Chapter 39


Huo Tingnian's face was pale and his seven-foot-tall body was on the verge of falling.


That child.

Huo Tingnian staggered a few steps, the dagger suddenly fell to the ground, both hands clutching at his chest, near his heart came a series of cramps, the pain almost made him faint.

He had been suppressing his guilt and remorse for the child, but now he was ruthlessly exposed by Wen Xinrou, dripping with blood.

She smiled delicately. "Does it hurt? What's more painful? The soup that Wen Nuan drank after her baby was actually made from purple river carriage. You cooked it yourself. How did you feel?"

The meat was not a real purple river carriage, it was just some skinned dead rat meat.

But she would never tell him this secret!

Huo Tingnian was in a daze. He remembered that the meat seemed to still have some tiny tendons and bones attached to it, but he had never seen pork before and thought it might have been like that.

Oh, he's really too stupid.

With a pig's size, how could there be such a tiny connection between the muscles and bones?

Huo Tingnian trembled so violently that he wished he could chop off his own hands, which had done such a terrible thing.

He wanted to kill himself.

Wen Xinrou knew that all the truth was revealed, and what awaited her was definitely a dark abyss. It didn't matter. She would drag Huo Tingnian and Wen Nuan into the abyss together.

Looking at Huo Tingnian in despair and pain, she knew she had done it.

Wen Nuan was in a coma, Huo Tingnian would never know the truth, and the worst result would be Wen Nuan waking up, but her ability to commit suicide in front of huo ting proved that she had no love for this man.

Wen Nuan would never reveal the truth if he did not speak to Huo Tingnian, one without asking, the other without saying.

They will sink into their own abyss!


Huo Tingnian stared at Wen Xinrou's bloody face with hatred and trembled. How could there be such a vicious woman in this world?

"Throw her on the road and don't kill her."

Huo Tingnian ordered coldly, turned around and stood at the window, looking at the cold moon in the sky, tears falling unconsciously.

How much did his Wen Nuan suffer?

Nearly half of these crimes were personally inflicted on her.

Wen Xinrou's screams of fear came from outside. Two motorcycles ran over Wen Xinrou's hands and feet, then came back and ran over him.

At that time, she screamed in fear.

My heart, it hurts so much that I can't help it.

Huo Tingnian could not wait to transfer all of Wen Nuan's suffering to himself, and let him take her place of pain, and take her place to experience despair and all the pain.

He turned around and took out a clean and sharp dagger. He put his right hand on the table and held the handle with his left hand.

His hand rose and his knife fell.

Blood splattered.

It is said that mother and son are linked to each other.

He could finally empathize with the pain of losing her child.


The next day.

When gu ye saw Huo Tingnian's bandaged hand, she was startled. "What happened to your hand?"

"Nothing." Huo Tingnian shook his head casually.

"What are you feeling now? You didn't do it on purpose, did you?" Gu Ye frowned and wanted to punch him, but when he saw that the white bandage was stained red by the blood that was oozing out, the red was so shocking that he had no impulse to hit him.

After all, Huo Tingnian was a poor man.

He clearly loved Wen Nuan to the bone, but he met Wen Xinrou, a vicious woman, and caused an irreversible ending.

He was pitiful himself, but he couldn't do it with love.

Huo Tingnian and Wen Nuan were originally in love, but they had a lot of good things to grind, and had not yet come up with a good result.

Huo Tingnian ignored gu ye and turned to walk to the ward.

Now, the two men who were supposed to be at daggers drawn to each other were in love because of Wen Nuan in the hospital bed.

At least, Gu Ye was like this to Huo Tingnian.

Seeing Huo Tingnian's deep and painful love for Wen Nuan, Gu Ye couldn't bear to scold him any more. He suddenly remembered Wen Xinrou, an emergency patient who was sent over at three in the morning last night. It was terrible. It was probably related to Huo Tingnian.

"Hey, Wen Xinrou's face was disfigured and he got into a car accident?"

Gu Ye touched Huo Tingnian's arm and asked.


"You did it?"


Gu Ye didn't expect Huo Tingnian to admit it so easily. He was stunned, "Aren't you afraid that I'll report to the police?"


It was still a faint voice, as if nothing but the woman in front of him could enter his heart and his ears.

Gu Ye choked and pulled the corners of his mouth, "Even though society advocates being willing to help others, I can't care less if no one else dares to sue you."

Why didn't such a vicious woman die directly?

Perhaps Huo Tingnian also thought that death was too cheap for Wen Xinrou. This kind of pain was worse than death. All the years, such as the tarsal erosion maggot slowly penetrated into the blood and bone marrow, making people miserable.