Chapter 264 Brother Finally Wants to See (3)

Han Laohu was already waiting for us. When we got there, Han Laohu patted me on the shoulder and said meaningfully, "Ah Bei, you're full of energy. Didn't you get tired last night?"

I giggled and scratched my head. Han Laohu stopped teasing me. Take me to the car and run to the Xihe city villa area. We arrived at Third wei's private villa.

Everything is ready over there. But this time, Third wei didn't bring many people, just a few bodyguards. There was also a beautiful girl who looked like a popular actress. Han Laohu whispered to me that this girl was actually a model, but she wasn't famous.

Han Laohu introduced me to Third wei. I smiled and shouted, "Hello, brother wei."

Old wei nodded at three and said with a smile, "Tiger told me before that you are a man. Work hard with Tiger!"

I smiled and flattered him, and Third wei didn't pay much attention to me. We chatted for a while before leaving the villa. He took a bus to the airport and went to Dongguan this time. According to Han Laohu, he was going to meet a man named Su Sanqian.

This Su Sanqian was very powerful in Dongguan and Guangzhou, and even in Shanghai. This man was also a legendary figure. It was said that he also started from gambling. In the Dongguan, Guangzhou area is the "King of gamblers" general existence!

I've asked about this Su Sanqian in private, but after knowing some inside information, I'm really impressed with this person. It's from the bottom of my heart. It was really amazing to be able to do this from a small person by his own means. The most important thing was that although he was ruthless, he was principled and a righteous boss.

Han Laohu asked me to pay attention to a man named lin tiehong beside Su Sanqian. This man is Su Sanqian's knife! His fists and feet were very strong...

After getting off the plane, Third wei took us to a hotel. He said he would rest here and wait for someone. The room was already prepared. We moved in directly. While we were eating, I asked Han Laohu, "Brother Tiger, who are we waiting for here? Is there any danger?"

"It's okay. The person who came is our friend. Boss diao of Yunnan." Han Laohu smiled.

Hearing that it was someone from Yunnan, I couldn't help but feel nervous. But thinking that I'm using another face now, I think my human skin mask with makeup, the people over there shouldn't recognize me. And I haven't seen this guy in person.

I was relieved to think of this, but something else came to mind. People from Yunnan? The head office knew that Yunnan was the most serious place for drug smuggling. The person who came here this time is not Third wei's source of goods, is he?

As I ate, I did not show any abnormalities, nor did I go to inquire about the situation of the people from Yunnan, because it was easy to cause unnecessary trouble if I asked too many questions.

At around nine in the evening, the people from Yunnan finally arrived. Third wei arranged a private room for us to stay outside, and they wanted to talk about something inside.

I stood at the door and waited. Not long after, I saw Third wei and Han Laohu coming over with a few people. In front of Third wei was a man who looked about forty years old, with a heavy beer belly and a rich appearance. I think this person should be the boss that Han Laohu is talking about.

When I saw the two people behind boss diao, I was immediately stupid! Her eyes turned red and her whole body began to tremble.

I tightly clenched my fist to control my emotions. Seeing that familiar face, I could not wait to rush up and hug him tightly and call out brother!

Yes, one of the two people following boss diao was my brother Wang Qiang! And the other one, I know, the green clothed white faced snake!

I never expected them to appear here! After so many years, I finally wanted to see my brother again! After he was taken away, our visit to the prison was blocked, and I never saw him again!

I resisted the excitement in my heart and lowered my head. I don't want anyone to see my expression, let alone show any difference. I know very well in my heart that I can't recognize him at this moment because I don't know what kind of situation he is in, and I'm not allowed to recognize my brother in my own situation.

I lowered my head and took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. By the time they walked up to me, I was already acting very natural.

I stood at the door respectfully, doing my job as a bodyguard. But for some reason, when the snake entered, it couldn't help but look at me and smile at me with a deep meaning.

Did he see it? But if he really saw it, it wasn't surprising, because he taught me how to make up. I tightened my whole body, not daring to look him in the eye. The green-clad, white-faced snake walked straight into the door without saying anything.

After they went in, Han Laohu said to me, "Ah Bei, remember, no one is allowed to come in again, okay?"

I nodded and replied, "Brother Tiger, I understand."

Han Laohu nodded and closed the door. I stood outside, my heart was very complicated. I didn't know if the snake really recognized me. If he did, would he expose me? What should I do next?

And why is my brother here? All these questions made me feel confused.

In the room, Third wei and his men made the wine at the table and opened it. The beautiful woman next to Third wei served the wine with Su Xinyan. Third wei raised his glass and said with a smile, "Lao diao, let's not talk anymore. Let's have a drink first! It's been almost a year since we met."

"Yeah." Diao Dehao smiled and then looked at the snake. The snake had no expression. After a glass of wine, Third wei smiled and said, "Lao diao, how confident are you in dealing with Su Sanqian this time?"

Diao Dehao smiled, glaring at the snake in green, then narrowed his eyes and replied, "I have 90 % confidence in letting Su Sanqian die!"

Third wei froze for a moment and then burst out laughing. He raised his glass and said, "Lao diao, with your words, I am relieved."