Chapter 424 To Be Despised

Then, our group of colleagues came back one after another. There were more than ten colleagues in our women's clothing department, all of them girls in skirts. Unfortunately, they were either fat or aunts in their 50s and 60s. Some of them were dark and some of them were boys in skirts.

Later, I found out that sister chunting made it clear that all girls had to wear skirts to work, because the most famous of the company's women's wear was stockings and pants. She said that her colleagues must use their own products to understand more.

So, although I was surrounded by more than ten pairs of stockings and calves, the only thing worth appreciating was Mandy, right?

It all changed after eleven in the morning. Because our boss, sister chunting, finally started work, she was hired from the french brand earlier this year, so I never saw her in any way.

She came back very quickly and heard the sound of "Didi dada" high heels in the hallway of the lobby. She turned the corner and entered our department. Everyone shouted in unison, "Sister junting, morning!"

She did not respond and went into her room without a word. I clearly saw a woman in her thirties, wearing a close-fitting long-sleeved white t-shirt, buttons unbuttoned to her full chest, a narrow black administrative skirt with buttocks, translucent black stockings and high heels, and a designer red handbag and black coat in her hands.

Chunting was about five feet and four tall, the type with a full, mature body. Although her waist was very small, her hips and thighs were quite fleshy, but her calves were very long.

I met a lot of women like this on the subway. I didn't expect my boss to be like this. Her complexion was snow-white, obviously due to the lack of sunlight, probably because of her workaholic personality.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and her eyes were round and big, but they were covered with artificial eyelashes. Her nose was sharp and small, and her lips were thick but always angry, without a smile.

At that moment, I thought to myself, fortunately, there is also an old and tender leg to admire here. Otherwise, I would have suffered greatly from the task jiang lai gave me, but she quickly walked into the room, and I didn't have much chance to savor the beautiful legs carefully.

After a while, Mandy brought me in to introduce her. I saw that her office was very messy. Besides the desk full of documents and fabric samples, there were all kinds of women's clothes hanging around her. Behind her, the white wallpaper board was also covered with dense words. The small sofa in front of the desk was very clean. I later learned that she often worked until early in the morning and slept there.

So, on my first impression, three big words popped out of my head:


But manager Chunting quickly asked, "Are you Ye Fan?"

I said, "Hello, sister chunting. Give me some advice!"

Chunting said, "You're welcome. I don't have a lot of rules here. All the women here are gossiping. You just have to work at ease, don't join forces, and deliver the goods on time... Also, don't mess around with men and women. This is what I hate the most, but you are very young. Besides, Mandy is your sister here, so there's no problem. Also, are you married? Do you have a girlfriend?!"

I listened to her intently, but she would ask this question. I thought I had already gotten married to your chairman. Now that you ask me if I'm married, I'm a little speechless. I don't know how to answer for a moment.

"Well... I... I..."

Chunting: "Aren't you gay?! It doesn't matter. The united states is very open now, and it won't be discriminated against. It's even better... You can focus on your work."

Although I didn't learn english well, I also understood what she meant when she said I was gay. At once, I felt as if ten thousand mud horses had run past me, but my mouth was still as clumsy as explaining, "No... I'm not... That..."

I don't know why I'm always tongue-tied against the oppressive sister chunting, which is completely different from what I just told Mandy.

Chunting comforted me, "Hehe, Ye Fan, what shame! There are a lot of gay people in our line of work, and people like you who are creative are even better. It's not surprising that you are tall and pretty. You should have guessed why you came to work for a woman's clothing brand."

This time, I was really at a loss for words. I was just about to explain when she said, "Why are you still standing here? Go out and work! Also, these ten types of stocking packaging have to be redone. I don't like those photos. They're too conservative. We're fashion. Only when girls can think of sex when they see it, do they think they can seduce those cheap men!"

Her tone and attitude were very bad. All my earlier fantasies about her were wiped out. It was all those words. It was a lie on the outside.

I was still standing there, and Mandy was already tugging at my sleeve, asking me to leave. His mouth seemed to be saying, "Let's go! Out!"

I picked up the old packaging and went out dejected. Mandy was still inside, and when I left, I heard Chunting say,

"How did you do it?! How could you hire such a stupid person to do things for me? Do you have a brain?! Believe it or not, I'll fire you!"

Mandy apologized quickly and said, "Sister chunting, it's none of my business. It seems that the chairman sent him over. He may be a relative..."

Chunting snorted coldly in the room, "Connections? Heh heh, this kind of evil will not work in america. I don't care. If he can't change it before work tonight, you tell him he doesn't need to come back!"

Mandy just kept nodding and Chunting continued, "Where's my dry cleaning?!" Mandy: "It's been sent back to your house!"

Chunting shouted angrily, "Why did you send it back to my house?! Did I say that?! Why are you so smart?!"

Mandy's voice became hoarse, and she looked like she was about to cry, "But it's always been..." However, before the pure tingting's anger had subsided, she scolded.

"So what if it's always like this? You're a secretary. You need to know how to read people's minds, understand?"

Mandy lowered his head and did not dare to answer. Chunting continued, "Why are you standing there? Why don't you come to my house and get it right away?! I moved to the golden bell service department and got some daily necessities for me. I didn't know about the south african servants who asked me, okay?!"

Mandy took the note in her hand and ran back out, covering her eyes with her hands and crying. The female colleagues around her did not dare to make a sound, but a few uglier ones were snickering.

My ears were sharp. I heard all of this. I rushed forward to comfort her and said softly, "Mandy, are you okay?!"

She turned around and scolded me, "It's all your fault! If you hadn't angered her with your stupidity, would I have been scolded innocently?! You! Hurry up and do your work. She said that if you can't finish it before work today, you're finished!"

Damn It, I was struck by lightning with good intentions and realized that it was not easy for her to work for this female devil because she had such a bad attitude before. I asked:

"But she doesn't just have to change the packaging design. She doesn't think the photos are tempting enough. What if she has time to find a model to take another picture in a day?!"

Mandy said, "We have a lot of photos in our database. We've taken them three times this year alone. You can look for them there! Do you know anything about design?!"

Nonsense, I know nothing about design. I studied imported excavators at Lan Xiang technical school.

Oh, no, these two women didn't see anything, did they?