Chapter 427 Uncover A Scar

After listening, I found out that this female manager actually had such a "Wonderful" life? I said:

"Wow... I see. No wonder she has such a bad temper!"

Mandy nodded and said, "By the way, I've been with her for many years, and I sympathize with her..." I said, "So she scolded you like that, and you didn't leave... That's why!" I think I've always been unhappy with her. Compared to her experience, it's really small. I think I've really changed my mind about her.

We chatted for a while, and Mandy and I were the only two people in the office at this moment. I deliberately sat close to her and nailed up the agenda for her meeting. She looked down and smiled beautifully. Every time she got up to pick up something, I would look at her from behind. She was wearing a very thin floral dress, and the light in front of her could clearly see the figure in the dress.

I sat closer, and my shoulder occasionally touched hers, but she didn't avoid it. I could smell the melon perfume on her.

Whoosh, I felt my head lighten.

But suddenly, she said, "Fan, you better leave early. I'm ok. I have to photocopy these documents before I can leave."

I hurriedly said, "It's okay. I'm not busy either. Seeing you dressed so beautifully, you must have a date tonight. Why don't I make a photocopy for you? You should go first!"

Mandy looked surprised and said, "Really?! Am I so beautiful?!"

He stood up like a model with his arms akimbo in amusement.

I said, "Of course it's beautiful. To be honest, you're the most beautiful person I know... You don't look like you have a six-year-old daughter anyway!"

Mandy looked at me with interest and suddenly smiled, "Ye Fan! Why are you always sweet talking to me all day? If you have any intentions, tell me!"

I thought to myself, I was just trying to get something out of you about Chunting, but of course I didn't say that. I said innocently, "Hey, what can I do? I can't be nice to you. Women are really troublesome!"

Mandy smiled and said, "I know you're a good brother. I'm just joking with you... By the way, don't you want to know what my date is tonight?"

I said, "You can say whatever you want!"

Mandy was a little more mysterious. He sprinkled dog food on the ground and said, "Today is my wedding anniversary. The old convention has me eating at the hotel!"

I didn't feel like it at all. Jiang Lai and I were legally married for four years, so I said, "Hey, you guys are so loving!"

After that, I picked up the document and went to the photocopying room. I didn't want her to see my expression and said, "It's very late. It's very busy. Leave these to me!"

I left without waiting for her to respond, but when I heard that she was packing up, I said, "Well... Thank you, fan. I'll treat you to dinner next week!"

I was busy alone in the photocopying room. I didn't turn on the light and quietly relived some familiar memories. What I couldn't get was always the best. I kept thinking about it in the dark.

The smell of Mandy's perfume filled the air, and she couldn't help but want to do something bad...

After a while, a voice came from behind. I couldn't tell if I was imagining her or if she was really back.

As I looked around, I suddenly saw a figure on a reflection somewhere outside. It was... Chunting!

I was wondering why this woman came to the office so late. So I went to Chunting's office and found her sitting in her seat as if nothing had happened. Looking at the computer, I asked in surprise:

"Ah... Manager Chunting, why... Are you back?!"

She didn't answer, just continued working, so I turned around to leave and said, "Then I'll go out and continue working.

But she said, "Is the agenda set?! Why isn't Mandy here?!" I quickly explained, "Ah... That's about it. She... Has something urgent to do at home. Leave it to me. I just photocopied the last few pages, and now I can nail them up."

I looked at her and saw her with her hands folded in front of her chest, one foot in front of the other, waiting for my answer. She was wearing high heels. I looked down and slowly raised my head to see that she was dressed like a funeral today, with black stockings and a black narrow skirt, and a sleeveless silk t-shirt on top.

"Ye Fan, explain yourself. What were you doing in the shadows just now?"

I was shocked, because I did have the urge to do something bad just now, but I didn't do anything in the end. Did this Chunting find out?

Seeing that I was looking at her without answering, she said, "Have you seen enough? You looked at me like this and explained what you did just now?! Are you a perverted little pervert?! You can't help but go home first before you do that, or you can hide in the bathroom, right?! What's the difference between you and a beast?"

I was so angry that I said, "I really can't explain what happened just now, but I don't usually do this, right! I am lecherous! Yes! I haven't done that for a long time, but I shouldn't have done that either. I don't know what happened. I'm sorry, I'll take the blame and resign! But I know it's wrong. I'm not a beast. What are you noble about?! How dare you insult me! You should also go whoring for your husband!"

I regretted what I said, but I couldn't take it back. Chunting was shocked by what I said. His face turned red and he cursed, "You little pervert dares to talk like that! You don't have to resign. I'll fire you now! I have to tell everyone what you did!" When she spoke, she was so angry that tears were streaming down her eyes. I was also shocked and didn't know how to answer.

But she continued to cry and say, "Why are you telling me what to do about me?!"

We stood there silent for a while. I felt guilty and said, "Well... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I... I know your difficulties... It's my fault. You can do whatever you want. Don't cry."

But the more I said that, the more she cried, the louder she became, and the more pitiful her tone became, "Don't... Don't think that it's just you... I... No, many people don't have that either. Do they also indulge everywhere? Beast! Beast!" I let her scold me but she didn't answer me. Her voice became hoarse. I didn't say anything. After she scolded me, she didn't say anything. She slowly leaned on the desk and wiped away her tears as she looked at me.

After my old shyness turned into anger, I quietly remembered that she must have just signed the divorce papers, and she must be in a bad mood. No wonder she had such a big reaction when she saw me like that by chance.

We were the only ones left in the quiet office. I knew that I would leave the company soon and would not need to see her again. I relaxed a little and said:

"Miss Chunting, since I have been fired, I might as well speak frankly." She was interested in the opening line, looking at me and listening to me.

I said, "Please don't scold me for being a busybody... I sympathize with your experience, but... You can't help yourself by venting with us. Since he's letting go, it's time for you to let go. I know I don't know the whole story, but all I know is... You're a big beauty and you're still so young. You should be happy to live for yourself..."