Chapter 1618 Catastrophe

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Looking at the beautiful lotus seed floating on the sea of fire, Xiao Yan could not help but feel excited. Now, The land of fighting spirit has no such source of energy, and this also means that no one will be able to advance to the level of Fighting the emperor.

Huntian Emperor got the elixir of the emperor, which gave him the opportunity to step into the level of Fighting the emperor, and Xiao Yan and the coalition's only hope was to rely on the inheritance of the ancient emperor.

The current continent, wanting to advance into Fighting the emperor... There were only these two ways, because only the imperial grade and the inheritance of the ancient emperor left behind the only two sources of energy between heaven and earth!

"My inheritance requires a heart like a rock. Once I think about it, it will not be destroyed!"

The Ancient Emperor Of Toshe looked at the excited Xiao Yan and smiled faintly. He immediately bent his fingers and flicked the lotus seed. The beautiful lotus seed floated down slowly and finally floated on the cover of Xiao Yan's spirit.


Xiao Yan took a deep breath and quickly calmed down. Any distractions were cleared away by him in a decisive manner.


The flaming lotus seed, giving off a strange luster, then slowly descended, directly penetrating Xiao Yan's scalp and falling into his head.


The moment the flaming lotus seed entered his body, Xiao Yan's body immediately turned red, an infinite energy so terrifying that it made one feel frightened, and it spread out in his body at a terrifying speed, almost in the blink of an eye. The meridians in Xiao Yan's body were puffed up. A sharp tearing pain emanated from the meridians.

Sweat was like a stream, rolling madly out of Xiao Yan's pores. His body had shrunk several times in a few seconds. His originally thin body had now become like a skinny monkey with only a friendly bone.

As the sweat cascaded down, Xiao Yan's face was filled with pain, so much pain that it twisted his face.

The Ancient Emperor Of Toshe looked at this scene, but his face was flat. If he could not even get through the most preliminary stage and accept the inheritance, it would be a joke.

In the sea of fire, Xiao Yan's body was trembling madly. At one moment, his eyes suddenly opened, and both of them exploded into a Blood fog.


His eyes exploded, and then Xiao Yan's body exploded from place to place, and then his body was blasted away by that terrible force of inheritance!

Seeing this, The Ancient Emperor Of Toshe's brows moved slightly. Now, it was time for the inheritance to begin. However, if Xiao Yan could not do what he said, not only would the inheritance fail, but his body and even his soul would be severely injured.


Xiao Yan's soul, looking at the Blood fog, could feel the faint feeling coming from the depths of his soul, which made him feel drowsy.

But as soon as this impulse came out, Xiao Yan suddenly woke up. He knew that he was already in a very dangerous moment. If he really fell asleep like this, even his soul would gradually dissipate between heaven and earth.

"** Is too weak to withstand the power of inheritance, but now* is destroyed, how can we absorb energy?"

Xiao Yan's soul condensed into a transparent ball of light. At this point, it was already a dilemma. Without the body, he could not absorb the power of inheritance, but refining, it required many tedious steps, and now there was no time for him to refine anything!

"The heart is like a rock. Once you think about it, it will not be destroyed!"

The light of the soul flashed madly, but in such an emergency, some of the nervousness and astonishment in Xiao Yan's heart turned out to be the opposite.

When it calmed down, the words that The Ancient Emperor Of Toshe had said before flashed back in his mind, and now he seemed to have realized something.

And when Xiao Yan realized something in his heart, the light of his soul suddenly flashed violently, faintly, shining brilliantly from his soul. Looking closely, it was the flaming lotus seed.

Following these brilliant rays, the Blood fog, which had originally spread out, suddenly shrank back in a strange way, and then a magical scene appeared. They saw the rapid condensation of the Blood fog, wrapped in the light of the soul, and within a few seconds, it was actually once again condensed into a living*!

Xiao Yan was also overjoyed by the reunion. He could feel that this time the reunion was much stronger than before.

"Creating in destruction, constantly condensing the new** to adapt to the power of inheritance..."

Xiao Yan's eyes flickered and a faint tinge of excitement flashed past him. However, his excitement did not last long. Within the flaming lotus seed, there was once again a terrifying force that could make the heavens and the earth tremble.


Under the impact of this kind of power, Xiao Yan's newly condensed** actually exploded into a blood fog again, and this time, even the soul had a sharp pain.

"If the heart is like a rock, it cannot be destroyed!"

Xiao Yan no longer felt flustered and flustered. He kept his mind and did not use anything to fluctuate.

While Xiao Yan's mind and soul were all condensed, the Blood fog that exploded was indeed condensed again. In the blink of an eye, it was condensed into a stronger new life than before.

"Bang bang!"

In the sea of fire, there were a series of deep sounds. Xiao Yan's body, was constantly in the midst of this condensation and explosion, like a perfect cycle.

Looking at this scene, a smile also appeared on The Ancient Emperor Of Toshe's face and he nodded lightly. This son's comprehension was not low. No wonder he was able to reach this stage at this age.

"It seems that my mission is about to end..."

The Ancient Emperor Of Toshe smiled lightly, and there was a faint sense of relief in his tone.


In the process of cultivation, time was like a ridge. Unconsciously, one year passed by so quickly.

In this year, Xiao Yan experienced several times of light self-explosion and rebirth, and in such a cycle, even with Xiao Yan's perseverance, his mind was already in a daze, only with that tight mind, firmly guarding the soul, a little obsession, driving** to explode in countless times. And gradually adapted to the power of inheritance!

However, that kind of bodhisattva still seemed to have no end, self-explosion and regeneration, endless cycle...

For The land of fighting spirit, the year of the heavenly tomb was more than two months.

Over the past two months, Zhongzhou was also in extreme turmoil. Because of the Soul race, the whole of Zhongzhou was enveloped, and this caused Zhongzhou to become a place of death that could enter or leave.

The sky was originally blue, but now it was filled with thick blood clouds. The sun shone through the blood clouds and onto the earth, but it cast a dark luster, making people feel extremely depressed.

The smell of blood enveloped every part of Zhongzhou. Every once in a while, the blood cloud that pervaded the entire Zhongzhou would shoot out numerous blood awns, and everywhere the blood awns passed, there were corpses everywhere, and blood flowed into rivers.

This was a real disaster!

In the beginning, in the face of the Soul race's actions, countless sect forces were extremely angry. However, when they spontaneously joined forces and prepared to attack the great array, but in the end, they were killed by a bloody sword that pierced through the sky and earth, and the anger turned into fear.

Only now did they understand how vicious and tyrannical the methods of the soul race were!

Faced with the blood that would come to the top of their heads from time to time and wash the earth with blood, many sects had to move, and the place where they moved, naturally, was the headquarters of the Heavenly mansion alliance.

At this time in Zhongzhou, only within the scope of the Heavenly mansion alliance headquarters could they resist the erosion of the blood!

So, in less than a month... Within tens of thousands of miles of the Heavenly mansion alliance, it was occupied by a sea of people. In every corner, there was a dark crowd. The whole of Zhongzhou was in a state of panic.

The alliance could do nothing about the sects that had fled to seek asylum. It could only join forces with a large number of powerful people and cast a huge defense shield that covered the Heavenly mansion alliance within a hundred thousand miles.

However, even so, there was still insufficient space in this shield. In order to maintain their own safety, many sects had to conflict with other forces, and they fought with each other, causing a lot of deaths and injuries. However, even the allied forces could not intervene in this situation. Their ability to do this was the limit, and under the threat of death, order was gone.

At the same time, in the defense, Gu Yuan, Zhukun and other people had also joined forces to stop Huntian Emperor from completing the imperial elixir with the life of heaven and earth, but in the end, they all failed, absorbing countless life and blood of the great array, coupled with Huntian Emperor's presence, it was difficult to crack it.

With the passage of time, the originally prosperous land of Zhongzhou was also desolate everywhere, looking like the end of the day.

And as time went by, what made everyone more desperate was that the aura in the blood cloud was getting more and more violent. Everyone knew that when the demon came out of the blood cloud, it might be the moment of doom for Zhongzhou!

But for this situation, no one can stop them. The only thing they can do is to watch the blood in the sky grow thicker and thicker.

The blood clouds covered the sun, the catastrophe of Zhongzhou!