Chapter 425 An Impenetrable Female Manager

I nodded and said, "I understand, but where should I put it?!"

Mandy didn't answer. He picked up his handbag and left. He just turned around and said, "Look for it yourself. Server has a name. I'll help you with anything. Who will help me?!" After that, he stormed off.

So, I went back to my seat and started searching. It wasn't hard to find the photo library, but there were already more than 2,000 photos in half a year, and the size of the stockings wasn't recognized. I was really confused.

I had been working hard to find something suitable. It had been more than an hour in the blink of an eye. During this time, Mandy also came back, but he sent sister chunting to do other jobs. That lunch was over. I didn't tighten up. My stomach was thundering, but time was running out and I had to work hard.

Originally, I thought it would be the job I imagined. I could naturally enjoy the photos of models wearing different stockings from all over the world, but after watching for more than four hours, a lot of evil fire accumulated in my heart, but I had to endure it.

That being said, it made it easier for me to figure out which photo would satisfy me. I finally found ten photos of my legs that were in a flirtatious mood, and I was ready to start my graphic design.

I searched the internet for some other brand's packaging design as a reference, and soon locked in two, and then buried myself in the design of ten silk stockings.

I thought the design was going well. When I finished, I looked around. Everyone had already left work. It was already dark outside the window. Looking at the watch, it was already eight o' clock. Fortunately, the lights were still on in Chunting's office ahead, so I immediately printed out all the designs and knocked on the door.

Chunting, the general manager, was still working hard, but the sleeves of her t-shirt were caught. I saw her high heels kicked to the table and thought that she must have barefoot.

She saw me knocking on the door and said, "Come in! Do you still want an invitation?!"

I walked in with the design and said, "Sister chunting, are you done?! Where should I put it?!"

She said, "Ye Fan, you're so inefficient. You just finished it. Show me the present?!"

I didn't expect a present. I didn't know that. After all, I'm a layman. I said in a daze, "Hmm? There are two designs here, each of which is used on the ten pairs of stockings... Can you take a look?!"

She snatched the design with one hand and said, "Is that what you call a present?! Trash!"

Damn, how dare this woman scold me?!

Although it was in english, I understood it.

Maybe it was because I was rarely scolded in the past, or maybe I was too tired or too hungry. After scolding this woman at this moment, I really couldn't bear it, so I said:

"You... I'm not a waste. You've given me so little time. I've tried my best. I'm not ready for a formal presentation. Your request is unclear. You're the one to review, not me!"

She didn't expect me to refute. After a moment, she scolded loudly:

"Ye Fan, you have a lot of guts. How dare you talk to me like that?!"

I was even angrier when I heard that. Dad was your boss's real husband, and now he's here to investigate you, so he said, "What dare you?! You're just a little woman. Am I afraid you'll hit me and eat me?! If you fire me at the worst, what do you have to be proud of?!"

When she said this to me, she didn't know how to answer. She was so angry that she turned around. I knew that the job was gone, so I turned around and left. I said, "I don't need to bother you. Dad is not going to do this yet!"

Unexpectedly, even though she was still carrying me behind her back, her tone became calm and she said, "Hehe, Ye Fan, do you really think that people should ask for a present after the design?"

But this stopped me. I turned around and said, "This... Is not the case. I just don't have enough time to prepare..."

Chunting looked at my angry face and said calmly, "Then, how much time is reasonable for you to prepare?!"

I said righteously, "At least two hours?!"

However, I didn't expect that. Chunting looked at me jokingly and said, "Okay, then I'll give you two hours. Come back to present in two hours."

Without a word, I picked up the design and went back to my seat to start the presentation.

To be honest, I really don't know much about this thing. Luckily, I did my homework before I came, and while writing, I looked for information online for reference. It was already 9: 30, and suddenly, with a "Poof," a bag of takeout food was placed on my desk. When I looked up, I could only see her back.

It was manager Chunting.

She didn't say anything, and I didn't thank her, but I felt a little touched, but I couldn't figure her out.

Finally, after knocking on the door, I entered the room and said to her, "Yes, please come to the conference room." ...

When we arrived at the conference room, the lights were turned off in the entire office, and everyone was off work, leaving us alone. I started the projector, and Chunting sat down to listen to me carefully explain the benefits of each design. After ten minutes, she finally spoke:

Which one do you like?!"

What I'm saying now is what I really think: "I prefer the simple design because girls are familiar with silk stockings. There's no need to say that our brand already represents the guarantee of quality, but the pose of the model is sexy enough."

Chunting said, "I agree. But do you think these photos are sexy enough?!"

I said, "That's enough. I found it in thousands of photos. These are very hot!" Who would have expected Chunting to say, "But you're gay, so you can't be sure!"

I immediately said, "I wanted to tell you earlier that I'm not gay, I'm a 100 % man!"

Chunting said with a flat mouth, "If you want to sell this design, you must say so!"

I said, "Hahaha... Of course not. I'll tell you today that I'm not just a normal man, but a pure man!"

Who knew, after hearing this, Chunting moved the chair she was sitting on out of the table so that I could see her clearly. She put her right foot on her left foot, gently stroked her black silk leg with her hand, and swept it back and forth seductively.

"Then, are my legs beautiful?!"

I looked at her in a daze. She pulled up her skirt slightly so that I could see her thighs pressed against the black silk. Her thighs were plump and plump, wrapped in black stockings, giving her a perfect three-dimensional feeling. And the right leg hanging in the air looked young and long under the high heel.

I've been looking at photos of stockings and legs all day long, and it's true that there's such a perfect mature woman carved in front of me.