Young Master Mo's Gentle Kiss: Wife, Won't You Accept It?

Young Master Mo's Gentle Kiss: Wife, Won't You Accept It?



Author:Listen to the wind at ten o' clock.







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335.Chapter 336 No Matter How Good You Are Or How Good You Are, Don't


Chi huan was heavily asleep by his bodyguard the night before the wedding. When he woke up, he knelt on one knee and calmly said, "I turned myself in." She wore a man's shirt and smiled lazily. "Surrender?" Her white feet rubbed against the man's legs, and the verdict was nonchalant. "You have only two choices. First, repay my innocence from the palace. Second, be my man." Chi huan had always thought that mo shiqian, as a bodyguard, was not only omnipotent but also incredibly handsome, except that he was not born well. However, many years later, he landed in front of her with incomparable dignity. "Chi huan, try it. Who dares to touch the woman who has my mo shiqian label on her?" (1V1, both male and female masters are physically and mentally clean) Dear wife on: mo shao, gentle kiss is an urban novel that the original author meticulously wrote at ten o' clock. The pen and interest pavilion updated her at the same time: mo shao, gentle kiss the latest chapter, the dear wife published by the book friend on: m

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