Chapter 32

Wen Nuan didn't want to let go of Huo Tingnian, the murderer, so she went to the best law firm with the surveillance video from the hospital.

"If I go to sue huo tingnian, what are the chances of winning?"

The lawyer frowned and asked, "Miss Wen, do you have any other strong evidence?"

Wen Nuan shook his head, "No."

"Did he leave his fingerprints on the breathing tube?"

The ward was already occupied by other patients, and even if there were, it was covered with other fingerprints.

Wen Nuan shook his head again, "No."

The lawyer's frown deepened, "Speak up, but this video doesn't convict Huo Tingnian. You're just wasting your energy."

Wen Nuan said anxiously, "Is there any other way?"

The lawyer thought about it and said, "Miss Wen, if you really suspect that your father's death is related to Huo Tingnian, my suggestion is that you should report it to the police. Once the case is filed, the police will naturally be responsible for collecting evidence."

Wen Nuan went to the police station to report it again.

The policeman in charge of the reception took notes and asked, "How long has your mother been dead? Where is the body stored?"

Wen Nuan replied, "He's been dead for a week. His body has been cremated and buried."

The policeman frowned and stopped writing.

Wen Nuan asked nervously, "What's wrong?"

The police officer said, "It's too late for you to report the case. The scene of death has long been destroyed, and a lot of useful evidence has disappeared. Furthermore, your mother's body has been cremated, and the exact time and cause of her death are uncertain. You said that she died because someone pulled out her breathing tube maliciously, but it could be other reasons. Furthermore, there is no physical evidence to prove that the suspect Huo Tingnian did it, and the only evidence you have is the sentence in that video!"

Wen Nuan clenched his fist, "He wants my mother to die. Can't that explain the problem?"

"Don't get excited!" The policeman said, "Since you came to call the police, we will solve the case as soon as possible. We just told you not to be too optimistic in advance."

The suspect in this case involved well-known people in the city. The police station set up a special case solving team, visited the hospital many times, and investigated by all sides.

In the end, nothing was found.

There was nothing unusual except that Huo Tingnian had visited Song Yazhi. Of course, it was also a routine interrogation of Huo Tingnian. Wen Nuan asked for a hearing.

Huo Tingnian was very calm. "I still said that. I didn't hurt Song Yazhi."

The police showed him the video and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Huo Tingnian took a deep look at Wen Nuan outside the interrogation room and pointed, "Because of her!"

The policeman asked suspiciously, "Tell me the truth. What's going on?"

Huo Tingnian said calmly, "I told Song Yazhi, why didn't you die when you jumped off the building? If you were dead, maybe I wouldn't divorce Wen Nuan so soon. If she had died long ago, I wouldn't have used the money to treat her to force Wen Nuan. Maybe our relationship didn't end so soon. Maybe there was a chance for us to change? Why didn't you finish the video, and why didn't you finish the rest?"

Wen Nuan's face was grim and his fingers trembled slightly.

Is he regretting the divorce?

But it also changed the fact that he killed his mother!

"You only caught the first thing I said. What a joke!" The corners of Huo Tingnian's mouth curled up in a mocking manner.

The police officer said, "The surveillance camera at the back is broken."

"Broken? What a coincidence!" Huo Tingnian sneered. "I dare to ask if you want to convict me with one sentence, or if you really can't find the murderer and just close the case."

The police officer smiled awkwardly, "Mr. Huo, I'm just kidding. We will never wrongly accuse a good person or let a bad person go!"


Huo Tingnian's eyes were cold, and he turned to the stunned Wen Nuan. "Then please, you must clear my name!"

"Okay, please take your time."

The police escorted Huo Tingnian out of the interrogation room.

"Wen Nuan, I have no motive to kill your mother. Believe me or not. Since you have reported the case, let the police prove my innocence."

Huo Tingnian stood in front of Wen Nuan and looked at her without moving.

He had been in business for many years and had never been sued before, but Wen Nuan had sued him twice, once for a tough marriage, and this time for murder.

Damn it.

He couldn't even hate it.

If it were anyone else, he would not have cooperated with the police in this way and solved it in other ways.

But it was Wen Nuan who sued him.

"If you can kill my child without mercy, you can kill my mother without mercy." Wen Nuan clenched his fist, not believing that Huo Tingnian was innocent.

"Wait, what child?" The police looked on their guard. There was a child involved.

Huo Tingnian said faintly, "She miscarried."

So it was a miscarriage.

The policeman smiled awkwardly and turned to sort out the case information.