Bank Of The Universe

Bank Of The Universe



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Li xiandao got an ancient heaven and earth bank, but now the bank is empty, there is no treasure, only a pile of debt. Eternal immortal king, owed heaven and earth money bank a top-grade immortal artifact, returned two after three thousand years, overdue every thousand years, one more! The cold moon fairy owes the heaven and earth bank the best looks. She will return it ten thousand years later, and she will pay for it with her life if it is overdue! The venerable man of the ancient times owed the heaven and earth bank ten thousand years of life, in order to break through, after breaking through, he would repay the heaven and earth bank one hundred thousand years of life, and increase ten times over the time limit! Li xiandao looked at these debts, looked at the empty heaven and earth bank, and made up his mind that it would take nine days to find these invincible people one by one to pay back the overdue debts! A mortal without the strength to tie a chicken has become the biggest creditor in the whole immor

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