Chapter 428 The Picture Is Too Beautiful

She didn't scold me back, so I continued, "Hahaha... It's true, you may not care, but in my eyes, you are both inside and outside, and you are capable..." I pointed my finger at her reflection on the glass door behind me.

"Hehe, look at that manager Chunting, you look beautiful... Look! She's a mature beauty!"

As she was about to speak, I rushed to say again, "I know, you must think I'm trying to please you by saying this so that you won't fire me or think you won't tell me about my scandal! But to be honest, I'm a real man. What's so strange about those shameful things? Besides, I'm a lowly man, and I don't have to win over you."

This trick worked, and she swallowed what she wanted to say.

I pondered for a moment and continued, "Believe it or not, I'll go out and finish the nailing now. I'll pack my things. You won't have to see me again..."

Surprisingly, she didn't answer and stood there, so I left her office.

I quickly took out all the documents from the photocopier and went back to my seat to nail them up. Chunting ignored me.

The nail was done, and it was eight o' clock. I took a paper box, put all my things in it, put on my coat, and picked up the packed documents to come to her office.

In fact, I originally planned to leave, because I was sent by jiang lai to be a "Spy." Now that the mission is basically completed, I can go back to my life.

Chunting was not in her seat, so I went in and planned to put the documents on her desk. But when I entered, I was so scared that I dropped everything, including the box.

The picture inside was so beautiful that I doubted my own eyes.

I noticed that Chunting was sitting on a small sofa with her back to the door. Her ponytail was loose, and her long, straight hair made her look young and feminine!

She put her hand in the unbuttoned silk t-shirt, and the scenery there was even more boundless...

What the hell is going on? Am I dreaming again?

I was worried that I was imagining it again, so I pinched myself hard and confirmed that what was in front of me was real.

I couldn't believe what I saw and couldn't help but say, "Ah! Manager, this is..." I thought chunting would be scared to death by me, but she suddenly looked up and said to me, "Okay, then you have also broken me... Now, we are even." The sound of her voice came into my ears, and I knew that this impossible thing was actually happening.

Unlike the blurry image of Mandy, I could clearly see every grain of cloth on her black stockings at this moment...

Miss royal, the Chunting in front of me is more than ten years older than me. Although I'm not interested in older women, I don't know why I've been thinking about it ever since she showed me her mature thighs in the conference room that night.

I was so excited that my usually arrogant and irritable boss showed such a red face. I couldn't help but stare and enjoy the pleasure from the sight.

Surprisingly, this Chunting did not pay attention to the red eyes I gave her all over her body and enjoyed herself. In this quiet office, there was only the sound of that shameful toy, and she would moan a little at any time.


I swallowed my saliva. I, who had been watching the fire for a long time, couldn't help but walk towards her and listen to her like a lost puppet...

But she ignored me for a long time, and when I couldn't help but reach out and touch her seductive thigh, she suddenly slapped me in the face, and I immediately woke up.


She was still there with an ambiguous attitude, but her expression was very angry. She said, "Bastard, who said you could touch me?!" I was so scared that I immediately sat on the ground and pressed my hot face, unable to answer.

A woman's heart, a needle in the sea, I really can't guess him. She stopped the shameful toy, closed her thigh, put her right foot on her left foot, showed a provocative but sexy posture, and said, "Ye Fan, we're even. I'm not firing you now. It's already a big benefit for you. You greedy little pervert, you still want to eat old lady's swan meat! It was a brilliant idea! Hmph..."

I sat on the ground and listened to her. Thinking about it, she was right. On the surface, I was just a silly boy who had not entered the world. Compared to her mature beauty, I really didn't deserve it.

But she still doesn't know who I really am. I'm a married man...

But at this moment, my heart was both shy and sour. I hung my head and left, saying, "Maybe you're right too. I really don't want to do that. I'm just fascinated by you... I'm sorry."

I quickly picked up the things on the ground and put them on her desk. She also stood up and pulled up her skirt. I turned to her and said, "Manager, I have already thought about it. I can't face you anymore. I just quit... I'm sorry."

She didn't ask me to stay. She picked up the document and read it. "You can do it!" Don't be so great as you used to be. You can find such things everywhere! Pack and pack. Don't take away an item from the company, or I'll call the police! Get lost!"

Damn it, this woman changed her face faster than she flipped through a book. But when I thought that my mission was about to be completed, even though I kept my emotions in check, I couldn't bear it at this moment. I turned around and said:

Hmph, then I'll see you forever! Chunting, what have I done to you? Are you going to do this to me?! Do you feel sorry for yourself?! There are many more pitiful people than you! I've always respected you. Even just now, it was just me... I'm interested in you! You don't think of it as a compliment or an insult, do you? I'm not very ugly either! Didn't you make it for me? Do you think I'm completely unresponsive?" No one had ever dared to contradict her, but in a few hours, she scolded this kid twice. She didn't know how to react and didn't answer.

Before my anger subsided, I turned around to face her, stood in front of her, and said to her, "Aren't you just a woman?! Am I really afraid of you?! Why do you look so proud when you scold me for not hurting or itching?! Try hitting me again and see if I can fight back?!"

She took a step forward and almost came face to face with me, but I was a head taller than her. Suddenly, she stood tall and short, but she stretched out her hand to hit me."