Amnesiac Bigshot Remembers Only Me

Amnesiac Bigshot Remembers Only Me



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520.Chapter 521 You Expect Me to Praise You for Fighting?


Fu nanli, the captain of Dongchuan airlines and the sole heir of fu's consortium, lost his memory in a car accident. All she remembered was wen qiao who saved her life before the car accident. "You are?" Only by staying with fu nanli could wen qiao survive, "I'm your wife," she said shamelessly. Fu shao's eyes were confused, but he only remembered one person. She said yes, that's right. The cold and noble male god was snatched away by a wild girl from nowhere. The famous ladies of hong kong city were furious. The socialites raised a hundred million dollars, and they had to tear off the mask of a lying wenqiao. But only for the wedding of the century. One hundred million and it's gone! All the famous ladies cried, "They say that master fu has a dark belly. Why did he fall on this little fox who is full of lies?" A certain man's eyes were light and unrestrained: "If you don't follow the plan, how can you take the little fox home?"

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