Chapter 268 Grand Finale

Since we are here, it is natural to gamble a few rounds. Yuancheng brought us into the seat, and everyone has their own goals in mind.

An hour passed quickly. Yuancheng was standing at the door of the room smiling politely at us. I gradually felt something was wrong. I turned to look at my brother and found him shaking his head secretly. I think my brother also knew that it was not that simple.

Boss diao and Third wei couldn't sit still. Boss diao threw down the card in his hand and smiled at Yuancheng. "I wonder when boss su will arrive?"

Yuancheng looked at his watch and smiled. "I'm afraid the two bosses won't be able to wait for boss su." He waved his hand and rushed into a group of men in black. Each of them had guns in their hands and pointed them at boss diao and Third wei. Their faces turned pale with fear.

"Don't think that your men can come to save you. To tell you the truth, boss su won't come at all. If you want to disturb the peace of Guangzhou, you should know the consequences."

Yuancheng said he shot boss diao and Third wei on the forehead with two shots. Before they could react, he shot them in the head, and the generation of big shots disappeared.

My brother and I were scared out of our wits, afraid that Yuancheng would shoot us two more times.

Who knew that he looked at us and said, "If the higher-ups have told us to keep you alive, you can go. It's very chaotic outside. Don't blame me if someone else cuts you off." Then he turned and left the private room.

My brother took me out of the room and heard the distant buzzing of police sirens. I think Feng Xiaoxiao contacted the police and took action in time.

My brother pulled me away, and I broke free of his hand, because I suddenly thought of Han Laohu, thinking that when the police arrived, I would have no chance, but this person had to die.

I kicked open Han Laohu's door and tore off his mask. Han Laohu looked at me in shock. Before he could react, I punched him in the face.

Han Laohu looked at me with a ferocious look and was afraid. He cried and begged for mercy. I was determined to kill him. I punched him hard, picked up the pistol Yuancheng left for me and my brother in the room, and shot him. The scum finally died.

The scene on the boat was very chaotic. I took Xia Nan to meet my brother and found a small boat away from the big boat.

When I got to the shore, I made it clear to Xia Nan that I couldn't be with her, but I was grateful for what she did for me. I would never forget her.

Xia Nan thought he understood what I was thinking, and he turned around and waved at me. I smiled. This woman, no matter where she went, would be a wonderful life.

I took my brother to Lin Rong. They hadn't seen each other for years, and they were so excited and tearful. I was so happy to see them reunited that I quietly left to close the door and leave them some privacy.

Han Laohu is dead, and my brother is back now. I smiled and felt that I had never been so relaxed before. Thinking that Bingbing and xiao cheng were still waiting for me, I burst into laughter.

The boss and the first are all empty, as long as your loved ones and family are around you, it is the best time!