Chapter 1620 The Power of A Great Fighter!

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"Huntian Emperor... He succeeded..."

At the union headquarters, Gu Yuan and Zhukun's faces suddenly changed, and they looked up in horror at the thick blood cloud outside the shield, where they felt for the first time an aura that made their souls tremble.

That aura, only the strong Fighting the emperor, had!

And in that cloud of blood, the only one who could possibly become an emperor contender was, of course, Huntian Emperor!

"Today is the day when my soul emperor, the emperor, is crowned!"

And just as Gu Yuan and Zhukun's faces changed, a loud voice filled with the smell of blood immediately fell from the sky, and finally resounded in every corner of Zhongzhou!

"Huntian Emperor!"

When they heard the name, which was now regarded as a devil, a commotion broke out around the alliance headquarters. Everyone stood up abruptly and looked up at the sky with fear on their faces.

"Woo woo!"

When many people were shocked by this, there was also an urgent alarm in the starry world. The overwhelming allied forces rushed out from everywhere and finally turned into a dark army of strong people, floating in the sky.

Over the past six months, the coalition had obviously experienced a lot of blade training, and now the appearance of the army action, compared to the past, there was a lot of tacit understanding, and the atmosphere was more condensed.

Looking at the dark and oppressive army floating in the sky, the commotion was a little quieter. It seemed that the movements of the allied forces also made them feel a little bit at ease, although they also understood that this feeling of peace was actually quite fragile.

Gu Yuan, Zhukun and the others also appeared in front of the army at the same time. They looked up at the thick blood cloud outside the shield with a solemn expression. At this time, the smell of blood between heaven and earth seemed to be much stronger.

"That smell is indeed Huntian Emperor's..." Gu Yuan took a deep breath and suppressed the boredom and uneasiness in his heart. With a wave of his hand, he said in a deep voice, "Prepare the army!"

Upon hearing this, the black and oppressive coalition immediately responded in unison, and the momentum was not weak at all.

"This time, if we can't stop it, this The land of fighting spirit will probably be under Huntian Emperor's control, and by then, it will be ruined... Yanjin said with a serious face, if there were no accidents, this would be their last battle.

Gu Yuan and the others nodded silently. Huntian Emperor came with the power of the emperor. With one person's power, he could resist the allied forces. If he was careless, this long and sticky war would come to an end today.

"Any news from Xiao Yan?" Lei Ying asked.

"Not yet... Gu Yuan shook his head slowly and said: " The inheritance of the ancient emperor is not a child's play. It should take a long time. "

"But we don't have that much time." Lei Ying smiled bitterly.

Gu Yuan said quietly, "It's not that I don't want to inform him. You should know that Xiao Yan is our only hope. Only when he successfully enters Fighting the emperor can he fight Huntian Emperor. Otherwise, even if he summons him in advance, it's useless. In the end, it's just a waste of hope.

Yanjin and the others sighed and nodded. They understood that Gu Yuan was telling the truth.

"The younger members of our three clans have already secretly transferred some of their blood, at least some of it can be preserved, so even if we fail today, as long as Xiao Yan succeeds, the blood of our three clans can continue." Gu yuan said in a deep voice.

"So... Never summon Xiao Yan before he succeeds."

"You're right, then it's up to you. I'm a lei, but I'm not afraid of death. Even if Huntian Emperor's trash really became Fighting the emperor, I would dare to touch him." Lei Ying gritted his teeth and thought it through. He cupped his fists.

Gu Yuan smiled, and the waves in his heart were slowly falling. He raised his head and stared at the thick clouds of blood. Now, it was time for the coalition to survive...

While the allied forces were waiting, the clouds of blood still remained motionless, and the rich smell of blood floated between heaven and earth.

However, this kind of silence did not make people feel relaxed, because anyone could feel that the storm was coming...

The oppressive silence lasted for about an hour, and the blood clouds that shrouded Zhongzhou for nearly half a year finally began to fluctuate. Then, under the gaze of countless eyes, the blood clouds that filled the sky slowly split apart. Then, the sound of the broken wind sounded, and the shadows that covered the whole sky, driving the black fog. It swept out of the blood cloud like a tidal wave and finally hovered outside the huge protective shield, staring coldly at the dark crowd.

"The Soul race is finally here..."

Looking at the vast army, many people's faces were pale. Although they had expected this would happen sooner or later, at this time, their hearts were still filled with endless fear and despair.

The Soul race army, suspended in the sky, did not speak a word, just like a fierce wolf staring at the countless figures in the defense shield below.

In the army, a path suddenly opened automatically, and immediately, a trace of blood from far to near, and finally turned into a Blood lotus filled with endless blood floating in front of the army of the Soul race.

The Blood lotus was in the air, and a blood-haired figure sat on top of it. With his appearance, the smell of blood that pervaded the world suddenly became extremely strong. At last, the air fluctuated, and the blood was actually condensed into blood drops that covered the whole earth, like a rainstorm, falling from the sky.

The rain of blood fell and fell on the protective cover, making the people feel extremely cold.

"Soul rate!

Gu Yuan and the others stared fixedly at the figure sitting on the Blood lotus, but their palms could not help but clench, the smell... It was horrible.

"Gu Yuan, you lost..."

Huntian Emperor sat cross-legged on the Blood lotus, his long, bloody hair fluttering in the breeze behind him, his scarlet eyes smiling at Gu Yuan and the others in the shield, and said slowly.

Gu Yuan's eyes darkened and he shouted, "Huntian Emperor, the ancient race had an unwritten agreement long ago. A great war does not harm ordinary people. If you do this, you will be punished!"

"Ridiculous words." Huntian Emperor smiled lightly, and then his body slowly rose from the blood lotus and looked down at the world as if it were the master of heaven and earth.

"Now that I am above this world, who can punish me?"

"The rules are made by the strong. From now on, The land of fighting spirit will be owned by my soul race!"

Huntian Emperor's voice, which was filled with endless blood, echoed throughout the world, making more and more people look pale by the means of the soul race. If they took control of The land of fighting spirit, they would probably live in endless fear for the rest of their lives.

"I am the final victor in this war." Huntian Emperor's eyes were bloodshot, and immediately, his palms popped out, and he suddenly grasped the shield that shielded countless people from afar.

"Gu Yuan, as a former dog rival, today I will show you what the power of Fighting the emperor is!"

The sound fell, and the rain of blood from heaven and earth suddenly condensed into a thin line of blood that flashed across the sky like lightning!

A black line about a hundred thousand feet long appeared above the sky, where the space was directly cut apart, and at the same time, the defense shield made up of the Heavenly mansion alliance's many strong men below, almost without any ripples, just like this in the dull eyes, burst open...

Watching the last refuge disappear, everyone stayed and let the rain of blood fall on their bodies. The smell of blood made them feel the imminent pursuit of death...

It was just a random move, and the defense made up of Gu Yuan, Zhukun, and many of the great allied forces collapsed like this...

Looking at the crumbling shield, Gu Yuan and the others looked extremely gloomy. Huntian Emperor's current strength, even they, was trembling.

"Form an array!"

Gu Yuan's face was sullen, his figure hanging in the air, and he suddenly screamed. Even if he knew he was invincible, he had to fight to the end!

Hearing gu yuanli drink, the dense allied army also roared in unison. The sound shook the heaven and earth, and the sky like fighting spirit surged out from their bodies. That kind of momentum, even the blood cloud that covered the sky, was actually scattered a little.

"Ancient imperial mirror!"

The ancient yuan's body was suspended in the vast and endless fighting spirit. The handprints changed and the fighting spirit condensed, and finally turned into an ancient mirror full of tens of thousands of meters of energy.

With so many strong men's fighting spirit gathered, the ancient mirror was suddenly filled with a terrifying wave of destruction.

Gu Yuan and the others understood Huntian Emperor's current strength, so the first move was to use the strongest offensive, condense the strength of so many strong people, and then use the formation to display such a horrible offensive.


As soon as the energy mirror appeared, Gu Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood spilled into the mirror, and there was a burst of fluorescent light.


Gu Yuan's face was grim and his hands were changing. In the end, he saw the energy mirror tremble violently... The beams of light, which were tens of thousands of feet in length, suddenly shot out from the mirror. Wherever the beams passed, even the air was blown into nothingness!

The beam of light almost penetrated the entire sky of the earth today, and the whole of Zhongzhou could be seen with much clarity!

Everyone's heart was raised at this moment. Such a powerful attack, even Huntian Emperor, must be quite difficult to resist, right?

Under the gaze of countless people, Huntian Emperor, who was standing on top of the blood-colored lotus, smiled indifferently. His blood-colored eyes reflected the terrifying beam of light coming from below, and he immediately extended his finger and gently tapped it.


Word by word, the pillar of light that shot out like a raging dragon was only a few feet away from Huntian Emperor, but it stopped, and the finger of the spirit emperor also fell lightly on the pillar of light.


When one finger fell, there was no energy fluctuation at all. However, the seemingly terrifying pillar of light collapsed under the gaping eyes, and then, with a loud bang, it turned into a speck of light and fell from the sky.

"Gu Yuan, I am the final winner in this war."

Huntian Emperor looked down at Gu Yuan, whose face had also turned ugly at this moment. He smiled and said slowly.

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