Chapter 266 Plan

I went out and walked around the hotel corridor, pretending to be monitoring my brother. I didn't know if Han Laohu had any faction to do the same thing as me, so I had to be careful.

If Han Laohu had arranged for someone else to keep an eye on my brother, then my every move might be within the scope of the surveillance, which I had to guard against. Because living in a place like this, if I make any mistakes, I will be in danger and even my brother will suffer.

This is something I absolutely don't want to see, so I have to be careful. After wandering around for a long time, I finally decided that Han Laohu didn't arrange for anyone else, so I was relieved.

After making sure there was no one, I knocked on my brother's door in the name of delivering things. When my brother opened the door and saw me, his eyes flashed with vigilance and he asked, "Are you boss wei's man? What's the matter?"

"Big brother asked me to come and talk to you about something. Can we go in and talk about it?" I looked at my brother and said, I was standing right in front of him, but he didn't know me. This feeling made my heart ache.

My brother hesitated for a moment, then nodded, but his eyes were full of vigilance. My brother let go of the door and closed the door after he went in. I immediately took out the jade pendant. This jade pendant was always worn by me. It was either valuable or a piece of inferior jade. But it was a gift from my brother.

I took out the jade pendant and placed it in front of my brother. I made a silent gesture to him and asked him with my lips, "Did you check the surveillance?"

My brother replied, "It's okay. I checked it when I came in. There's no surveillance equipment. Who the hell are you? Why are you holding Dong Dong's jade pendant?" When my brother spoke, his fists were already clenched.

I believe that if I show any wrongdoing, he might strike at me immediately. At this moment, I suddenly realized that my brother had changed, he had become stronger, and now he is several times stronger than before.

The scar on my face and the sharp look in my eyes made my back feel cold. I don't know what my brother has been through, but I feel in my heart that if I start fighting with him, it's not certain who will win or lose.

"Brother, it's me." I hugged my brother tightly with red eyes.

After all these years, we finally met again! I felt like something was stuck in my throat, and there were so many words in my heart that I wanted to say to my brother, but I couldn't say anything at the moment.

My brother was a little confused when he saw me like this. But he didn't push me away. I believe he knew about makeup when he was with the snake in green and white.

My makeup was taught to me by the snake in green. I rubbed the human skin mask on my face, and when I removed it, my face revealed itself.

At this moment, this stout man finally dispelled all guard and vigilance and hugged me tightly. I felt my brother's body tremble. He patted my shoulder and asked in a trembling voice, "Dong Dong, are you okay?"

"Brother, I'm fine." I replied with tears in my eyes. I've thought about many ways to meet my brother. I've thought about saying a lot, but at this moment, I can't say anything.

After chatting with my brother for a while, he talked about what he had heard about me. He asked, "Dong Dong, how did you get along with these people? You're not..."

As he spoke, he seemed to have thought of something else. He looked at me and said worriedly, "You mixed in your makeup! You are!"

"Brother, you're right. I was inside them to spy on the police." I nodded and then asked, "Brother, I want to ask you something."

My brother looked at me and hesitated, as if he realized what I wanted to ask.

I was silent for a while, and finally said, "Brother, the boss you were with before is a drug dealer, right? The police arranged for you to go in and be an informant. Why can't I contact you? Have you ever done it with them..."

"No! Do you trust brother?" My brother suddenly stood up and stared back at me.

That's enough! A heart hanging in my heart finally came down. My brother told me that he was in direct contact with the police, but the police died, and my brother couldn't get in touch with them. It wasn't that he didn't want to or betray them.

I looked at my brother and said, "Brother, I believe you! After you complete this task and make up for it, we can be together."

After listening to my words, my brother smiled bitterly and did not say a word. After a long silence, he looked at me and said, "Dong Dong, I can't go back."

"Brother, what do you mean by that?" My brother's words made me nervous.

My brother smiled and said, "Don't think too much. I haven't done anything harmful. But it's okay. Don't worry."

Then he asked, "You just seemed to have something to ask me. We can't stay in there too long. Otherwise, you will be suspected. What do you want to ask?"

I held back my doubts and thought that there would always be a chance in the future. Business is important!

I nodded and asked, "The police contacted me earlier. They said they wanted to stop the assassination of Su Sanqian. Do you know the specific plan of action? Su Sanqian can't die. If Su Sanqian dies, the drug market in this part of Guangdong will be opened."

"Oh? Su Sanqian is a good person?" My brother looked at me in surprise and asked, "Why is the information I got here different?"

"I'm not sure, but that's what the police told me." I replied, "Do you know the plan of action this time? It may be too late. I need to get the message out as soon as possible."

"I don't know the details, but this time it was my master. It might be hard to stop him..." My brother frowned as he looked at me.

Master?! When I heard the word, my heart trembled.

When I thought about my brother's martial arts, I immediately thought about who the master was...

Before he could ask, my brother continued, "You should know that it's a gamble that everyone will be on a cruise ship tomorrow. Guangzhou is Su Sanqian's world, and the gambling boat and cruise ship are his. When the time comes, diao dehao will cause an accident on the gambling boat. At that time, my master will take advantage of the chaos to avoid Su Sanqian's bodyguards and attack him."

"Their target this time is Su Sanqian." My brother said, "But my master wanted to kill Su Sanqian, not because of money or profit, because he is a family leader, and he took the portrait of our ancestor who killed this line of people..."