Chapter 38

Huo Tingnian clenched his fists, his sharp nails piercing into his flesh. The blood flowed out, but he did not feel any pain at all.

Gu Ye seemed to feel that he was not in enough pain and continued to sprinkle salt on his wound. "Why? It's too late to regret now. Wen Nuan is a dead man now. At first, you shed crocodile tears and feel sad for a long time. When there is a new person, you will think that the old man is a burden to you.

And, Wen Xinrou, if the wedding is messed up, you can't make it up to someone else for a bigger wedding. "

Huo Tingnian's face was livid, and the veins on his forehead were bulging, but he only whispered, "I still have something to deal with. Wen Nuan, please take it to heart."

Turn around and leave.

It was not until Huo Tingnian's back disappeared in the hallway that Gu Ye walked back to the ward. "Wen Nuan, do you believe that Huo Tingnian will really change back to the... Huo Tingnian who used to love you?"

There was no response, only the hum of various instruments.

It was late at night.

Huo Tingnian flipped through the results of the investigation sent by the private investigator, and the more he looked down, the more frightened he became.

He and Wen Nuan were supposed to be in love until old age, but that car accident and Wen Xinrou's appearance changed everything.

If he could be more determined, if he wasn't under the control of those drugs, if he didn't have amnesic neurosis, or if he was willing to trust Wen Nuan a little more, would their outcome be different?

Also, when Wen Feng framed Song Yazhi for cheating, it was Wen Xinrou who deliberately induced it.

The night was getting deeper.

Wen Xinrou was tied up and thrown in front of Huo Tingnian.

"Say, why?"

Huo Tingnian was playing with a sharp dagger in his hand, his eyes cold and bloodthirsty.

Wen Xinrou was trembling with fear. The moment she learned that Huo Tingnian remembered everything, she never dared to appear in front of him again. But after hiding for a month, she was still found by him.

This man has feelings, no doubt it is ruthless. If he has feelings for you, he can lift you up to the clouds. If he is ruthless to you, he can put you in a cold hell.

This kind of man's love was like a deadly poppy, which made her fly to the fire and could not help but self-destruct.


Caught off guard, the cold dagger pierced the skin on her face, accompanied by Huo Tingnian's eerie voice.

"If you don't say it at once, I'll cut it. Just say it if you want to."

The warmth and gentleness grew more and more intense, and something called fear overflowed from her eyes. That tender face was now turned over with blood and flesh, and was extremely terrifying.

Another knife was about to fall.

Wen Xinrou shook his head wildly. "No, I said, I said everything. Because I love you... Ah!"

The bloody dagger cut her delicate face again without hesitation.

Wen Nuan screamed in terror and wanted to roll around in pain, but his hands and feet were tied up and he couldn't roll.

"Love? I was just being played around by you, but why?"

"I'm jealous of Wen Nuan. She lived like a superior little princess from a young age, but I'm not even as good as a beggar. I'm not willing to accept why the gap between people can be so big. I tell myself, as long as Wen Nuan has it, I have it, and more than her." Wen Nuan's face was horrified. "Are you satisfied with what I said?"

Huo Tingnian, I really don't love you enough. I just want to snatch you away like crazy because you're Wen Nuan's favorite. I know you can't love me. It's okay. I can control you with drugs and change your mind.

I didn't expect that Huo Tingnian, who had always been so fierce, would not have noticed it. Instead, that stupid Wen Nuan knew the truth ahead of time. She wanted to expose my true colors in front of you. With a little trickery, you believed me. "

Wen Xinrou looked at Huo Tingnian resentfully. After he had been tampered with his memory, all his tenderness towards him was an illusion.

In any situation, only Wen Nuan was his flesh and blood.

A fake lover can never be real.

Huo Tingnian kicked her violently and said fiercely, "Shut up!"

Wen Xinrou looked at Huo Tingnian angrily, tore off all the disguise and revealed the most primitive and ugliest face. "You told me to shut up, but I didn't shut up. I never had your child. I was pregnant with another man's seed, but you lost you and Wen Nuan's child for the sake of this child that should have been lost. Hahaha!"