked away quietly.

Until a few hours later, Shu Nian woke up and only saw ruili sitting next to him.

He remembered that Yao Baobei should have stayed by his side all the time. Why did he wake up and see another one?

Shu Nian felt uneasy for some reason.

"Why are you here?"

"I was worried about you, so I rushed over. Are you okay?"

"Well, where's my family?"

"No, you were the only one in the room when I came over." Ruili told a lie without making a draft, and after Shu Nian asked the nurse, he only got the news that Gu Xinyan and the others had already left.

He took the nurse's phone and called Wang Jin. Something was wrong with him.

It was only at night that gu xinyan and Shu Wei appeared in the ward.

Yao Baobei, on the other hand, had no idea where he was going.