Chapter 263 Brother Finally Wants to See (2)

By the time I got to Han Laohu's room, he had already set up the tea set and was waiting for me. Su Xinyan, on the other side, was making tea, and he was very skillful. It must have been a lot of work in the past. Su Xinyan had always been a man of means and means to achieve his goals, which I know very well, so it's not strange to learn these things specifically to please some people.

But when I saw Han Laohu looking for me to taste tea, I was very dismissive. People like him don't know how to taste tea.

I was holding Xia Nan when Han Laohu waved at me and said, "Ah Bei, here you are. Come and sit down."

After sitting down, Han Laohu handed me a cup of tea and said with a smile, "This is from old wei two days ago. The red robe of Wuyishan is said to be good tea. I'll try it on. But I can't feel anything else."

I smiled and replied, "Brother Tiger, it's a waste to give such a good tea to a rude person like me. I don't know how to taste tea."

"I also said that I don't understand. Old wei said that this is the tradition of the older generation in our way. In order to win over people, he also deliberately learned this thing." Han Laohu said gloomily.

Xia Nan, who was beside me, smiled and said, "Tea is just water for dried leaves."

"Hey, let's not talk about that." Han Laohu waved his hand and said to me with a little seriousness, "Ah Bei, do you know how to play with guns?"

I nodded quickly and smiled, "Brother Tiger, have you forgotten where I came from?"

Han Laohu paused and smiled, "Look at me. How could I forget about this? You come from a special forces background. How can you not play with guns?"

Smiling, he hesitated and said, "Ah Bei, we might be in danger this time when we go to Dongguan, so you know what to do."

"Brother Tiger, I won't let you get hurt if I die!" I looked at Han Laohu and said firmly.

Brother Tiger patted me on the shoulder and said, "Of course I understand your loyalty. I came to you this time to give you this."

Brother hu raised an eyebrow at Su Xinyan. Su Xinyan went to the back room and brought a box over. Inside was an exquisite silver pistol.

Han Laohu threw the gun at me and said, "Try and match it."

I played with the gun, but there were no bullets in it. As for this series of pistols, I still think I can handle it. I smiled, nodded and replied, "It's good."

"Haha, that's good." Han Laohu patted me on the shoulder, looked at xia nan again, and said with a wry smile, "Okay, hurry up and rest. We'll leave early tomorrow morning."

As soon as I came out with Xia Nan in my arms, Han Laohu grabbed Su Xinyan and pushed Su Xinyan onto the sofa...

I couldn't help but feel a fever all over my body. What's worse is that Xia Nan is still rubbing against me.

My whole body was burning with evil fire, and I could not wait to drag myself to the room.

Holding Xia Nan in her arms, she entered the room. As soon as the door closed, she couldn't wait to pester her...

Sirens were blaring and police cars were chasing a red volkswagen.

Lin Hao was sweating all over in the volkswagen. At this moment, he knew that he had been tricked! As soon as he started, the police came over. Someone must have set him up on purpose.

Thinking about this, Lin Hao felt a little silly, but he didn't expect the other party to spend two million yuan on him, and also paid a deposit of 500,000 yuan in advance.

Fortunately, he didn't tell the other brothers about this, otherwise it would be troublesome. Lin Hao quickly turned the steering wheel and drove the car into an alley. Then he stopped the car and climbed over the wall.

He was very fast, but fortunately he had practiced. Otherwise, he would have been caught a long time ago, but fortunately, he had some preparation in advance, parked a car not far away, changed a pair of clothes, lin hao changed his makeup, and drove away.

But his heart was complicated because he knew that Xihe city would soon issue a warrant for his arrest. Are you running away again? Are some of the businesses that have been built in West river going to be lost again?

What about the coagulation?

Lin Hao's mind was spinning fast. He was worried and regretful. But he wanted to find out who the person behind him was!