Chapter 376 Thank You for Reading the Full Text of Deep Love

Chapter 376 the complete text of Nian Nian's deep love, thank you

"Dad, where's Yao Baobei, please? I told you to keep an eye on my wife. Where did you take her?"

Gu Xinyan was stunned, and his usually calm and proud face could not hang on.

"Brat, how can you talk to your father? Bao Bei, we'll look for you. Lie down."

Shu Wei tried to persuade him not to let the father and son quarrel here, "By the way, who is this?"

"Hello, auntie. My name is ruili. I'm a friend of Shu Nian's."

"Oh, oh, thank you for visiting my son. But it's getting late. You should go back first. By the way, my daughter-in-law was here the whole time. Didn't you see her when you came?"

Ruili's face turned pale and she could not answer for a moment.

This time, everyone understood the reason.

"I, I didn't do anything. She's leaving on her own."

"Girl, we all know Bao Bei's character. Why did she leave without you saying anything? Or do you think that by doing this, you can make my son marry you?"

Shu Wei sighed, "Okay, let's go out first. You take care of your own business."

"Nian Nian?"

Ruili was a little discouraged. Suddenly, she realized that Yao Baobei was more important to Shu Nian than she thought.

Shu Nian raised his eyes and said indifferently, "You can go. Wang jin will look for you tomorrow. The contract with the Gu enterprise was also handled."

"As for Yao Baobei, dad, help me find her."

Gu Xinyan nodded, coughed and walked out immediately, "I'll go out and arrange for someone to find. Wei Wei, you stay with him."


She looked up and saw Shu Nian's livid face, not knowing whether to be happy or worried.

The good news was that the boy finally understood his feelings and cared about Bao Bei.

The worry was that Bao Bei was quite able to hide, and now he didn't know where. -

Half a month later, Shu Nian, who had been confined to the hospital, was finally able to leave the bed.

"She's found it, hasn't she?"

"Yes, she's safe. No one bothers her. You, aunt Yao, said this was between the two of you. She didn't care."

When Gu Xinyan sent someone to find yao Bao Bei, she hid in a rented house.

Yao Baobei felt even more aggrieved that no one had been looking for her for more than ten days.

It was another night, and several models from xin rui were playing mahjong in the next room.

All they knew was that Yao Baobei had come to run, so they took him in.

They were having a good time, but not long after, a sharp police siren suddenly sounded outside.

"Elmar, what the hell?"

Where is the wanted man from? "

Someone poked his head out and looked downstairs, only to see a large number of police cars moving out.

"Mind your own business. The doors and windows are closed. Find a place to hide. What if he's a fugitive and has a gun?"

Someone knocked on the door and told Yao Baobei not to go out.

She nodded with tears in her eyes, not expecting to suddenly hear someone shouting.

"Listen to the people in the 502 building, you are surrounded. Please put down your weapons and release the hostages immediately."

The people who happened to be gathered in a group were stunned, "Three buildings, 502? That sounds familiar."

"Hey, that's our house! What the hell?"

"Did the kidnappers sneak up on us? I didn't open the door just now. Did someone run in when you opened the window?"

The accused was particularly aggrieved and explained in a low voice, "It's only a few seconds. Besides, on the fifth floor, where can I get in? And I don't see anyone else now."


Finally, someone realized something was wrong because the person who was shouting below had someone else's name in his mouth.

"The family has agreed. As long as Miss Yao is safe, they will agree to your terms."

Miss Yao?

Which Miss Yao?

Yao Baobei was in the middle of tears when a few models pulled her out, "Yao Baobei, I was looking for you, right? Who kidnapped you?"

"I, I don't know... I'm fine, fine."

She suddenly panicked. Was there anyone here who was a kidnapper?

While the people above were considering whether to push Yao Baobei out to explain, Wang Jin was sweating profusely in the car downstairs, "Big master, is this really the case? Miss Yao should be scared."

"Hmph, she deserves it."

Shu Nian was still unhappy. She had just gotten married and was scared away by a few words. She had been hiding for half a month.

Yao Baobei, you're doing well.

Not long after, the police had already gone upstairs to bring Yao Baobei down. The rest of them were still confused, so they were surrounded at home.

"Hey, we're not kidnappers. What are you doing?"

A voice came from outside the door, "Thank you very much for your cooperation and help in this exercise. Especially the friends of the three 502 buildings..."

Yao Baobei was the only one who was pushed downstairs.

From afar, she saw Shu Nian standing not far away. For a moment, she couldn't help but cry, "Woo, Nian Nian."

Shu Nian only glanced at her and waved to Wang Jin to drive.

"Miss Yao, that's the police officer. Do you know him?"

Of course I do. That's her husband.

But now Yao Baobei was confused and said he wanted to take notes, so he was taken away.

When she got there, someone asked her about the kidnapping and she didn't know anything about it. He could only tell the truth that he was hiding there on purpose.

"Oh, so you ran away from home?"

"No, no. I just want to get together with my friends. Ha, get together."

The clerk looked up and looked at Yao Baobei with a serious face, "What's the truth? You can talk to Mr. Shu."

When she turned around, she saw the man walking in with an iron green color. The cold air on his body made Yao Baobei stunned.

"Nian Nian, no one kidnapped me."

"No? I thought something always happened when you went missing for half a month."

Yao Baobei panicked and wished he could open his mouth a few more times to explain, "No, no, they are all my friends. You've seen xin rui's model before."

"The closer you are to someone, the easier it is to do it."

Seeing that Shu Nian's face was still grim, Yao Baobei could not help but reach out and hold his hand, "They won't. I took the initiative to ask for a room. It has nothing to do with them."

"Oh... So you hid on purpose? Intentionally missing on our wedding day? Deliberately avoiding me while I was still recovering from a serious injury and almost died?"

Almost died?

Yao Baobei's heart wrenched at his words.

She sniffled and said anxiously, "I was relieved when the doctor said you were fine. How could it be serious again? What about now? Are you all right now?"

She frantically stroked Shu Nian back and forth, her eyes red.

But shu niang immediately took her hand and stared at her fiercely, "Do you still care about this? Didn't you throw me away just because someone else said a few words? Yao Baobei, do you have a husband in mind?"

Yes, my heart is full.

It was because she was too full that if someone pierced a small hole, she would suffocate.

"I already told you that ruili has nothing to do with me! You will believe her if she provokes you. No matter how much I say, you won't believe me?"

He was getting angrier and angrier.

Yao Baobei almost burst into tears, only to realize that all this was because he cared about himself.

She immediately hugged Shu Nian and said, "I'm sorry, it's my fault. Can I never do it again? Don't be angry."

"Let go."

"I won't let go. I know I was wrong. I will listen to you in the future, only believe in you, and never trust anyone else."

She knew that the angrier Nian Nian was now, the more she cared about herself.

For a moment, he didn't care about anything and just wanted to hug him.

Shu Nian pulled her hand away with a cold face, "I found you today to make it clear to you. I don't want a wife who can run away."


"You should know the consequences when you run! How dare you leave me and be sure that I will forgive you? Yao Baobei, you should reflect on yourself!"

Yao Baobei was in a panic. When she saw that Shu Nian was still walking out and her back was especially lonely and cold, she couldn't help but speak.

"I, I'm pregnant!"

"You scold me, you hit me. Anyway, my period has been postponed. I got two stripes yesterday. Don't you want me or that child?"

The man who was walking to the door suddenly stiffened his back.

After that, he almost walked back with lightning speed and glared at her, "You, you are simply..."

"I was wrong."

She said in a greasy tone, her little hand tugging at the corner of Shu Nian's shirt, "Am I mistaken? Since you care so much about me, why don't you tell me?"

"Say you only like me, say you only love me."

The room was silent for two seconds. Shu Nian grabbed her and said, "Yao Baobei, don't go anywhere!"

- - - -

In the early autumn of next year, Yao Baobei gave birth to a big fat boy.

The twins stood outside the glass door, their identical faces pressed against the glass.

"Bad, she's so pretty."

"He's handsome, not good-looking." Gu Huai corrected, glancing at his sister.

The two of them looked at each other and sat dejectedly on the ground.

Gu Xiang leaned pitifully on his shoulder, his small face shrunk, "Second brother, I want to get married too."

"I'm your brother. I can't marry him."

When she heard this, she was extremely disdainful, "You won't marry me yet."

"But mengmeng has already told me that if she can't find anyone to marry this year, she will go home. Her mother found her a super handsome man."

"Gu Xiang! You egged her on again?"

"I didn't. I just told her that my second brother has always been a celibate. Hmph!"

Gu Huai was so angry that he raised his hand to catch Gu Xiang.

However, the latter's motor nerves had always been better than his, and he hid out before he touched himself.

Coincidentally, she bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! There are bad guys trying to catch me. Help me stop him!"


Naturally, Gu Huai drove straight in and grabbed Gu Xiang at the end of the corridor.

She pointed at the doctor who was so handsome that he was angry at everyone and questioned him viciously, "Didn't you promise to stop him for me?"

The handsome man spread out his hands and his face was stiff, "Medically speaking, the similarity of faces is more than 99 %, and more than 90 % of them may be related by blood. If there is a blood relationship conflict, the possibility of a private settlement is 100 % ..."

Gu Xiang went crazy, "Shut up!"