Chapter 259 Return!

Lin Hao hesitated and replied in a deep voice, "Something small happened. It's okay."

Zhou ning replied in a soft voice, "It's fine. Then I won't go over."

"Well, you should rest early. I'll take care of this." Lin hao replied. Lin Hao also knew that Zhou Ningning must have known everything, so he made this call.

But in order to take care of his poor self-esteem, it was not broken. Zhou ningning is a very sensible girl, at least in front of Lin Hao. In order to take care of Lin Hao's feelings, she pretends to know nothing in front of Lin Hao.

The two closest people, sometimes some things don't need to be so clear, because too clear, it will only be more awkward. Neither of them wanted to face this embarrassment.

Because of Zhou Ningning's family background, Lin Hao was overwhelmed for a moment. He already knew what he was going to face with a girl like Zhou Ningning, even though he was prepared to face all the difficulties. But after a series of things, he still felt a little tired.

Paralyzed by cigarettes, Lin Hao took out his phone, found a familiar number in his address book, and dialed it. For Zhou Ningning, at this moment, he chose to agree to the man's request. Only by taking the risk of getting the money could he expand his power quickly!

Inside a forest in laos. Wang Qiang was covered in blood, a machete in one hand and an assault gun in the other. He had his own blood, but most of it belonged to the enemy.

This time, when he was sent to laos, he already felt something was wrong. But I didn't expect that Diao Dehao really wanted to kill him! He wanted him to die overseas!

The laos people had basically left long ago, with only a few remaining forces still being hunted down by their opponents. And this group of brothers who were hunted down was only to draw the attention of the enemy and let others send the goods back to the country.

But Diao Dehao asked him to come here to pick up the goods. In fact, the goods had already been sent away. He only came here to die. In fact, it was just like that. Within a few days, she was betrayed.

In order to survive, he had already withdrawn into the country as quickly as possible. However, the enemy still found his whereabouts and fled for three days and three nights in a row. His hands were already covered with blood, and his whole body was extremely weak. Only the survival instinct maintained his will.

The soldiers behind him shouted in dialect to stop and fired their guns at him.

Wang Qiang moved through the forest with agility, shooting back from time to time to slow down the enemy's pursuit.

Finally, an hour later, he could no longer retreat. There was a big river ahead, blocking his path. Wang qiang held the gun and fired the last bullet madly. Then he jumped into the river and disappeared quickly.

Fortunately, he was a good swimmer. He avoided bullets in the water and swam forward quickly. I don't know how long it took, but I finally got rid of the people behind me.

Wang Qiang dragged his exhausted body up to the shore, then gritted his teeth and took out a dagger to remove the bullet from his thigh, then cut open the bullet and poured out the gunpowder to stop the bleeding.

After doing all this, Wang Qiang ran into a small village and stole a suit of clothes to change into. Then he walked to the city.

Three days later, he finally ran out of laos. Although the wound on his thigh had been treated, it was still inflamed. Wang Qiang hurried to Kunming. Instead of looking for Diao Dehao directly, he went to the hospital for two days.

After dealing with the wounds all over his body, Wang Qiang used the underground channel to get a bundle of explosives and tied them to his body. With a fierce look in his eyes, he took out his phone and called Diao Dehao.

There was no doubt that Diao Dehao wanted to die. But Wang Qiang still wanted to know whether the other party knew his identity or something.

Diao Dehao took out his cell phone and saw Wang Qiang's phone. His eyes lit up, but he didn't get through directly. Instead, he immediately called another person. That man was the green clothed white faced snake! Facing that person, he did not dare to show any slights.

The man had said before that when Wang Qiang came back, he asked Wang Qiang to look for him. But Diao Dehao knew that if he and Wang Qiang met directly, the other party might attack him directly.

Wang Qiang was a smart man, and Diao Dehao understood very well. This time, he must have seen that Diao Dehao wanted to kill himself. And Diao Dehao also knew Wang Qiang's revenge mentality. After his brother Wang Dong's accident, Wang Qiang's actions showed everything!

He was not sure if Wang Qiang would kill him.