Chapter 429 Is This Really Good?


It was as if electricity was generated from the void. After a brief confrontation, she got angrier and angrier. Finally, I grabbed her hand in midair, and she attacked me with another hand. I quickly grabbed that hand too. I grabbed it hard. She tried to be strong at first, but she couldn't help but frown. It was her pain.

But I didn't relax and said to her, "I just don't let go. What else can you do?" I looked at her forced expression, my eyes wide open. I continued, "With your temper, no wonder your husband would rather find a chicken than you! I think you're destined to die alone..."

At that moment, a long stream of tears flowed out of her big eyes, but her reaction in front of her suddenly became smaller.

In fact, I am a donkey. The more people are rude to me, the more I resist. When I see her like this, I feel very regretful and immediately let go of my hand. But she can't stop crying. She cries silently. Her eyes keep crying.

She lowered her hands, and I immediately looked at the position I was holding, which was already red.

The crying woman in front of her was no longer a madwoman, but a poor little woman. She had collapsed, and her expression was exhausted. I don't know if I hurt her body or her heart.

I immediately gently took her hand and looked at the swollen area. I gently stroked it, but she did not resist.

Strangely, instead of feeling guilty, I felt a physical pain and naturally said gently, "Did I hurt you?! That... I didn't mean to do it. You should know that I'm just like a donkey. Choking doesn't work..."

We were still standing very close. She seemed to be driven by my tone and slowly looked at me, looking at me with tears all over her face. Suddenly, she moved forward and pressed her lips against mine.

Suddenly, the hot and fragrant smell came to me. I let go of her hand, put my arms around her waist, and kissed her.

At first, it felt very strange. This person was clearly my immediate superior, but at the same time, it seemed to be another person, a completely strange woman.

I didn't expect that although she was not young, her breath was very fragrant and I could easily fall into a wet kiss.

Chunting was very stiff at first, but he kept kissing me with his lips, looking anxious and frightened. I know she hasn't been close to anyone for a long time, let alone a kiss.

And am I not?

At this moment, I felt the hormones in my body burn up without any money. It was all because I gently led them, gently swept her back with my hand, and slowly began to attack with my tongue. Only then did she finally relax.

After a few minutes of our standing kiss, she became warm and cooperative. I deliberately kissed her for a long time, because I knew that she was still very scared in her heart. Although she wanted to be loved, she didn't know how to express it, so she hid in the fierce protective shell...

I think I should slow down gently so that she can get used to it first.

However, what I didn't expect was that her accumulated evil thoughts suddenly broke out like a lack of levees. She gradually became very active, and every wet kiss was deep and fierce. Finally, she reached out and hugged me like a little bird.

I don't remember how long we kissed. When everyone gasped, I picked her up with one hand. She was in my arms, and for the first time there was a warm and satisfied smile on her face. I looked at her and didn't expect her to have such a side. I said in a daze, "Chunting, this smile of yours is really beautiful!"

She received my sincere compliment and smiled back. She reached out to touch my face and whispered, "That... Ye Fan, did I hurt you just now?" The mature beauty in her arms said so, even if she broke her arm, she didn't feel pain, did she?

I looked down at her and said, "Hehe, it doesn't hurt at all. I was too impulsive just now and hurt you instead!" I picked up her arm and kissed her gently before putting her on the sofa.

I got up and turned off all the lights in the office, leaving only the light from outside. It was a romantic scene.

She also understood my intention of turning off the lights and reached out to hug me to repay my kindness. So I lay down on the sofa with her and hugged her tightly.

Although the room was dark, I didn't expect her to play with such shameful toys in the past, but at this moment she hid shyly in my arms, grabbed her skirt, and I said:

"Chunting... Don't think too much..." She didn't answer.

I asked again, "Time is quiet, so it's good for us to lie here and hug." She was obviously stunned for a moment before she said, "You are such an unpredictable man..." I understand a little, but I still don't know what she wants.

She added, "Ye Fan, don't you want to indulge yourself..."

As soon as I heard this, my mouth became dry and I said, "This... Is really good..." At this moment, Chunting said again faintly, "Alas, I am several years older than you, you are so young... How can you like me, half an old lady xu! All you did was sympathize with me and comfort me..."

I finally understood that she was genuinely open to me, but she was even more afraid of being hurt, so she acted. I sat her up first and undressed myself in front of her...

I stared at her eyes, showing a primitive and impulsive expression. First, I was honest with her. She liked it in her eyes and started to blush. I teased her again and said, "Don't you want to do something?"

She licked her lips and nodded. She lifted her feet and gently shook her waist. I was even more excited when I saw the pair of beautiful black legs in front of me.

I said, "... You're sitting like this... I didn't know I was imagining you like this..."

She smiled and said, "Really?! Think about fantasies and me... It's bad... But, actually, I too..."

I was shocked!

She said, "Silly boy, of course I will. I am also a woman. That kind of thing is actually the same for both men and women..."

As she spoke, she caressed her beautiful legs with her hands, gently pulled the stockings, and gently kicked the tips of her high-heeled feet, revealing the red lacquered leather on the soles and the long, pointed heels. Then her left and right feet slowly overlapped, deliberately revealing the infinite scenery.

Huff and puff...

My eyes were on fire and my reaction was getting worse.

She also saw the change in my place and said, "Wow... That's amazing!" Chunting narrowed her eyes as she spoke. The mature woman in front of her was really strange. Her ambiguous smile was completely different from her shy and gentle face. Seeing her cheeks turn red, she must have started her evil look in the dark!

She still leaned forward with her seductive black legs crossed. She looked at her with all her concentration, like a moth to a flame. Her eyebrows relaxed, and she said to herself, "This is the scene... I forgot how long I haven't seen it!"

I purposely moved forward, but she didn't answer. She had already grabbed me with her delicate hands and stuck out her tongue... I had been occupied by a blushing fantasy for most of the day, and now my dream came true. I saw that the person in front of me was still the vicious beauty of the iceberg, the boss who often scolded me fiercely. Now that he really gave in to me... I suddenly felt that Jiang Lai's mission had been completed...