CEO of Wife-Lover

CEO of Wife-Lover



Author:Green Pasta Cake







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20 days after the marriage, he went back home with the ex-fiancee and took her into the room which was initially set for him and the so-called present fiancee. The poor woman shouted at him:" That was our bridal chamber!" He sneered at her:" Why do you call that bridal chamber as we haven't yet spent a single second there?" 30 days after the marriage ceremony, she met her mother-in-law for the first time who asked her:" Who is this woman who thinks of herself as your wife?" He answered indifferently:" Just a female friend." 133 days after the marriage, she gave up the last hope and walked out of the operating room covered in blood. He asked her sullenly:" Where is our child?" "It's gone. You killed it." Shu Wei often said: "Gu Xinyan, I thought I could cure everyone, but I can do nothing with your heart hurt." Years later, she appeared in front of the tombstone with her adorable baby and considerable husband and happened to meet Gu Xinyan. "Wei?" "No, it isn't me. She's gone over a year ago." Shu Wei never kn

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