Chapter 1621 Get Out!

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Blood rained down from the sky, and the whole world seemed to turn scarlet at this moment.

"Is this the power of the Fighting the emperor strong..."

Even Gu Yuan and the others could not help but feel a deep sense of powerlessness as they watched the terrifying attack being defeated so easily by the spirit emperor. No wonder it was so difficult to reach the original gap between the two worlds at this level.

"With your strength, you want to be the savior?"

Huntian Emperor's scarlet eyes were fixed on Gu Yuan's tone, and there was a hint of mockery in his voice. He waved his hand. "A flash of blood gushed out of the palm of his hand, and then everyone saw a mountain below, along with tens of thousands of powerful people, directly wiped out by life, and no one could escape and resist.

Everyone's face "Changed again when they saw Huntian Emperor's cruel methods."

"This so-called coalition looks vulnerable now, Gu Yuan. I gave you a chance, but unfortunately, you didn't take it." Huntian Emperor said slowly, staring at Gu Yuan with bloodshot eyes.

"This is the end of everything."

Huntian Emperor admired the faces that were filled with fear and despair, but suddenly felt a little lazy. The things that seemed difficult at first were hard to catch his attention now. The strong Fighting the emperor was like a god in this world. The rest, in their eyes, were just ants.

The sound fell. "Huntian Emperor xiu's long finger gently tapped on Gu Yuan. Suddenly," the world was filled with endless blood. It condensed on his fingertips and turned into a flash of blood. It flew right at Gu Yuan.

Seeing Huntian Emperor's move, Gu Yuan's heart was also shocked, and the fighting spirit in his body was hurriedly moving. However, just as his state was about to mobilize the energy of heaven and earth to jointly defend itself, the spirit emperor smiled, pointed again and again, and whispered, "No!"

As the voice fell, Gu Yuan was shocked to see that the energy between the earth and that day had actually lost contact with it!

Such a change. "However, some of Gu Yuan's faces were shocked. The reason why Saint of war's strong men were strong was not only because of their fighting spirit, but also because they were able to mobilize the energy of heaven and earth to attack and defend together. However, now, the spirit emperor was only a whisper. It was to ban the ability of a saint fighter, so that it would be no different from breaking Gu Yuan's arm.

"The ancient emperor broke the nirvana finger!"

This kind of change shocked people, but Gu Yuan was also experienced after all. When he realized that the energy of heaven and earth could not be mobilized, his fighting spirit surged to the extreme, and he immediately drank low, and his fighting spirit condensed into a huge finger. It was covered with strange lines and then blasted fiercely at the blood light.


The blood light collided with the massive fingers that looked like they were in the air, causing a loud explosion, and then" the huge finger collapsed directly, but the blood light continued to blow as fast as lightning on the thick air defense in front of Gu Yuan.


The two collided, and the seemingly sturdy air defense almost burst open in a destructive manner. In an instant, it slammed fiercely on the ancient body, a mouthful of red blood, and then it spurted out, and the body staggered backwards, but fortunately there was Zhukun behind it. Only then did he stabilize his body.

"Fighting the emperor ling is in heaven and earth. It's a little too much of a fantasy to mobilize the energy of heaven and earth in front of me." Huntian Emperor smiled faintly and suddenly raised his hand, aiming it at the thick blood cloud in the sky. The blood cloud churned, and immediately" thunderclap." A huge blood-colored thunder and lightning suddenly fell from the sky, slashed through the sky, and fiercely bombarded the allied army.

"Fight in formation!"

Seeing this, Gu Yuan quickly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and shouted. If the blood lightning were allowed to come down, the death and injury of the allied forces would be extremely serious.

Hearing gu yuanli drink, the allied army also hastily cheered up, the boundless fighting spirit in the sky quickly condensed into! A fierce dragon then burst into flames and collided fiercely with the bloody lightning.


The two behemoths collided in the sky, and the glaring light almost lit up every corner of Zhongzhou. However, "The interweaving did not last long. The demonic blood and lightning directly scattered the dragon.


The dragon collapsed, and many of the strong men in the coalition army appeared pale. They all spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time, apparently wounded by the shock.

With one man's strength, they will fight against the entire allied forces!

The strength of Fighting the emperor's strong men was so terrifying that in the face of such strength, no matter how large the number, it seemed to become insignificant.

Gu Yuan and Zhukun looked at each other and saw the look of horror in each other's eyes. Although they had expected that the strong Fighting the emperor would be extremely terrifying, when the reality appeared in front of them, they still could not believe that the gathering of so many strong people would not be equal to a Huntian Emperor!

"Fighting the emperor... That's terrible." Yanjin's face was bitter. Under that kind of power, they had no chance of winning.

"No matter what, we have to drag it on. As long as we drag Xiao Yan out of customs, we can reverse the situation!" Gu Yuan gritted his teeth.

Hearing this, Yanjin and the others laughed bitterly again. It wasn't that they didn't want to delay, but under Huntian Emperor's absolute power, any of their actions were useless.

"Just a little longer. I can feel the dragon print I left in xiao yan's body getting weaker and weaker. That kind of pressure is definitely not owned by the average Saint of war strong!" Zi Yan, who was on the side, suddenly spoke excitedly. She had a dragon seal with Xiao Yan. Although she could not know the exact situation of Xiao Yan with this, she was able to determine the situation of Xiao Yan because of the violent fluctuation of the dragon seal.

Hearing this, "Gu Yuan and the others were shocked. Their originally dark eyes" were also filled with surprise. This was probably the most gratifying news they had received during this period of time.

"In that case, anything you say today will stop this guy." Zhukun raised his head and looked at Huntian Emperor, who was stepping on the Blood lotus in the sky and looked extremely evil. A slight ferocity flashed through his eyes.

"Gu Yuan, you reorganize the coalition again. I'll meet him for a while."

As soon as Zhukun said this, he did not give Gu Yuan and the others a chance to speak. Then, she started to move, a gigantic dragon, He walked out of the vast dragon's power in the sky. The smell of blood was barely diluted.

"Tai xu gu long." Huntian Emperor looked at the giant dragon floating in the sky, and a look of interest appeared in his eyes. He smiled and said, "I entered Fighting the emperor, but I lack a mount. If you surrender to me, I can protect you from the tai xu gu long clan. How about that?"


Hearing this, Zhukun did not answer. With a dragon mouth and a purple and gold beam of light, he shot the former fiercely with the power of destruction.

"Stubborn." Seeing this, Huntian Emperor could not help but shake his head and sleeve robe and wave it casually. The frightening beam of light burst into the sky, and its body moved like a ghost, appearing on the body of the dragon. The purple and gold dragon scales burst open with a tap of his foot. "The Dragon blood cascaded out of the wound.


The sudden sharp pain also caused candle kun's body to struggle violently. The huge body, which was full of strength and strength, broke the space every time it rolled.


Huntian Emperor's blood eyes were indifferent, and his feet stomped hard again. The huge dragon body, which was tens of thousands of feet in size, was kicked into the void directly by his foot, smashing a mountain range below into a sinking abyss.

Seeing that even candle kun had been defeated so easily by Huntian Emperor, many of the strong men in the coalition had a dark look in their eyes.

"Boring battle..."

Huntian Emperor's body "Returned to the Blood lotus. He glanced down at the countless faces of fear, slowly shaking his head, and then the Blood lotus carried him up into the air.

"This is the end of everything. I don't like the name Zhongzhou, so this area is ruined..."

Huntian Emperor raised his right hand gently and aimed it at the blood cloud that filled Zhongzhou. A grim look slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his hand swung violently!


With the wave of Huntian Emperor's hand, the thick blood cloud suddenly surged madly, causing the crazy energy to condense rapidly in it. In the blink of an eye, countless blood red flashes of lightning flashed in the blood cloud.

"Boom my concubine!"

As soon as these blood-colored lightning bolts filled with destructive power appeared, they bombarded the ground below Zhongzhou. Immediately, the entire Zhongzhou trembled at this moment, the ground burst open, and everyone who came to the Blood thunder, even those deep in the ground, was directly hit by that sound wave. It blew itself to death.

Around the alliance, without the protection of the defense shield, millions or even tens of millions of people were directly under the arrival of the Blood thunder, and all of them were blown out of their bodies. In an instant, around the alliance, there was a thick sea of blood, and countless people frantically fled to the alliance's headquarters. It was really the end of the day.


Gu Yuan looked at this scene with tears in his eyes. Many of the allied forces were hit by the Blood thunder, and without exception, the moment they were hit, their flesh and even their souls were transformed into the Blood fog.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

Looking at Zhongzhou, which was almost covered by a sea of blood, the blood in Huntian Emperor's eyes grew thicker and thicker. In the midst of all the blood and thunder, he looked up and laughed, as if he had stepped out of the land of asura to destroy the evil spirits of the world!

"The army is on the defensive!"

Gu Yuan shouted in a hoarse voice. With the arrival of the Blood thunder, the allied forces were almost dead and injured. It was unknown how many of the strong were killed. At this time, they could only continue to shrink their defenses and fight to death.

Zi Yan and the other girls looked at the sea of blood that filled their eyes. Abalone Teeth couldn't help but bite her lips. Even they couldn't help but feel desperate.

Cailin held Xiao Xiao tightly in his arms to prevent her from seeing the bloody slaughter.

"Mom, will daddy show up?" Xiao Xiao rested her face on the shoulders of the chiffon, her body trembling slightly.

"Xiao xiao is a good girl. Dad will definitely show up. He has to protect Xiao Xiao." Colorful scales patted Xiao Xiao on the back and said softly. However, just as her voice fell, she suddenly felt an extremely terrifying force burst out from the body in her arms. This power, almost in a short moment, was to push her away!

"Bang bang!"

When Xiao Xiao's breath suddenly rose, Xiao Zhan, Xiao Ding, Xiao Li and the others all rose an inch in an instant. Their breath, too, rose wildly at this moment!

"It's the power of the bloodline! Their bodies have been activated by the Fighting the emperor bloodline."

When Gu Yuan saw this scene, he was also shocked and immediately showed a look of ecstasy. Then he suddenly looked up and saw that in the middle of Void space, there was a sudden burst of beautiful flames. The flames slowly spread out and turned into a huge and incomparable flame cover that enveloped the heavenly palace alliance within a hundred thousand miles.


The Blood thunder pounded on the cover of the fire, but it was no longer able to show the previous kind of devastation. Instead, it was burned into nothingness in the tumbling flames.

The sky was filled with flames, and in the end, they turned into a figure covered in the flames of martyrdom.

Looking at the figure of the flame, even Gu Yuan and the others had a look of ecstasy on their faces.

"Xiao Yan, we've reached our limit. Next, it's up to you..."

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