Chapter 36

Huo Tingnian slapped Wen Xinrou in the face. "Wen Xinrou, how dare you play with me and lie to me?"

No man could stand such a fatal blow. The man he was about to marry actually played with him and made fun of him.

No matter how much emotion Huo Tingnian had towards Wen Xinrou, her dignity was offended.

Wen Nuan, who was hiding in the crowd, did not expect Huo Tingnian to slap Wen Xinrou in public. After all, he did not want to believe her evidence when she put it in front of him.

But now, he didn't hesitate to hit Wen Xinrou or at the wedding.

Wen xinrou was stunned for a moment before she realized it and hugged Huo Tingnian helplessly. "It was Wen Nuan who framed me. These words must have been made up. Think about the child we lost. She had already used this trick. You can't believe her."

Huo Tingnian pushed Wen Xinrou away coldly, his cold and confused eyes searching for something in the crowd.

He did not show it on his face, but in fact, he was in a panic to the extreme. Too many things suddenly rushed out, and something was buried and wanted to break through the shackles and prison regardless.

He didn't even dare to think about it, and finally his eyes were fixed on a woman in a pure white dress.

"Wen Nuan."

Huo Tingnian murmured in a low voice, his hoarse voice, and his boundless affection seemed to pierce through time and time.

Wen Nuan walked slowly to the center of the stage with a faint smile on her lips. She looked at him calmly, "Huo Tingnian, do you like the wedding gift I gave you? But I know you won't believe it. It doesn't matter. There's always one or two people in the audience who will believe it, right?"

Huo Tingnian reached out and tried to touch the woman's face, "Wen Nuan, are you Wen Nuan?"

He felt that he should be very close to her, but it seemed very far away.

Wen Nuan frowned, not understanding Huo Tingnian.

But she just looked up and said, "I'm sorry to disturb your wedding. Please continue."

Turn around and walk out.

She couldn't seem to think of a good way to retaliate. The biggest retaliation she could do was to add a little harmless to his wedding.

Huo Tingnian once said that she was so silly and naive that she didn't know what to do when someone killed her.

It seems that's true.

She was weak and incompetent, but this was her.

Huo Tingnian suddenly rushed over and grabbed Wen Nuan's white wrist. "Wen Nuan, don't go!"

He didn't dare to let go, afraid that if he let go, this woman would disappear completely in his life and be hard to find.

And he had too many puzzles, too many unsolvable things, and needed to find her to figure out if his lost memory was her? Was she the one he really loved?

Wen Nuan stared blankly at the hand that was holding him tightly. "Huo Tingnian, you!"

Suddenly, her pupils contracted.

Wen Nuan put his hand around Huo Tingnian's neck and leaned closer to his ear. "Huo Tingnian, didn't you forget to love me? Why don't you watch me die? I'll let your wedding be bloody for the rest of your life, okay?"

After that, Wen Nuan pushed him away, lifted his skirt and ran to the roof.

"No, Wen Nuan, no."

Huo Tingnian was so frightened that he quickly chased after her.

Although his memory was still pale, his heart was screaming madly that he could not lose her.

I really can't.

The top floor of the hotel.

Wen Nuan stood outside the high fence, her arms outstretched in a flying posture, her white dress flying freely, and her beauty was outrageous.

She closed her eyes slightly and took a last breath of fresh air in this world. Her healthy body was gone. She seemed to have nothing to lose but her life.

"Wen Nuan, don't die! As long as you're alive, I'll do whatever you want me to!"

Huo Tingnian's teeth cracked and his eyes widened, staring at Wen Nuan's back without moving.

Her feet moved towards her little by little.

He suddenly thought of the frozen image in the picture and asked her warmly, what else do you have to fight with her?

Wen Nuan said, I still have this life!

But now, she doesn't even want to die?

"Are you alive?"

Wen Nuan looked back and rolled his eyes in a daze. His eyes went through him and landed elsewhere.

"Yes, alive! I want you to live!"

Huo Tingnian carefully moved forward, his nerves tensed to the extreme. He was afraid that she would accidentally fall into the abyss, and there was no possibility of redemption in his life.

Wen Nuan gazed deeply at Huo Tingnian's face, as if vowing to engrave him in the deepest part of her soul. Would this man whom she had loved and hated regret, or would he remember their past completely?

She smiled, especially seductively, "Huo Tingnian, if I die in front of you, can you remember our love?"

After dropping this sentence, Wen Nuan jumped.