Chapter 1619 Soul Emperor, Soul Emperor!

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Under the catastrophe, there were no living beings left.

Blood clouds shrouded Zhongzhou for three months, and there was no sign of weakening.

In the past three months, Zhongzhou, which was originally prosperous, had been exceptionally dilapidated and desolate. All of them were looking for safe places to hide in fear. Many of them even went underground in the hope that this would allow them to escape this catastrophe.

A thick blood cloud shrouded the sky of Zhongzhou. The smell of blood was so thick that it was nauseating. It filled the air. On the ground, a red, sticky plasma made Zhongzhou look like a land of asura.

White bones floated in the sea of blood, faintly, as if there were countless shrieks, reverberating in the sky and earth, making people's hair stand on end.

This kind of killing, even if you look at The land of fighting spirit's history, is extremely rare. After all, no matter what kind of war it is, most ordinary people will not take action. However, this time the Soul race seems to be crazy. Their killing will not stop because of their status.

Looking at the increasingly chilling clouds of blood in the sky, the despair in many people's hearts grew deeper and deeper, and the longer the time dragged on! The more terrifying the energy gathered within the array, the more everyone knew that once Huntian Emperor broke through the barrier, no one in this world could stop him from doing anything!

The whole land was shrouded in the shadow of death, so desperate that it made one shudder.

Heavenly mansion alliance headquarters.

On a high platform, several figures stood. Their eyes were filled with gloom as they looked through the huge protective cover that enveloped the sky, and finally at the blood cloud that filled the sky.

"Huntian Emperor's breath is getting stronger and stronger. I can feel that he's about to succeed..." After a moment of suppressed silence, Zhukun finally spoke slowly.

Hearing his words, the hearts of the few people on the side could not help but sink.

"Is this the only way to see him finish the last step?" Lei Ying gritted his teeth and said in an indescribable tone, they were like turtles, huddled in a protective shield during this period of time. This feeling was torture to him, who was a little angry.

"The array has been formed. The energy gathered in the blood cloud alone is enough to make us drink a pot, let alone rush in to fight Huntian Emperor." Gu Yuan shook his head, but his eyes were full of helplessness. Now Huntian Emperor's power was no longer comparable to theirs. It was not easy for them to protect themselves temporarily. As for the attack, it was really wishful thinking.

When they heard this, they could not help but clench their fists. In such a situation, even they felt a little desperate, let alone others?

"In the vicinity of the alliance, there was also constant friction. Many of the sects that came to seek shelter were fighting with each other in order to occupy a safe position..." Yanjin sighed.

"These trash, when we fought with the Soul race, they just stood by and now feel the pain and seek shelter!" Lei Ying said angrily.

The crowd laughed bitterly. Facing the war between the allied forces and the Soul race, how dare these forces intervene at will?

"Don't be too pessimistic. We still have hope..." Gu Yuan smiled cheerfully and said.

When the crowd heard this, they seemed to remember the last hope. At the moment, a little light appeared in the depths of their eyes. Indeed, they still had some hope...

"Now... We can only pray that Xiao Yan can smoothly accept the inheritance of the ancient emperor. In that case, we can turn the tide... Otherwise, this Zhongzhou should be over."

The thin young man appeared in his mind, and Gu Yuan said softly, "But I do believe that boy will perform some miracles..."

"In that case, it would be the best..."

As if affected by Gu Yuan's words, a few of the originally tense faces on the side slowly relaxed and a smile appeared on their faces.

Time, in the fear and despair of countless people slowly passed, the blood clouds shrouded the sky, suppressed people have a crazy impulse.

Three months... Four months... Five months... Half a year...

The clouds of blood became deeper and thicker in the sky, and sometimes even sunlight was difficult to penetrate.

And in these times, there are more and more blood awns sweeping across the world, and every time the surge of blood awns, it will bring the smell of blood rushing to the sky.

However, as more and more people poured into the alliance's defense shield, those terrible blood awns were also gradually shifting targets... Later on, they even began to hit the shields, but fortunately, the alliance was so powerful that although they could not tear the blood cloud apart, it was not a big problem to stabilize the shields. Of course, every time the blood awn attacked the shields, it would naturally cause a lot of people to worry. After all, their only shelter now, It was the shield of the sky!

If this shield were to break, they would become one of the rotting corpses on the ground!

Half a year was spent slowly under the fear of countless people. This half a year, there was no earth-shattering war, but this suppressed blood, than any war, was maddening.

In the past six months, the blood clouds only shrouded Zhongzhou, and no powerful Soul race appeared. Even the voice of the spirit emperor did not resound in the sky and earth. However, a fierce and lustful aura in the sea of blood became more and more terrifying as time passed...

When the great array shrouded Zhongzhou for the seventh month, the sea of blood in the distant sky finally began to fluctuate.

The sea of blood surged, a whirlpool emerged from the sea of blood, and then a huge blood-colored lotus rose slowly from the sea of blood.

Above the Blood lotus, a figure sat cross-legged, blood hair cascading down, some even falling into the sea of blood, floating on the sea of blood, like a demon spreading its wings.

"Intoxicating power...

The figure's tightly closed eyes slowly opened, and the scarlet color that pervaded them caused waves to rise in the sea of blood.


When Huntian Emperor opened his eyes, the space behind him was distorted and a figure shrouded in the Hei Yan emerged.

"The Lingshi medicine tribesmen have all invested in the blood pool. The Soul race tribesmen have also invested in 67 % of the population, but this has caused a lot of dissatisfaction." She stared at the figure whose hair had turned into blood.

Huntian Emperor's red eyes fluttered and he smiled lightly. The Blood lotus turned and looked straight at Xuwutunyan.

Under the gaze of the spirit emperor, Xuwutunyan's Hei Yan eyes jumped faintly and said, "What?"

"There seems to be something more in the energy of the sea of blood?" Huntian Emperor said with a smile.

"Oh?" Xuwutunyan's eyes jumped violently.

Huntian Emperor's face was full of smiles. His palm plunged into the sea of blood in front of him, and then he grabbed it hard. The whole sea of blood was churning. Then, a little black light condensed in the palm of his hand, and finally turned into a black flame.

"If you suck these into your body, you should be planted to devour the seeds, right?" Looking at the black flame, Huntian Emperor smiled and then looked at Xuwutunyan, saying, "It seems that you and I are not in the same mind?"

"You forced me!"

Xuwutunyan's eyes shot out a fierce light, and his hands suddenly pressed against the sea of blood... The ripples of the road came out, and the sea of blood surged. An endless stream of Hei Yan surged out of the sea of blood, frantically rushing out at Huntian Emperor.


When Xuwutunyan made his move, he suddenly shouted and saw the space around him surging. Dozens of figures flashed out and hesitated a little, and a thick cloud of Hei Yan came out of his mouth!

These Hei Yan, which were rapidly condensed, eventually turned into a strange array on the sea of blood, and were immediately shielded against Huntian Emperor.

"Hehe, it seems that over the years, you have done a lot of tricks in secret. These elders have been unconsciously controlled by you..." Seeing those familiar figures, Huntian Emperor was also a little surprised, said.

"Hmph, don't say these elders, seven or eight of the Soul race people have the blood mark I set up in their bodies. Huntian Emperor, do you really think I'm not prepared for anything? As long as I think of your soul race in my heart, I will be seriously injured!" Xuwutunyan sneered and said, "I didn't want to do this, but you actually intended to kill me. No wonder I wanted to do it first!"

"Seriously injured?"

Huntian Emperor smiled and shook his head. Immediately, his eyes darkened, "As long as I'm here, the Soul race will never be able to talk about a serious injury!"

"Now you want to fight me and seek your own death!"

Huntian Emperor suddenly stood up from the blood lotus and gave a big laugh. His mouth opened and the suction surged. The Hei Yan formation that came as a mask turned into a line of fire and was swallowed by it.

At the same time that Huntian Emperor struck, an aura that seemed to be above the heavens and the earth suddenly surged out of his body, and in an instant, the boundless and endless sea of blood was filled with waves.

"Bang bang!"

The dozens of Soul race elders were enveloped in a sea of blood, which immediately shrank into a series of muffled sounds, and their bodies exploded into blood droplets that flowed into the sea of blood below.

These Soul race's strong men had no chance to react, but were killed by the spirit emperor!

"You have succeeded?!"

Xuwutunyan finally paled in shock when he felt the overwhelming aura of the world.

"It's been half a month, just waiting for you..." Huntian Emperor licked his scarlet lips and gently scratched Xuwutunyan with his palm, "In order to celebrate my becoming the first Fighting the emperor power in ten thousand years, give me your fire of origin."

"Huntian Emperor, the lives of those Soul race clansmen are all in my mind. If you dare to take action, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Nothing swallowed fire and shouted.

Hearing this, Huntian Emperor's palm paused slightly and tilted his head slightly. He looked at Xuwutunyan strangely and said, "You've been following me for so long. Don't you know what I am?"

Xuwutunyan felt a chill in his heart. This guy could pay any price in order to achieve his goal, even if it was the entire Soul race!

"Come here..."

However, just as Xuwutunyan figured it out and was about to run away, he was shocked to find that his body had completely lost the ability to move!


Huntian Emperor smiled and gently shook Xuwutunyan's hand, the latter's body. It exploded, turned into a Hei Yan in the sky, and ran around frantically.

Huntian Emperor glanced at the fleeing Hei Yan. His mouth was wide open, and the suction surged. The large number of the Hei Yan flew out quickly, and in the end, all of them flew into his mouth.

"Your current strength is like an ant to me..."

Almost effortlessly swallowing Xuwutunyan into his body, Huntian Emperor elegantly rubbed the corners of his lips with the back of his hand, his scarlet lips, looking particularly sinister.

"Now... It seems that it's time to deal with those annoying people, right?"

Huntian Emperor's eyes turned to the land of Zhongzhou, and a demonic smile appeared on his face. At the same time, a voice with an endless smell of blood, also above Zhongzhou, rang out.

"Remember that today is the day when my soul emperor, the emperor, was crowned!"