Chapter 460 Great Rescue

When I was arrested, Mr. Yu called Wu Moli. After all, Wu Moli knew a lot. When Wu Moli received the call, Mr. Yu said hurriedly, "Jasmine, Yang Xu was arrested by the police, as if it was because of a fight. Is there anyone on our side who went to the police station to get someone?"

"Ah, when did it happen?"

Wu Moli asked with a surprised face.

"Just now."

Wu Moli immediately said, "Mr. Yu, don't worry. We have a number here. You come to my side first. I'll call to get someone."

After that, Wu Moli hung up the phone. After hanging up, Wu Moli found Dalin's phone and then called Dalin. Dalin received the call and asked who it was.

Wu Moli immediately said, "Brother Dalin? I'm Yang Xu's girlfriend. Yang Xu was just arrested by a few police officers. Can you help me check?"

"Ah, is there such a thing? I'm with my second uncle. I'll tell him about this." As soon as Dalin heard this, he immediately ran to his second uncle's study. Because Lin Xiangtian and I had formed an alliance, Lin Xiangtian specifically asked Dalin to keep in touch with me. Dalin ran to Lin Xiangtian's study and quickly said, "Second uncle, something happened. Just now, Dalin was arrested by the police station."

"That's impossible. Everyone in the police station, big or small, knows my relationship with Yang Xu. No one should do that."

Lin Xiangtian whispered.

"Uncle, this is Yang Xu's girlfriend." Dalin handed the phone to Lin Xiangtian. Lin Xiangtian coughed and said, "Hello, this is Lin Xiangtian."

"Hello, director general Lin. I'm Yang Xu's girlfriend."

Wu Moli said quickly.

"I know. Tell me the details." Lin Xiangtian asked again. Wu Moli quickly told him what happened. Lin nodded to the sky and said, "It's okay. Maybe it's a misunderstanding. They are under Xingsuozhang's jurisdiction. I'll call them."

Lin Xiangtian hung up the phone and immediately called Xingsuozhang. After Xingsuozhang received Lin Xiangtian's call, he hurriedly said, "Director general Lin, what's up so late?"

"Did your police station arrest Yang Xu?"

Lin Xiangtian asked directly, and Xingsuozhang hurriedly said, "Well, I don't know!"

"You don't know, how did you become a director? Do you still want to do it?"

Lin Xiangtian scolded him directly, and Xingsuozhang immediately said, "I'm going to ask."

After that, Xingsuozhang immediately called to ask, but found that there was no such thing. He called Lin Xiangtian and reported the situation. Lin xiangtian frowned and immediately said, "It's not your police station. What police station is that?"

"Well, director general Lin, I'll ask all the major police stations. Wait for my call. Don't worry. No one should have the guts." Xingsuozhang had been in the officialdom for so long, and he was also a policeman. He knew that I had told Lin Xiangtian the news about Liu Yun. Naturally, my position on Lin Xiangtian's side was very high.

"Okay, you have to deal with it quickly."

Lin Xiangtian shouted unhappily.

Xingsuozhang immediately called the police stations and found that there was no news of my arrest. When Xingsuozhang told Lin Xiangtian the news, lin xiangtian frowned and immediately said, "Get me the surveillance video over there and ask about the situation."

"Director general Lin, I sent someone over. They said that the police came over that night and took away the video surveillance. I suspect someone was acting on their own." Xingsuozhang said immediately.

"I don't believe it. Investigate the surrounding surveillance immediately. There are police cars coming. There must be information. We must find them."

After Lin Xiangtian made the call, Huang Wenbin's appearance appeared in his mind. A trace of displeasure appeared between his brows. Finally, he called Huang Wenbin. Soon, Huang Wenbin received the call. Huang Wenbin was puzzled, and then smiled and said, "Old lin, why did you call me so late?"

"Old huang, it's nothing. I just got a call saying that Yang Xu of juyi club was arrested. You know, the Juyi society has been in trouble recently. If Yang Xu is arrested, their people will know, and I'm afraid they will start a fight!"

Lin Xiangtian said with a smile.

"Oh, is that so? Who caught it? Isn't this nonsense?" Huang Wenbin was also surprised, because he didn't know about it, and Lin Xiangtian said, "Don't you know?"

"Of course I don't know. No one reported this to me. Old lin, you couldn't have asked someone to do it, could you?" Huang Wenbin said unhappily.

After all, the power that he saw in his hands just disappeared. He was very unhappy with me and lin Xiang Tian. Lin Xiangtian smiled and said, "Of course I don't believe you sent someone. I just want to talk to you. We have to be prepared. After all, Yang Xu is very popular with the Juyi society now. If something goes wrong, it will definitely go wrong."

"I know that. I'll send someone to investigate it immediately and look for Yang Xu on a large scale."

Huang Wenbin said faintly.

Soon, Lin Xiangtian sent the police to investigate the case.

At this moment, Huang Wenbin also called in a hurry. He was also afraid that his own people would act in private. After making several phone calls, he realized that no one was acting in private at all. Huang Wenbin smiled coldly and said, "As long as it's not my people, Yang Xu, you deserve to die!"

Lin Xiang Tian also let Dalin give Wu Moli a message, telling Wu Moli that the police department would do its best to rescue him. Wu Moli panicked and said with a trembling voice, "Isn't it at the police station?"

"Not at the police station at the moment. My second uncle said he would definitely find Yang Xu."

Dalin said in a hurry.

After hanging up the phone, Wu Moli looked at teacher yu nervously. She said trembling, "Teacher yu, there is no Brother Xu at the police station."

"How is that possible? I saw them take them away." Miss yu was also confused for a moment. She looked at Wu Moli nervously. Wu Moli hugged miss yu in fear and cried out, "Miss yu, is Brother Xu okay?"

"No, definitely not!"

At this moment, I slowly woke up. When I woke up, I felt pain all over my body. A piercing pain came from my heart. I felt like I was about to die. I kept coughing, and at this time, these police officers saw me wake up, and someone sneered, "Hahaha, not bad. I can still wake up."

"Captain, do you want to continue?"

Someone asked.

"Of course I did. Now that I'm awake, I don't have to be polite to this kid." The captain said coldly.

With that said, these guys were going to throw me inside again. I was so weak that I couldn't take it anymore. After a little bit of tossing, I thought I couldn't take it anymore. I said, "I don't care who you are. I'm dead. It's not good for everyone."

"Ouch, threaten me? Great! I won't let you die. When you run away, what kind of steel bar does your foot break? What kind of blade does it have? It's not my fault." The captain said coldly.

I didn't know if they were the police or the bandits. These people were too bad, but I fought too hard. Even if I broke my foot, I couldn't bow to them. I said, "I remember your face. Don't give me a chance."

"How dare you threaten me? Put his legs up." The captain got angry and shouted at me, and the others immediately took my leg. The captain took out a knife from his body and slowly walked towards me. My heart skipped a beat, because if this captain really broke my hamstring, then I would become a cripple.

I was worried. These people were really vicious.

I wanted to struggle, but the strength on my body was really gone. I could only wait to be crippled. When I thought of becoming crippled, I immediately scolded, "If you really dare to touch me, I will make you pay the price."

"Oh? I don't care about the price at all. Come on, but before you do, you can ask for more." The captain slowly walked towards me and I scolded him, but this guy obviously didn't care. He sneered and said, "Don't you plead guilty?"

"No confession. I didn't kill anyone."

I said viciously.

The captain walked towards me step by step. I took a deep breath. Because of the incomparable coldness on my body, I shivered all over. The ghostly smile that emerged from the corner of the captain's mouth made me shiver. The knife was getting closer and closer to me.

"Think about it. Don't answer so blindly, or my knife will go in." The captain sneered.

I know that even if I was really crippled, I couldn't agree. After all, it was better to be crippled than dead. I gritted my teeth and stared at the captain fiercely.

I could feel the knife cutting through my skin, and at this moment, the captain's cell phone rang. He looked at the number and immediately connected it. After connecting it, I heard a cold voice coming from inside. "Don't interrogate them in their city. Lin Xiangtian has already sent the police to look for someone. Bring them directly to the province."