Chapter 260 Underground Black Boxing Ring

After Diao Dehao answered the phone, he immediately reported to the green-clad white faced snake, "Master, Wang Qiang is back."

"I see." The voice of the snake in green was very flat, as if it had known Wang Qiang's whereabouts long ago. Diao Dehao had no doubt about it. With the power of the green clothed white faced snake, there were many ways to know Wang Qiang's whereabouts. Besides, the green clothed white faced snake had a power that he did not know about.

The "Light kill" organization under the green clothed white faced snake is an organization that specializes in assassination and assassination activities. The organization was not created by the green clothed white faced snakes. The green clothed white faced snakes were just their masters. It is said that this organization was passed down from the life seeking sect in the outer eight realms.

There are many industries in the world, which can be divided into 365 lines and 72 lines. Some of the sects that have entered the world are naturally among the three sects and nine streams. The most representative of them are the outer eight sects, which are divided into' robber sect',' voodoo sect',' organ sect',' thousand sect',' orchid sect','divine switch sect','red handkerchief', and'life seeking sect'.

Among them, the robbers were the biggest, the ones who committed all kinds of theft, and the voodoo sect was the most terrifying. The most familiar estimate of this line of people was to drive away the corpse voodoo. However, as for whether it really existed, it was a mystery. The mechanism door was the most amazing. The art of divine attunement is known for its strangeness, that is, witchcraft, and the red handkerchief is also a magic trick. Among them, the art of disguise is the most wonderful, and finally the door of life. The ancestor of the order of life is jing ke.

In the past, the purpose of the order of life was to serve the people and the world, but in the later evolution, it became an organization that took people's money to eliminate disasters for people. This must be said to be an amazing thing.

Diao Dehao did not know how many people there were, nor did he know how powerful the organization was. However, if they were to mobilize, they would definitely be able to wipe out his power completely. As long as they assassinated the backbone of the organization, their power would be scattered like sand. This was one of the reasons why he was so afraid of the green clothed white faced snake. Of course, he knew that if the green clothed white faced snake wanted to kill him, it would be useless for him to escape abroad.

Although liang sha was also an elitist group, there were many rules among them. As the head of the household, the green clothed white faced snake had the right to mobilize them!

The green clothed white faced snake had personally told him to let Wang Qiang find Wang Qiang when he came back. But he didn't stop himself from letting him go to laos, saying he wanted to train Wang Qiang. But Diao Dehao knew that it was not that simple. He knew that with Wang Qiang's character, if he really stood up, he would not let him go.

Because he had already tried to kill wang, but what he didn't expect was that this Wang Qiang really came back from laos! He has escaped so many hunts and returned! Now he was a little flustered, and the only thing he was looking for was the green clothed and white faced snake, trying to mediate this conflict through the green clothed and white faced snake.

He wanted to kill Wang Qiang, but now that Wang Qiang had returned home, if he attacked again, the green clothed white faced snake would not let him go. So now he's nervous, but there's nothing he can do...

"Well, master, I..." Diao Dehao was at a loss for words.

The snake snorted coldly and replied, "Afraid that he will attack you?"

"Yes... Yes." Diao Dehao replied, feeling helpless. If I wasn't afraid of you, I would have sent someone to kill Wang Dong. No matter how powerful Wang Qiang is, he won't get close to me!

Let him find you. I'll go over later. I won't let you die. At least not now." The snake replied coldly.

Diao Dehao had a piece of Stone in his heart, but he had forgotten what the green clothed white faced snake was saying.

Diao Dehao called Wang Qiang back.

After spending nearly half a month with Han Laohu, this old boy was wandering around Third wei's major industries every day. He didn't do anything serious, so naturally I didn't have a chance to get in touch with their internal secrets.

These days, I let Stone and Ceng Shaofeng act again. This time, it was more realistic because I really hurt Ceng Shaofeng!

But it was only superficial, and this was the last act. Because of the disappearance of Stone and Ceng Shaofeng, Han Laohu was no longer a threat and no longer relied on me.

But I also know that I can't keep acting like this. Of course, I understand the principle of birds hiding in the bows. But there are more ways than just acting. Sooner or later, Brother ninth will become that bird.

That day, Han Laohu came to me excitedly and said that he had found me a good place. I asked him where it was. Han Laohu patted me on the shoulder and smiled, "Just come with me. You'll love this place!"

I didn't say much. I thought Han Laohu was about to make a move. But when he brought me to the location, I realized that I was thinking too much.

Han Laohu took me to an underground black boxing ring, fighting black boxing!

But I really like this place. I'm scheduled to fight two rounds a day, and there are a lot of good fighters among them. It was a great benefit to hone my skills.

However, because it was a matter of flesh and blood, I didn't get hurt much. Every time, Han Laohu would bring someone down to look at me, and he would put a lot of money on me, telling me not to lose.

For more than ten days, I spent every day in boxing. The kung fu grandpa wu taught me before, I became more and more proficient. The force of the attack was getting stronger and stronger. I thought if I could stay here for half a year, I might be able to compete with Stone in a real way.

It would also be a step closer to my goal of avenging grandpa wu! Martial arts must be practiced in order to become more and more powerful. I'm not sure if I can beat him in a few more years, but I'm going to work twice as hard towards this goal!