Chapter 35

The next day.

The wedding was held as planned. The scene was luxurious and the whole city was in the limelight.

As Wen Xinrou walked down the stairs, holding Huo Tingnian's arm, he heard the warm applause of the guests.

With a proper and smug smile on her soft face, she finally got Huo Tingnian. As long as it was Wen Nuan's, she would get it.

Huo Tingnian originally only wanted to get engaged, but as his memory faded, wen xinrou urged him to change the engagement to marriage directly.

Huo Tingnian felt something was wrong, but when she looked at Wen Xinrou Jiao Jiao's soft face, she could not remember anything.

A familiar figure walked past the hotel entrance, and Wen Xinrou's smile froze.

Wen Nuan.

What is she doing here?

No one welcomed her at this wedding.

Wen Xinrou wouldn't be so silly as to think that Wen Nuan was just here to wish him well, especially after yesterday's events, but he still kept a smile on his face in the face of the tide of guests. But being careful, the ten-thousand-year-old ship must not fall short at this moment. She quickly sent an anonymous message to an ruomei to keep an eye on Wen Nuan.

"Xinrou, what's wrong?"

Huo Tingnian's eyes fell thoughtfully on Wen Xinrou's phone.

"No, nothing."

With a gentle jolt, she put away her phone in a slightly flustered manner, not letting Huo Tingnian know that Wen Nuan was here, not letting any uncertain factors affect her wedding.

The next moment, Wen Xinrou put away all his thoughts and looked at huo tingnian's handsome face obsessively. Who told you that you were Wen Nuan's favorite man?

Huo Tingnian, you have no love for me, but you can only be trapped by me. The people you truly love will never be together.

Miss Wen Xinrou, would you like to marry Mr. Huo Tingnian? Will you love him, take care of him, accept him, respect him, and always be loyal to him until death?"

What a beautiful vow.

Wen Xinrou's lips curved into a gentle smile, "I do!"

Mr. Huo Tingnian, would you like to marry miss Wen Xinrou? Will he love her, take care of her, accept her, respect her, and always be loyal to her, no matter illness or health or any other reason?"

In front of everyone, the priest asked Huo Tingnian with a smile. Huo Tingnian moved his lips and wanted to answer, "I do," but the three words seemed to weigh so much that he could not say them.

What lingered in her mind was a woman's grief-stricken accusation.

"You gave our past to someone else, and I don't blame you. You gave our love to someone else, and I don't blame you either! But if you kill our child, I will hate you, and I will never forgive you!"

"Huo Tingnian, the most disgusting thing I've ever done in my life is to fall in love with you and marry you!"

These two sentences alternated, torturing his nervous breakdown.

But who is this woman?

In his memory, it was just a blurry image. He couldn't even see her in full. He seemed to have forgotten a lot of things he shouldn't have.

His recent memory is getting worse and worse.

Huo Tingnian pursed his thin lips and remained silent for a long time. Just as there was a lot of discussion below, he finally opened his mouth with difficulty. "I do."

The moment he spoke, Huo Tingnian could barely hold his chest, feeling that his heart was no longer complete.

It seemed that he was getting further and further away from the most important thing in his life.


The lights in the banquet hall suddenly went out. Amidst the panicked screams of the female guests, the wall beside Huo Tingnian suddenly lit up and projected an image.

It was the scene of Wen Nuan talking to Wen Xinrou in the coffee shop yesterday.

"Congratulations, Wen Xinrou. You finally took Wen Nuan's entire life. Let's not talk about my parents for a while. Take Huo Tingnian for example. You really made a big difference in love. You took advantage of the car accident that year and you took advantage of it. Then you injected the medicine, which made Huo Tingnian fall in love, stole my love, and ruined my life. I may never have such a plan as yours!"

"Oh, I'm flattered. When it comes to love, it doesn't hurt to be careful."

But you paid the price for huo tingnian's health. The medicine messed up his memory and also damaged his body. But do you really love Huo Tingnian, or do you want to take everything that belongs to me, Wen Nuan?"

"I said I would take anything that belonged to your Wen Nuan, especially Huo Tingnian. I didn't love him that much. He was just a servant under my skirt and a plaything to me. I could play with him anytime I wanted to!"

"You, on the other hand, can only watch and do nothing."

In the picture, Wen Xinrou's face was filled with deep sarcasm and ruthlessness. "Wen Nuan, look at you now. You are now, but an ugly duckling. What else do you have to fight me for?"

"I still have this life!"

The picture was frozen in this last sentence. Wen Nuan's eyes were cold, but determined, inexplicably heartbreaking.

Wen Xinrou's mockery was clearly visible, in stark contrast to the gentleness on her face.

There was an uproar.

Is this a good show?

"No, I've never said anything like that. I've never seen Wen Nuan either. She must have set me up. She can't stand me. She doesn't want me to marry you!"

Wen Xinrou's face turned as white as paper. He grabbed Huo Tingnian's arm and explained in a panic. He didn't expect Wen Nuan to record two copies.

Huo Tingnian had already lost his words in shock and stood still.

Wen Nuan.

Was she the woman he had forgotten?