Chapter 431 If You Are Well, It Will Be Sunny

When I was about to enter, she sobered up a lot, "Ye Fan, no."

In the past, I would never have listened to these words. And now, I'm really going to stop. As long as she shows any reluctance, I won't force her. I want this woman to open her legs for me willingly.

"Keep it for the night."

She put on her clothes and sat beside me with her legs in her arms.

I nodded and let her go.

After a moment of hesitation, I said, shall I take you away? It's too dangerous in the city. We'll go back to the countryside, not to mention the rich and the rich, but your life will be safe and sound.

Jiang laishen looked at me and asked if I liked her.

She had asked this question before, and I would never have thought of rejecting it at that time. I didn't say anything today. I really like her. I want to take her away from here, from this treacherous city.

Jiang Lai looked at me with complicated eyes, "Ye Fan, if I really have no way out, I'll follow you out of here. The humiliation of the first half of my life, I bet on you. I bet on you for the rest of my life."

She went on to say that this choice was really helpless.

She got up and went upstairs, wearing a black veil, a lacy interior, and a snow-white back. It was perfect.

I lit a cigarette and sat on the sofa thinking.

Jiang Lai did this to me because she was afraid that I would leave her behind, but she expressed it in other ways.

This woman, when will she be able to express the feelings hidden in her heart, so that I will protect her regardless of anything.

After smoking, I got up and walked upstairs. When I passed Jiang Lai's room, I saw that she didn't close the door. Her back was facing the door and she was changing. Her back was white and smooth. Her legs were long and round, and this was the only woman I had ever seen who couldn't find any flaws.

She bent down slowly and took off her last protection.

I had a clear view of all the sights, but no matter how calm I was, when I saw such a hot scene, I was also eager to move, and it swelled up uncomfortably.

On purpose, she might have heard my footsteps. Otherwise, why would it be so coincidental that I saw her changing at this time and not closing the door?

She rejected me just now, and now she's making this scene. What is she thinking?

I quietly stood at the door and looked around, then turned around and left. As soon as I left, I heard a sigh of regret coming from Jiang Lai's room.

The story of Jiang Lai and I is over, but life is still going on, and life is full of twists and turns.

Finally, to my favorite Jiang Lai:

How to make you meet me

At my most beautiful moment

For this

I've been begging in front of buddha for 500 years

Pray for buddha to let us form a mortal bond

Buddha turned me into a tree

On the side of the road that you must pass by

Under the sun

Carefully blooming the flowers

Every flower is the hope of my previous life.

When you get closer

Please listen carefully

The trembling leaves

It's the passion I'm waiting for

And when you finally walk past

Fell to the ground behind you.


That's not a flower petal

That's my withered heart


If you are well, it will be sunny. If you are happy, it is the end. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come. If you cry, wet my heart first. If you are not yang, you are as calm as a warm city. If you smile, the sun will shine. If you recall, it will be half warm. If you leave, I will never see you again. If you look back, a smile will fall on your face. If you don't leave, I won't give up!

(End of the book)