Chapter 33

Looking into Wen Nuan's hostile eyes, Huo Tingnian didn't know what to say, so he repeated, "Wen Nuan, believe me, I really didn't do anything."

To be honest, being wronged feels bad.

Especially when it was Wen Nuan.

Wen Nuan sneered, "You can force me to miscarry and do something so disgusting..."

She moved her lips and could not say the bowl of rat soup. It was disgusting.

Huo Tingnian frowned and looked at her. "What did I do?"

Wen Nuan gave him a cold look and turned to leave.

I didn't expect that Huo Tingnian was not only cruel, but also capable of pretending.


Song Yazhi's death case was investigated, but there was no evidence to prove that Huo Tingnian was the murderer. Finally, the police told Wen Nuan the result.

Wen Nuan could not accept the result. He kept holding the police's hand and said, "You can check again. It must be Huo Tingnian. How can he not be the murderer?"

The policeman looked at her with a strange expression and finally said helplessly, "In fact, he is not the murderer. These may be your prejudices against him!"

Wen Nuan refused to give up the accusation against Huo Tingnian and begged the police not to close the case so soon. After that, they checked it again.

Huo Tingnian still had no problem, not the murderer.

Wen Nuan was unwilling to believe this result.

Huo Tingnian.

How could it not be the murderer?

He was so bad.

The top floor of the huo's office.

Wen Xinrou pushed the door open with his bag in his hand and looked at the man who was working at his desk.

"Tingnian, it's almost time to get off work. Don't be too busy every day. You can't bear it."

Wen Xinrou walked to the table with a smile, and the room was filled with fragrance as she gently swayed.

"Did you spray perfume?"

Huo Tingnian frowned.

"Well, the strong scent of roses foretells that our strong love will never fade." Wen Xinrou's white fingers fell on the table, spinning, his eyes pure and charming looking at the man in front of him, then turned around and sat on his desk with his legs crossed.

Wen Xinrou mastered seduction.

Huo Tingnian walked away from her and walked to the french window, staring out at the city view, "It smells terrible."

The pungent smell was far from Wen Nuan's. He remembered that she did not like to spray perfume, but she smelled extremely good.

Wen Xinrou's expression froze, and the act of undressing stopped immediately.

Huo Tingnian actually showed disgust for her.

She remembered that ever since Huo Tingnian transferred his feelings for Wen Nuan to her, he had always asked for and refused her. Even if he did something he didn't like, he would smile and tolerate her.

But now, she rejected her so straightforwardly.

Wen Xinrou was indeed Wen Xinrou. She quickly recovered her emotions and said wrongly, "Tingnian, you've been looking so sad lately. I just want you to be happy. If you don't like the smell of roses, I'll try something else next time."

Huo Tingnian didn't look back, "I don't like any fragrance!"

After that, even he felt strange.

He loved Wen Xinrou, but Wen Xinrou had always liked to smell all kinds of perfume, and he just let it go.

But now, he actually said he didn't like the smell of any perfume.

Was it because of Wen Nuan?

She had already inadvertently entered his heart, and even his preferences had changed.

Wen Xinrou gritted his teeth and said, "Then I won't use perfume anymore."

"You don't have to please me!" Huo Tingnian turned his head, his cold face shrouded in a mist. "Wen Xinrou, let's split..."

"Tingnian, let's get married. Even if you don't want to get married now, we can get engaged first." Wen Xinrou interrupted him immediately. She knew very well that he was going to break up, but they couldn't separate.

If Huo Tingnian didn't want her, her hard work would be meaningless.

Huo Tingnian looked at Wen Xinrou darkly, and after a long silence, he finally replied, "Okay."

Wen Xinrou covered her mouth happily, as if tears were in her eyes.


Huo Tingnian added two more words, not what Wen Xinrou thought of marriage.

But it was better than the breakup he was about to bring up!

Huo Tingnian continued to stare out the window, his face expressionless, as if Wen Xinrou's happiness had nothing to do with him.

He just wanted to make sure of one thing.

Wen Xinrou stared blankly at his back, his eyes darkening, and the joy on his face suddenly disappeared.

It seems that we need to increase the dosage.