Chapter 41

"Yes, I'm not Wen Xinrou. My name is yang feng. I've been classmates with your daughter since we were kids, and I'm also her good friend. In my third year of college, I went to the countryside with her. We climbed a local hill, but we accidentally rolled down a cliff. At that time, I was seriously injured, but xinrou died."

Wen Xinrou looked up and slowly recalled the past.

An ruomei covered her face and cried, "Then why did you become Xinrou and deceive us?"

"Because Xinrou said that she had a mother who loved her very much and a very rich father, and my mother drank too much and pulled customers around to make money. My father was a cowardly man who only knew domestic violence. I was really going crazy in such a terrible family. So, I had the idea of becoming Xinrou and enjoying her life."

Wen xinrou paused for a few seconds and continued, "I'm going to get plastic surgery and become your daughter. You all know what happened next."

"Where is my daughter's body?" Wen Feng could not believe that his only daughter had already died.

"Cremated, ashes thrown into the sea."

Wen Xinrou said the last sentence and refused to speak again.

Her words were true and false, seven points true and three points false. Through plastic surgery, she became warm and true, but the real Wen Xinrou did not fall off the cliff by accident, but was pushed down by her.

Wen Xinrou and Wen Nuan had been classmates since childhood. She was also their classmate, but she was the most humble and self-abased one.

In fact, the person she wanted to become the most was Wen Nuan, the little princess, but Wen Nuan was protected too well. She picked up the car and sent her off. She always had the protection of prince Huo Tingnian around her. She had no chance to do anything.

She could only settle for Wen Xinrou because she knew that Wen Xinrou was actually Wen Nuan's sister.

An ruomei and Wen Feng left in tears. They had no feelings for this fake Wen Xinrou and left her in the hospital.

In the end, it was Huo Tingnian who paid all of Wen Xinrou's medical bills to continue her treatment.

He couldn't just let Wen Xinrou die.

For the rest of her life, she had to live like a stray dog, lowly, unbearable, struggling in a whirlpool.

Ten years.

The white colt moved past.

Wen Nuan never showed any signs of waking up. Huo Tingnian had given up hope completely. He was just quietly watching over her for the rest of his life.

Even if Wen Nuan had been lying like this for the rest of his life, he would have stayed by her side.

In the past ten years, Gu Ye finally realized that he was not a good person for Wen Nuan. Whether she was alive or dead, he was not.

He slowly formed a family, had a wife and children, and lived a happy life. The only drawback was that he didn't have the same feelings for his wife that he had for Wen Nuan.

But who stipulated that a person must marry someone you love, and she also loves you for the rest of her life?

Just like that, it would be another kind of happiness!

This day, Huo Tingnian carefully washed Wen Nuan's body and fell asleep on the chair. When he woke up, he found that Wen Nuan was missing.

"Wen Nuan!"

Huo Tingnian was scared out of his wits and rushed out of the ward.

At the end of the corridor, she could see the slender figure leaning on the railing with long hair, slim figure, and breathtaking beauty.

"It's good that you finally woke up."

He excitedly stepped forward, reached out and hugged her in his arms. He buried his head in the starting room, greedily smelling the unique scent that belonged to her.

Wen Nuan turned around, pushed him away, and went back to the ward without a word.

He thought she still hated him and didn't want to talk to him, but gradually he realized that Wen Nuan had really stopped talking.

She had nothing to say to anyone.

Even if Gu Ye asked about her condition, she wouldn't say anything. Gu Ye thought there was something wrong with her vocal cords, but the results were all normal.

In the end, she concluded that she was just unwilling to speak.

He spent another six months recuperating in the hospital.

For the past six months, Huo Tingnian had spent all her time trying to please her, coax her, cook her favorite food, take her for a walk, watch tv with her, but she remained silent.

Sometimes, Huo Tingnian would yell at her on purpose, and she would just look at him quietly and say nothing.

Sometimes, Wen Nuan would stare fixedly at her chest in a daze. After lying in the hospital for ten years, she still miraculously survived, and no one would ever find out that she had breast cancer.

Perhaps, it was one in ten thousand false tests at that hospital at that time!

Sometimes, she would stare blankly at Huo Tingnian's broken finger and be lost in thought.

Huo Tingnian smiled and told her, "Wen Nuan, it's okay. I just cut my finger when I was chopping vegetables. It won't affect my earning money to feed you!"

But what kind of clumsy cooking technique could cut off your fingers?

Wen Nuan pursed his lips and said nothing.

On the day he was discharged, Huo Tingnian went to do the discharge procedures, but just after he was done, Wen Nuan did not wait for him at the same place.

Huo Tingnian went crazy looking for her all over the world. After searching for three months, he finally found her in a nunnery in ming Taishan.

But she was already a monk.

Huo Tingnian fell on the steps, laughing and crying, as if he were crazy. "Wen Nuan, what am I going to do to make you forgive me? I've been waiting for you for ten years, and I've decided to spend the rest of my life trying to make up for the mistakes I've made. I shouldn't forget our love, I shouldn't force you to miscarry..."

He thought she still had nothing to say, but she actually opened her mouth.

"Benefactor, the buddha said I won't go to hell. Who will go to hell? If I don't enter the buddhist sect, how can I surpass the dead?"

"There are thousands of temples and thousands of monks and nuns in the world. Some of them will go beyond the limit!" Huo Tingnian was indignant.

Wen Nuan's hand slowly landed on his abdomen. "But what about it?"

After learning the truth about the soup from Wen Xinrou, it took Huo Tingnian ten years to get over it, not to mention Wen Nuan.

"I understand."

Huo Tingnian stared at Wen Nuan and began to pull the hair off his head with his bare hands. "Since you choose to be a nun, I will shave my hair and become a monk!"

Again and again.

Her hair fell out one after another.

But huo tingnian's hand was still moving. He just looked at Wen Nuan quietly, as if he didn't feel any pain.

Wen Nuan looked at him, his eyes were calm and calm.

"Benefactor, please move to the Putuo temple opposite!"

Then, he turned around and closed the door.

Huo Tingnian really went to be a monk, but Wen Nuan's name was not asked.

Love is dead.

Don't ask about fate.

From then on, the ancient buddha with green lanterns lived a lifetime together, looking at each other from afar, but there was no hope!