Chapter 262 Brothers Meet at Last (1)

Yunnan, Kunming.

Wang Qiang was driving a wooden man's stake. Although he had practiced it before, he didn't expect that there was such a method to drive a wooden man's stake. He had so much knowledge.

Over the past few days, this man who was not known as the blue-clothed white-faced snake has taught him many things. It turns out that kung fu really exists, and it's not the fancy kung fu that I used to watch on tv or in martial arts performances.

There are moves, but the focus is on attack power and speed. Moves are just auxiliary, this is national art! The snake in green gave him the eight-pole boxing, which was extremely strong! It was the fist of slaughter, which pursued the extreme masculinity.

Wang Qiang was sweating like rain, his muscles bulging ferociously, and his whole body was yellowish. The punches and the palms seemed to be full of strength.

"Stop, I have something to tell you." The snake in green clothes and white face sitting on one side suddenly said.

Wang Qiang stopped in a hurry and wiped himself with a towel. He walked to the snake in green and said, "Master, what's the matter?"

"Come with me tomorrow. I have a task for you." Said the white-faced snake in green.

"What mission?" Wang Qiang's eyes froze and his heart began to tense up. He had some time with the green clothed white faced snake, and he had some understanding of this cheap master. He also knew what kind of person he was.

When he heard that there was a mission, Wang Qiang immediately became alert. He has his own principles. What he can't do is not to do. He has to have his own bottom line.

"It's none of your business. Just follow me. This trip to Dongguan is just for you to see." The snake replied. The young man in front of him showed him who he was when he was young. He stood by his principles and had his own bottom line. The unyielding tenacity in his bones made him see his own miniature.

"Really?" Wang Qiang asked hesitantly.

"Have I ever lied to you?" Asked the white-faced snake in green.

Wang Qiang shook his head, hesitated for a long time, and then said, "Master, those things you told me before..."

"Your brother?" The snake in green looked at Wang Qiang with a smile and said, "You will know in the future."

Wang Qiang nodded and said nothing more.

Xihe city, underground black boxing ring.

The so-called underground black boxing does not mean that the boxing ground is underground, but the illegal whole field, fighting black boxing. As long as the life and death certificate is signed here, even if someone is killed, no one will care. Of course, sometimes there are peacemakers in the arena. Most of the time, if the two factions are really at an irreconcilable stage, they can send people in to fight the fist of life and death. After the fight, no matter who lives or dies, this conflict will be over.

I've been here with Han Laohu for almost a month. These days, I've played two games almost every day, and I've met a lot of experts. I've lost once. I've lost so badly that I can't stand up with ten moves.

I lost before I could even figure out how the other party struck. Fortunately, the other party didn't kill me, or else I would have died.

But that man had only appeared once, and since then, he had never appeared in this ring again.

These days, I slowly realized that Han Laohu wasn't just here to watch a good show. There was something wrong with this underground black boxing ring!

And it was a big problem, but I was assigned to fight every day, so there were a lot of things I couldn't find the real clues. But it was clear that this underground boxing ring was an important transit point in their drug trade!

Unlike Brother Mao's, the white cat's arena was just selling goods from wei laosan, but this black boxing ring seemed to be the hub for Third wei to keep up with the family.

But I didn't find out how it worked, so I just passed the information on to Feng Xiaoxiao's people, but told them that they had to be alerted. When I found more clues, I would thoroughly investigate the ring.

At eight o' clock in the evening, another boxing match came. This should be my last fight in this ring, because Han Laohu told me to leave tomorrow. Going to Dongguan! To accompany them to Dongguan for half a thing.

I know about Dongguan. I've heard about it more or less. Sex is not a joke.

But this time, Third wei was going to gamble! I heard from elder sister Qiao earlier that old three wei was a gambler who liked to gamble like his life. However, this man also had some tricks and knew how to play cards. When I started in West river, I used to cheat. Later, I became rich and raised some younger brothers. Later, I became more and more powerful.

Until now, he was already the biggest force in Xihe city, and even master ma had a hard time restraining him. Third wei was a really good person. It was easy to imagine that he could do this from a person who had nothing.

I took the money and went to the place where I placed my bets. I bought 20,000 yuan and bet on myself. After this, I went to change my clothes and went to the ring.

Today, I was fighting a master of thai boxing, and I was a little famous in this arena. But standing on the stage, he was also very relaxed, because for the past month, although I have won every time. But he never killed anyone.

In the past month, my strength and attack speed have improved a lot. If I were to fight Stone again, if he didn't take out the iron sandbags tied to his feet, I would really be even with him!

It was a boxing match without any suspense. After I went up, I only knocked the opponent down with a few moves. Then he changed his clothes and went back to his room with Xia Nan in his arms.

These days, it's a good thing that Xia Nan is covering for me, so I can find something. Otherwise, Han Laohu would have arranged for a woman to spy on me.

When I got to the room, I said to Xia Nan, "Today, you sent a message to Brother ninth saying that Han Laohu was very dissatisfied with him. Afraid that Brother ninth might threaten his own position."

"Okay." Xia Nan nodded back.

After that, she went to send a message. I went to take a shower, and after that, Xia Nan had already sent the news. In the past month, I have won a lot of money, and every time I put a big bet, I buy myself to win.

I won about 500,000 a month, which is a huge sum for me. When I leave this place in the future, I can still use this money to do things. If you really want to get a foothold in West river, money is essential!

As we were talking, Han Laohu sent someone to call me, saying there was something to tell me.