Chapter 265 Mission

Wang Qiang had been paying attention to the conversation between Third wei and Diao Dehao. After listening to it, he probably understood the purpose of this trip. It was for a man named Su Sanqian, and this time the green clothed white faced snake would personally attack!

Wang Qiang had been with the green clothed white faced snake for a long time. He knew the horror of the green clothed white faced snake, and he felt some sympathy for the man named Su Sanqian.

However, he felt that although the green clothed white faced snake was stubborn, every thing he did, he naturally had his reasons. Although he did not quite agree with this master, it was undeniable that this cheap master still had his principles.

But he didn't think much about it. He just followed him to see what happened this time and didn't need to do anything about it. So he didn't want to delve into it, and more importantly, he knew that even if he did, he couldn't stop the green-clad white faced snake.

Diao Dehao and Third wei were talking, and they looked like they were talking and laughing. But in fact, Diao Dehao had been paying attention to the face of the snake. But Third wei didn't know. He just thought that this man who looked no bigger than himself should be Diao Dehao's follower. He didn't even think that this man could take his life anytime he wanted.

In Third wei's eyes, he was concerned about another person beside Diao Dehao, the man named Wang Qiang. He could tell that this man was a master and could tell from some of his habitual movements.

Third wei himself was not very strong, but he had also seen that there were powerful masters around him. So he could tell at a glance that Wang Qiang was a powerful character. He had to pay attention to such people.

He, Third wei, was not afraid of other people's scheming. In terms of scheming, he felt that he would not be inferior to Diao Dehao, but for a martial arts master, he did not dare to neglect. If Diao Dehao wanted to kill him, a master would suddenly explode and kill him in a short time.

This was what Third wei was thinking, but what he didn't know was that among these people, the most powerful person wasn't Wang Qiang! It was not that he had no vision, but that the snake in green had covered it up too well.

I was watching outside, and my heart was very complicated. I tried to adjust my emotions so that no one would notice my change. They stood outside for nearly an hour before they came out.

Third wei enthusiastically arranged accommodation for boss diao and the rest of them. I followed him all the time, and my eyes looked at my brother from time to time.

Feng Xiaoxiao told me before that my brother had broken off contact with them. My brother entered as an informant. They were worried that my brother would betray and help the drug dealers in Yunnan instead.

I'm not sure what's going on with my brother right now, even though I trust him in my heart. But there was still some uncertainty, because with this group of people, there were too many temptations. It's not impossible if they let my brother take drugs in order to control him.

Thinking of this, my heart became more and more uneasy. Because I can see that my brother is already in a very high position among these people. If he really wanted to, maybe he could contact Feng Xiaoxiao and the others himself, but he didn't, which made me feel a little scared.

I can't believe my brother was turned into that kind of person, but I was afraid that he would really become that kind of person.

After arranging the accommodation for boss diao and the others, Han Laohu dragged me to a remote place and said to me, "Ah Bei, did you see the man beside boss diao just now? The one in casual clothes. His name is Wang Qiang. Keep an eye on him for a while. Old wei was a little worried about this, afraid that something would happen to the boss."

When I heard that Han Laohu asked me to keep an eye on my brother, I naturally couldn't be happier. Because as long as he asked me to keep an eye on him, I would have a chance to contact my brother alone, so that I could secretly send a message to him.

I nodded solemnly and replied, "Brother Tiger, don't worry. I'll keep an eye on his whereabouts."

Han Laohu patted me on the shoulder and smiled, "Ah Bei, I don't worry about you. Well, I was tired from standing too. You should go back and rest first."

"Okay." I nodded back. After talking to Han Laohu, I went back to my room. This time, because it was important, Xia Nan did not follow.

I lay in bed and rested for a while before someone knocked on the door. I hesitated, opened the door, and found a beautiful waitress standing outside. But when I saw her face, I almost jumped!

Feng Xiaoxiao!

Why is she here? And found our whereabouts. Feng Xiaoxiao looked at me and smiled, "Sir, the fruit plate you ordered, I'll bring it in for you."

I nodded and replied, "Well, come in."

Feng Xiaoxiao calmly pushed the dining car in. I closed the door and asked quickly, "Why are you here?"

Feng Xiaoxiao placed the fruit platter on the table in the room and said, "I was sent to contact you on a single line. What's your purpose in coming to Dongguan this time?"

"Third wei and the rest of the Yunnan team up to kill a boss in Dongguan." I replied.

"Who?" Feng Xiaoxiao asked.

"Su Sanqian!" I replied.

"What? They're going to kill Su Sanqian?" Feng Xiaoxiao was especially surprised to hear this.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Feng Xiaoxiao's face immediately became serious. He looked at me and said nervously, "Wang Dong, if what you said is true, then we must stop them from doing this!"

"I don't know where they got this confidence. They want to kill Su Sanqian. But there must be a reason for them to do so. No matter what, we must stop them this time. Because once Su Sanqian died, there would be a huge drug market in Dongguan. With Su Sanqian in the way, he banned all his businesses from drugs. So Dongguan is much better than before, but once Su Sanqian dies, the market will reopen." Feng Xiaoxiao said seriously.

"So, this Su Sanqian isn't a bad person?" I asked.

Feng Xiaoxiao hesitated, then stared at me and asked, "Do you think you're a bad person?"

When he said that, I immediately understood what was going on with this Su Sanqian. I nodded and replied, "I know, but I don't know how they're going to do it yet, so I don't know how to stop them."

"Keep asking. I'm going to send this message out now and get the other side ready." Feng Xiaoxiao said anxiously.

After sending Feng Xiaoxiao out, I got nervous again. I wanted to talk to Feng Xiaoxiao about my brother, but when I realized that I wasn't sure about my brother's situation yet, I finally gave up reporting it to Feng Xiaoxiao.

However, she withdrew from Brother Mao and then followed Dongguan. She had to say that the police line was really wide.

After Feng Xiaoxiao left, I thought about it for a long time, and in the end, my heart became more and more uneasy. I walked out the door and was going to use the excuse Han Laohu gave me to get in touch with my brother!