Chapter 430 Return

I put my face on her left thigh, against her silky black stockings, and the beautiful flesh inside was white and soft. I loved to hold her legs at all costs. From there, I slowly and carefully appreciated her knees, all the way to her calves.

My love for her beautiful legs was indescribable. It was as if I was not facing a superior woman, but a blue-and-white porcelain that had passed through thousands of years...

Chunting seemed to understand my preference. He took off the high heel of his left foot to reveal his sexy toes. There was no color on it. It was natural beauty.

After a while, she took off her other high heels and motioned for me to stand up. She used her seductive black silk feet.

I don't know how many words are omitted in the middle...

That night, when we had a midnight snack, we didn't speak, and our eyes met. We didn't expect that Chunting, who had just come to his senses, would not want to go home after eating. It was just like a burst of passion that was hard to deal with, and another storm.

Women have always been strange animals. After that day, when we went to work, Chunting had a shocking transformation. Besides the fact that she still loved to wear my favorite black stockings, her dress and clothes had become youthful. She no longer wore long hair, her clothes were more colorful, and her skirt was getting shorter and shorter.

The change in appearance is not as great as the change in the inside. Chunting became gentle and considerate. Although he was still very serious at work, he seldom scolded people. Mandy was also shocked. When she asked me, I said I guess she was finally divorced. All the colleagues were much happier at work, and Chunting would take the initiative to invite the whole department to dinner many times.

Women may be like men, but isn't happiness simple? Physical dissatisfaction can easily lead to irritability, as if nothing is pleasing to the eye. On the contrary, Chunting went to my house almost three times a week, leaving with a sore lower body every time. Of course, he was in a much better mood. When her colleagues saw her, they often snickered, which made them confused.

As for me, I wasn't interested in Mandy after that day. Every time I see Mandy's legs and figure, I think of Chunting. I immediately feel that the curves of mature women are impeccable.

Sure enough, after a period of yin and yang complementing each other, Chunting's obvious spring glow, the fat around his waist disappeared, but the round and beautiful buttocks, fat thighs, plump yufeng and slender female calves, still make me fascinated.

In the company, she is my boss. We can't let our colleagues know about our relationship, but this feeling of sneakiness makes our relationship last longer.

Occasionally when we were in a meeting, when everyone looked at the projection screen, she would deliberately lift my calf with her high heels. When I entered her office alone and sat next to her, she would deliberately show me the light, and I would secretly touch her beautiful black legs.

Until now, our secret teasing at work will make us burn with evil fire, waiting for the end of the day to immediately rush home to fight.

Because of my relationship, Chunting has introduced a lot of adult bedroom stockings for the company. She chose them for me as models and sold them in asia, making a lot of money for the head office.

This woman, who was five or six years older than me, unexpectedly became the most knowledgeable lover.

Finally, in march, my trip to the united states with jiang lai was finally over.

Time passed, and Jiang Lai and I were getting closer and closer. I didn't know if it was god's blessing or not. The troubles of the past were receding step by step, leaving only the silent beauty to continue. Finally, one day:

"Ye Fan, you're here? I just wanted to discuss something with you." After all the ups and downs we've been through, jiang lai's tone towards me is no longer bossy.

Seeing that I didn't speak, she smiled and said, "Hey, is this still the old'red rabbit in a horse, teddy in a man'? Become a shy little girl?"

I nodded awkwardly and asked weakly:

"That... You've figured it out. You're going to do that with me..."

Jiang Lai blushed. If it had been in the past, she would have taken out her electric baton and yelled at me.

I don't know what jiang lai thought. Her face turned red into an apple in an instant, and she looked a little charming.

"Ye Fan, you bastard, what's in your head?"

She laughed and cursed, but didn't do anything.

I sat across from Jiang Lai and asked her, "What do you want to tell me?"

I looked at the equity transfer agreement in her hand, "Did Xiao Mei really agree to the equity transfer?"

"Mmm, I didn't expect you to have some skills. Sister, I can't see through you anymore."

Jiang Lai looked at me with a half-smile and said, "Come on, the conditions are met. You can do whatever you want..."

In the past, when I heard that Jiang Lai had promised to do something shameful with me, I would have jumped on him.

In my heart, I have always wanted to occupy this beautiful woman and mingle with her fiercely. But now that she has agreed, it is me who hesitates. After having a good time, should I leave her alone?

"Ye Fan, haven't you always wanted to do it with me?"

Jiang Lai came up to me and caught me there. To me, she hasn't taken the initiative yet.

She teased me for a while, and I was both physically and mentally satisfied. In Jiang Lai, there was the innocence of a young girl, but also the heat of a young woman. Under her charm, I could not resist.

She pinched it hard and smiled, "Look, your body is very honest. You really want to do it with me. Why are you pretending to be a gentleman? Men have the same morals."

I took her hand away and said that it was one thing for the body to want to do it with you, not another thing to promise to do it with you because of the previous conditions.

"Ye Fan, did you suddenly become a buddha? Hmph, aren't you here for money and sex?" Jiang Lai suddenly became excited.

Her eyes were blank and helpless.

When she yelled at me like that, I fell silent. She turned her head to one side, as if she was trying to vent her anger on me.

I smiled and leaned over to her ear, taking a breath, saying that I had indeed changed, and now I like you more than just your body.

Jiang lai burst into tears, calling you an idiot. She hugged me with her back and kissed me with her soft, moist lips.

After kissing her for a long time, I left her lips. At that moment, I understood her loneliness and loneliness.

Her lips were red from the kiss. She glanced at me and kissed me again.

I pressed her down and pulled her clothes with both hands. She was slender and her skin was as smooth and tender as jade. She was panting, her eyes full of needs.