Chapter 37

"Wen Nuan!"

Huo Tingnian's pupils shrank and he covered his heart with a piercing pain. He could not help but let out a heart-rending scream.

Half of his body fell out of the guardrail, but he only grabbed a corner of her clothes and could only watch as her body continued to fall, falling into endless hell.

Wen Nuan, how can you die?

I haven't found the love you mentioned yet?

In an instant, the pain was like a thousand arrows piercing through his heart, leaving his prickly skin untouched, and the whole headache seemed to explode.

Waves and waves of familiar images, sealed in the deepest part of his memory, came roaring, it was his beloved Wen Nuan.

How could he forget?

Huo Tingnian was terrified and looked at the red glow on the ground. There was only one thought. He wanted to accompany her!

He jumped out on the railing, but was suddenly hugged from behind.

"Mr. Huo, please calm down."

The security guard hugged him and shouted, trying to regain his sanity.

"Get out of here. I'm going to accompany her!"

Huo Tingnian's eyes were bloodshot and his emotions were out of control. He struggled to push away the security guards who had trapped his hands and feet.

That's his Wen Nuan.

It was Wen Nuan who he swore to protect for the rest of his life.

How could he let her lie on the cold ground alone?

It was only at this moment that he completely remembered who he really loved, who he remembered, without hesitation, without wavering, without doubt, all he ever wanted was Wen Nuan.

But the moment his memory came back to life, it brought him irreparable regret and pain.

He found his love, but he also lost her.


Huo Tingnian was heartbroken. His dress had long been torn apart by the struggle. He was like an angry, red-eyed beast. He punched and punched the person who was holding him down.

The cruel look in his eyes made him tremble, and no one dared to stop him.

"Tingnian, you promised to marry me. What are you doing? Can Wen Nuan fool you with a composite recording?"

Wen Xinrou was afraid of Huo Tingnian's madness, but also envied his deep love for Wen Nuan. If such a man loved her from the beginning, how good would it be?

"Wen Xinrou, I love Wen Nuan. I remember everything."

Huo Tingnian roared, wishing he could drag Wen Xinrou to his death, but he couldn't let this vicious woman dirty his and Wen Nuan's reincarnation.

She took a step back, "You... You broke through those drugs?"

Huo Tingnian did not even look at her and jumped over the guardrail. Before anyone could react, he had already fallen.

"Huo Tingnian, you..."

Wen Xinrou was shocked, and his blood flowed back in an instant.

How dare he die with Wen Nuan?


In the end, Huo Tingnian didn't die. The moment he jumped down, he happened to fall into the air cushion. But Wen Nuan was not so lucky. He was still lying in the hospital's icu and showed no signs of waking up.

Looking at her almost transparent face, Huo Tingnian clenched her hand tightly, "Wen Nuan, it's been a whole month. Can you wake up? Don't keep sleeping like your mother. I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn't have forgotten our past, I shouldn't have given our love to someone else..."

"You can hit me or scold me. I beg you to wake up!"

Huo Tingnian's eyes were fixated, but his face was filled with unspeakable sadness.

Gu Ye punched Huo Tingnian in the eye and roared, "Look, what did you do to Wen Nuan? She used to be such a lively and beautiful girl, but now she's lying dead in her hospital bed with no future, no hope."

Gu Ye was furious and punched Huo Tingnian in the face again, but huo tingnian held Wen Nuan's hand tightly and let Gu Ye's fist hit him.

He was so wrong that he didn't even have a chance to fix it.

Deserved it!

Gu ye wanted to give Wen Nuan a few more punches to vent his anger, but looking at Huo Tingnian's listless appearance, he felt that it was meaningless.

During this period of time, he really hit Huo Tingnian every time he saw him, but huo tingnian didn't say anything and just quietly endured it.

He knew that Huo Tingnian was punishing himself.

But if I had known that, why did I have to?

"Get out of here. I want to examine Wen Nuan!"

Gu Ye's tone was unkind, but huo tingnian didn't mean to be angry at all. He just stood up quietly and said to him, "Doctor gu, I'm sorry to trouble you."

His attitude was surprisingly good.

This is simply not like Huo Tingnian!

After Gu Ye finished his examination, Huo Tingnian quickly asked, "Wen Nuan, how is it?"

"Thanks to you, I won't die or wake up." Gu Ye grumbled. Wen Nuan's condition was even worse than Song Yazhi's. Song Yazhi hadn't woken up for three years, and her chances of waking up were even more hopeless.

If he had known Wen Nuan was going to die, he would have stayed with her.

Her sarcasm made him flinch, making his love seem so powerless.

To some extent, he was as bad as Huo Tingnian.