Chapter 426 The Story of Chunting

Neither of us made a sound, only hearing the noise of the air conditioner. She turned her left and right feet to reveal the trace of the inner part of the room. It was a green silk fabric, and my reaction was a little unbearable.

Chunting looked at me and finally saw her first smile. It turned out that she was quite beautiful when she smiled. She said:

"Ye Fan, you're not lying!"

I slowly walked towards her. She didn't back off. I didn't know if my brain was in the water, but I actually reached out and said, "That... Sister chunting... Can I... Touch it?!"

She didn't say anything, so I put my hand on that fat thigh and gently stroked it. How happy was it in my heart?! I didn't expect to be able to touch the hot thighs of this cold beauty. I was thinking of going to the next city.

Suddenly, there was a loud slap on my face. When I saw stars, she stood up and said, "Hmph, bitch! Perverted little pervert!" After that, he left angrily.


This painting style changed so fast that I didn't even realize it, okay?

Then, I picked up my stuff, turned off the equipment, and went back to my seat. She had just turned off the lights in her office, put on her coat, and said,

"Hmph, perverted little pervert! Choose the one you like! You can leave after you pass the file to the production department, okay?!"

I had to agree. That night, it was already 11: 30 when I left the company.


This started my career in the women's clothing department.

Chunting was still as fierce and unreasonable as ever, but I didn't know if it was my imagination or something. She always let me peek at her beautiful legs intentionally or unintentionally.

During the weekly meeting, she always asked me to sit opposite her so that I could see her lower body from the glass conference table. From time to time, she still kept her legs on end. I remember one time when she wore a pair of new sling stockings, she showed me her stockings.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed, and the weather began to warm up. The girls everywhere began to wear less cloth. There were not many stockings on the street, but fortunately, under Chunting's orders, all the female colleagues had to wear stockings to work. During the meeting, they sweated and crossed their thighs. The smell of girls scattered in the meeting room, making it difficult for me to concentrate...

It was a little awkward.

Hey, I actually felt great at first, but then it was just torture for me!

It must have been my hermon, or it could have been that I didn't even have a place to release myself with jiang lai in the past two months, so I had a strong taste. Most of the time, when I saw not many beautiful female colleagues and accidentally revealed my thighs, I would have aroused sexual interest, so that I could get close to touch their silk stockings and legs. They didn't take much precautions and didn't care much. How could I be handsome and charming?

Okay, just kidding.

The most difficult thing for me was that Mandy. Because of our work relationship, we got to know each other well and often had lunch together. Of course, many times we would eat together with a large group of female colleagues. When they were together, they were really noisy, so occasionally I would eat alone with Mandy.

Until now, she didn't ask me to treat her to that fish feast. On the contrary, sometimes when I didn't have enough money at the end of the meal, she would treat me to dinner instead.

After half a month of understanding, I know that this Mandy is actually a very typical Hongkong girl with a hard mouth and a soft heart. You always have to be strong in your words, but if you treat her well, she will still be grateful.

However, it was a little awkward for us to be in contact for a long time. Why? Because the weather was getting warmer and she was wearing less, it was easy for me to see her figure.

When I got home at night, Jiang Lai was still the same. He was neither hot nor cold to me. Without a wink of sleep, my dream before I went to bed was that day with Mandy in the office...

I remember that it was saturday, and sister chunting asked us to go back to the office to prepare for a meeting with the higher-ups from the Italy headquarters in hong kong. She didn't come back by herself, so we dressed more casually.

Mandy wore a yellow lace skirt and high-heeled sandals that day. Although he didn't wear stockings, his beautiful white and smooth young legs had already fascinated me.

The past few days have just returned to spring, and my mind often produces images that make people blush. Coincidentally, I haven't vented out on my own these days, and the fire in my chest has accumulated a lot.

But to be honest, I've found that I can't do it in the near future. I need real women, and all the rare opportunities to get close to women are nice to meet, especially beautiful women.

At more than six o' clock, my colleagues left one after another. I actually finished my work, but when I saw that Mandy had a lot of things to deal with as a secretary, I helped her.

Chatting, I said, "You said before that chunting would come back. Why didn't you come back all of a sudden?!"

Mandy said, "Oh... Well, she sent me a text message saying that she signed for divorce today."

When I heard that, I was immediately confused and asked, "What? But wasn't she already divorced?!"

Mandy then explained, "No, ah... By the way, she was officially separated the day you first started working."

I said, "But we haven't had enough time yet, so they agreed on both sides!"

Mandy said with a troubled face, "I don't dare to say much about her, but we're so close, we might as well say more. Chunting's husband owned a factory on the mainland and had always been fine, but he couldn't move his lower body after a traffic accident in Guangzhou five years ago. At first, Chunting was very enthusiastic about taking care of him, and their relationship was better than before. But as time passed, his husband was unemployed, complaining all day, and became very irritable. Chunting hired a private caretaker, and he fell in love with his work to avoid friction. However, two years ago, Chunting came home early one night and found the domestic nurse sitting naked on her husband's face and feeding him...

So Chunting fired the nurse in a fit of anger, but her husband was very angry with her. He said that Chunting would not give it to him himself, so he wouldn't let him be happy. What? Although he couldn't do it, he still needed it mentally. Chunting was upset and tried to give it to her husband, but he was not interested in sex. She had tried all kinds of blushing costumes and gadgets, but none of them worked.

After a while, he gave up. After hearing that, she simply let her husband find a young lady and arrange everything for him. Unexpectedly, this made her unconsciously give up completely on her love for her husband.

Half a year ago, her husband said that he had had enough and did not want to see Chunting again, because seeing her would remind him of the past. Chunting understood and moved out.

It was said that her husband was going to remarry, but it was the caretaker from the beginning, so the two of them got divorced on a post-it note. "