Chapter 40

Wen Feng and an ruomei had been traveling abroad and had heard about wen xinrou's car accident, so they booked their return flight that night.

He arrived at the hospital in the morning.

Looking at Wen Xinrou, whose face was covered in bandages and her hands and feet were almost broken, an ruomei burst into tears. "Xinrou, what's wrong with you? Why did you become like this?"

Wen Feng, who was also suffering, roared, "Who was the driver? Who did this to my daughter? I have to skin him!"

This was Wen Feng, Wen Nuan's former father, Wen Nuan, who was unconscious in bed. He had never come to visit, but to Wen Xinrou, the newcomer...

It's really chilling.

Outside the door, Huo Tingnian was not in the mood to continue watching the scene of fatherly love. He turned and went upstairs and returned to Wen Nuan's ward.

Just as an ruomei was crying and Wen Feng was yelling and yelling, a nurse suddenly pushed the door open and walked in. "Are you Wen Xinrou's parents?"

An ruomei wiped her tears and said anxiously, "Yes, how is my daughter's condition? When will she wake up?"

The nurse glanced at them and asked, "Which one of you is rh-negative? This blood type is very rare. Our hospital's blood bank has very little stock, and the patient's blood is not enough. If we transfer blood from other blood banks, it will take a while."

An ruomei and Wen Feng looked at each other and hesitated, "What blood type?"

The nurse said impatiently, "Rh negative blood, commonly known as panda blood, who the hell are you? Come with me to draw blood?"

An ruomei shook her head, "I'm not. I'm type ab. Old wen, neither are you. I remember you as type a."

Wen Feng was confused, and even looked at an ruomei suspiciously. "You, aren't you like that woman Song Yazhi..."

An ruomei interrupted him eagerly. "How is that possible? I gave birth to your daughter, but I remember that Xinrou's blood type was type a, not what the nurse said about panda blood?"

Then he turned to the nurse and said, "Is there a mistake in the hospital? My daughter clearly has type a blood."

"The most basic thing about blood type is that we can't get it wrong. Your daughter has been in a blood bag for several hours. If we get it wrong, she would have clotted and died!" The nurse was also a little angry. "What happened to your family? Are they the patient's biological parents?"

Biological parents?

A word startled the dreamer.

Isn't the person on this bed Xinrou?

An ruomei suddenly remembered something. She pulled open Wen Xinrou's collar. There was no big mole on her chest. She immediately cried out, "This man is not our Xinrou. Our Xinrou must be fine."

The nurse couldn't figure out what was going on with the parents, so she threw away the patient's id card and cell phone. "Are you sure she's not your daughter?"

An ruomei and Wen Feng were confused.

These are all Xinrou's. That's right.

An ruomei suddenly remembered something five years ago. She grabbed Wen Feng's arm and shouted, "To save her, we have to save her. She's not our daughter. Our daughter. The real Xinrou is missing. She must know where Xinrou is."

Wen Feng was shocked.

This Wen Xinrou is a fake. Plastic surgery?

A week later.

When Wen Xinrou woke up, he knew that he was crippled and immediately broke down into tears. It didn't matter if his face was disfigured. Just fix it again.

But if his hands and feet were crippled, there was no remedy.

Before she could recover from her grief, an ruomei and Wen Feng stormed in. "Who the hell are you? Where did you get our Xinrou?"

Wen Xinrou looked up, "Mom, what are you talking about? I'm Xinrou, your daughter!"

Wen Feng said angrily, "I have blood type a, my wife has blood type ab, Xinrou has blood type a, but you have panda blood. Why don't you admit that you've become such a ghost?"

Wen Xinrou had nothing to say.

This was her biggest secret!

She was not the real Wen Xinrou. The real Wen Xinrou was long dead.