Chapter 34

Huo Tingnian announced marriage, not engagement.

Wen Xinrou immediately understood his intention, but how could she let Huo Tingnian get what she wanted? She quietly put the medicine in Huo Tingnian's diet.

As she had expected, Huo Tingnian's feelings for Wen Nuan's recovery were getting weaker and weaker, to the point where she could not remember what Wen Nuan looked like.

Wen Nuan's heart ached when she heard that Huo Tingnian was about to get married. She knew that it was inevitable for him to marry Wen Xinrou, but she still couldn't accept the result.

Finally, on the eve of the wedding, she took the initiative to ask Wen Xinrou out.

Coffee shop.

Wen Nuan held a cup of hot coffee tightly in her hands and her fingertips trembled slightly. She calmly looked at the smiling, gentle and pleased woman across the street and tried to restrain her anger so that she did not spill the coffee on Wen Xinrou's face.

She took a deep breath and said coldly, "Wen Xinrou, congratulations on finally taking Wen Nuan's entire life away. Let's not talk about my parents for a while. Take Huo Tingnian for example. You really made a big difference in love. You took advantage of the car accident that year and you took advantage of it. Then you injected the medicine, which made Huo Tingnian fall in love, stole my love, and ruined my life. I may never have such a plan as yours!"

"Oh, I'm flattered." Wen Xinrou took an elegant sip of coffee and smiled. "In terms of love, it doesn't hurt to be careful."

But you paid the price for huo tingnian's health. The medicine messed up his memory and also damaged his body. But do you really love Huo Tingnian, or do you want to take everything that belongs to me, Wen Nuan?"

Wen Nuan opened her mouth expressionless, her eyes disdainful and cold, compared to the elegance of a warm and soft outfit, but she was naturally elegant from the bone, after years of fine carving and grinding.

In terms of temperament.

You can't steal something that you can't touch but can't see. Even if you try your best to imitate it to learn, it's just an imitation.

The smile on Wen Xinrou's face gradually cracked. Looking at Wen Nuan's still aloof appearance, her mood changed. She no longer had the usual gentle smile, but a cold smile.

Wen Nuan had fallen to this stage and was still as high as a princess, and she was like an ugly duckling struggling in the mud, never becoming a beautiful white swan.

This was a fatal blow to her.

"I said I would take anything that belonged to your Wen Nuan, especially Huo Tingnian. I didn't love him that much. He was just a servant under my skirt and a plaything to me. I could play with him anytime I wanted to!"

Wen Xinrou sneered, "You can only watch, but you can't do anything."

Wen Nuan's grip on the cup tightened and his expression tightened.

Wen Xinrou brushed her long hair and her eyes were filled with deep mockery. "Wen Nuan, look at you now. You are just an ugly duckling. What else do you have to fight me for?"

"I still have this life."

Wen Nuan raised his eyes abruptly and looked at Wen Xinrou with eyes as cold as a thousand years cold pool.

I still have this life!

Wen Xinrou's body trembled. This sentence was like the most evil curse, wrapped around her heart, making her restless.

Wen Nuan gave her a cold look and turned to leave.

Wen Xinrou's face changed slightly. He brushed up, grabbed Wen Nuan's wrist and shouted at the waiter in the coffee shop, "Someone, my phone is missing."

Wen Nuan frowned.

The waiter rushed over. "Ladies, what happened?"

Wen Xinrou repeated, "I went to the bathroom just now, and my phone was on the table, but I didn't see it when I came back. I suspect she took it."

The waiter asked, "But aren't you friends?"

"Who is her friend?"

"Who is her friend?"

Wen Nuan and Wen Xinrou said in unison.

Wen xinrou glared at Wen Nuan with hatred and gritted her teeth, "She's my husband's ex-wife. She must be trying to provoke my relationship with him with my phone."

The waiter turned to Wen Nuan, "Miss, if you really took someone else's phone, please give it back to her, okay?"

Wen Nuan glanced at the waiter and pulled his bag away. "See, there's only my phone in here."

As soon as he finished speaking, Wen Xinrou quickly snatched the phone away. "Nonsense, this is my phone."

On the screen, the recording hasn't stopped yet.

Wen Xinrou's face was very ugly. Damn Wen Nuan, it was recorded.

It was all her fault that she was accidentally angered by Wen Nuan and almost lost.

"Give it back to me."

Wen Nuan reached out, his tone slightly cold.

"This is mine." Wen Xinrou was overbearing and unreasonable.

"Since you like it, it's your wedding present!" Wen Nuan sneered and turned to leave the coffee shop.

Staring at Wen Nuan's back, Wen Xinrou felt a strange chill in his heart.

She would rather Wen Nuan sue her hysterically than her being so calm.

No longer exploding in silence, just dying in silence.

Who does Wen Nuan belong to?