Chapter 1623 The Battle of the Two Emperors! (2)

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"Unusual fire list 22, thousand beast spirit fire, return to the throne"

"Unusual fire list 21,..."


"Unusual fire list 19th, the flame of the heart of the earth of the Qing Lian, return to its position" a pale green flame gushed out from xiao yan's body and also rushed into a stone pillar.


Countless people stared at this spectacular scene with their mouths agape. With every sound of Xiao Yan's drink, there would be a Abnormal fire coming through the air from afar, finally obeying his orders and entering the stone pillar. It was as if Xiao Yan had become an emperor in flames.

It was such a magnificent sight that one was so excited that one's blood boiled. The feeling of supremacy of all things in the world, listening to my commands, made one feel incomparably revered and envied.

"Unusual fire list seventh, jiuyou jinzuhuo, return to the throne."

In the sky, Xiao Yan shouted again, and below Yanjin, his body suddenly trembled, golden flame, directly out of his control of the broken body, swept into the stone pillar.

The next few Abnormal fire, although owned by their owners, were all easily evacuated by Xiao Yan and shot into the stone pillars.

"Unusual fire list third, Pure Lotus Demon Fire, return to the throne"

Xiao Yan took a deep breath, and Xiao yi also flew out of his body, then shot into the stone pillar, a pink pillar of fire, straight into the sky.

At this moment, there were twenty-one Abnormal fire pillars of fire in the square of the strange fire. The momentum was truly earth-shattering.

Such a scene also made Huntian Emperor feel extremely shocked, faintly, he felt a sense of unease.

When the pure lotus Yaohuo shot into the pillar of fire, xiao yan's dazzling eyes also turned to Huntian Emperor. The handprint changed and he shouted coldly, "The second of the Unusual fire list, Xuwutunyan, return to your position."

As soon as the shout fell, Huntian Emperor's body suddenly shook. Xuwutunyan, who had been swallowed by him not long ago, showed signs of recovery.


Huntian Emperor had some fear in his heart. He could feel that if Xiao Yan had really gathered all the Abnormal fire together, the attack would have been enough to defeat them. Therefore, Xuwutunyan must not have been summoned away by him. At that moment, his mind moved and he hurriedly resisted the summoning power from Xiao Yan's body.

"You actually swallowed Xuwutunyan. You're really ruthless!"

Sensing the waves coming from Huntian Emperor's body, Xiao Yan's eyes flashed with surprise as well. He immediately laughed coldly and suddenly shouted, "Xuwutunyan, if you don't come out now, when will you wait?"


Xiao Yan's voice fell, and Huntian Emperor's body suddenly trembled, a black flame, finally broke out, and finally rushed out quickly, turning into a figure on the square of fighting spirit.

"Huntian Emperor, if you want to swallow this seat, then this seat will pull you as a cushion even if it dies."

The nothingness appeared, and his eyes stared ferociously at Huntian Emperor. Then he suddenly turned and looked at Xiao Yan. His fierce eyes became a little strange, and he could feel the pressure from Xiao Yan's body.

"Emperor Xiao Yan, haha, you have the ability to summon the world's Wan Huo. Today, I will listen to your orders."

Xuwutunyan laughed with an ugly face, and then, under Huntian Emperor's steely eyes, he rushed into the last stone pillar.


As Xuwutunyan swept into the last stone pillar, a black pillar of fire. It also rose up into the sky, and the twenty-two pillars of fire slowly shifted and finally condensed in mid-air. At the place where the flames mingled, a colorful ancient ruler actually condensed out.

"Abnormal fire forever ruler"

When Gu Yuan and the others saw the ancient ruler wrapped in a brilliant flame, their eyes suddenly shrank and their voices became shrill from shock.

"That legendary Abnormal fire, the eternal ruler, actually appeared like this," Zhukun muttered, staring blankly at the scene. This was a mysterious thing that only existed in ancient times. Even those ancient strong people were rarely seen...

"Sacrifice to the Blood blade again."

At this moment, a look of horror welled up in the eyes of sou tian de, and his voice immediately screamed in a mournful and violent voice.

Hearing his voice, this time, there was a commotion in the army of the soul race, but not many people flew out.


Seeing this scene, Huntian Emperor's eyes flashed with anger, his arms waved, and the Blood blade tore through the void, charging directly into the army of the soul race. Blood flashed, and countless heads flew up. In a few short blink of an eye, there were only seven or eight out of ten people left in that army, the rest of them. He also looked at Huntian Emperor with fear, his face pale.

Having absorbed the blood of so many powerful people, the Blood blade looked at the world with its eyes as if they had grown a pair of blood.

"Even my own people are willing to do this. The word" beast" is really worthy of you." Xiao Yan looked at Huntian Emperor's behavior with a cold face, and his voice had some disdain. This kind of person really looked too disdainful.

"If I am the winner today, you will bear the brunt of his infamous reputation."

Huntian Emperor looked up at the sky and laughed madly. He immediately spat out another mouthful of blood. He grabbed the Blood blade with a sharp blade and cut the palm of its hand.


Huntian Emperor's hair was covered in blood and his face was frighteningly ferocious. He stepped across the void and the Blood blade in his hand suddenly swelled. His figure appeared directly above Special fire plaza. The Blood blade turned into blood and pierced through the void. Under the gaze of countless eyes, he shot at Xiao Yan violently.

Looking at the Blood blade that contained endless danger, Xiao Yan's face was also unusually solemn. He breathed out a deep breath of wind and thunder, and with a grip of his hand, the ancient ruler formed by the twenty-two Abnormal fire fell into his hand, and with a step, the gorgeous flame ancient ruler was tearing through the space with endless and terrifying power. It landed hard on the blood awn.


A terrible storm swept through the sky in a frenzy. The Heavenly mansion alliance's shield was ripped apart almost instantaneously, and all of them were blown away. As for the location of the star world, along with the meteorite, it exploded into powder at this moment.

The terrible storm, even Special fire plaza, which was floating in the sky, crashed to the ground, and finally smashed into a huge abyss about 100,000 miles above it.

In the sky, people with the ability to fly appeared almost quickly in the sky around the abyss, and their eyes quickly shot into the abyss. Everyone knew that this time, it was a battle between the two of them.

Countless gazes converged on Special fire plaza, where two blood-covered, wretched figures struggled to get up, and the two of them fought against the emperor, which had also been deciphered in the previous fierce battle.

"Haha, Xiao Yan, even if you can beat me today, you can't kill me. If I recover later, I need you to pay the price of blood."

Huntian Emperor struggled to get up, then shook his body and soared into the air. A wave of weak feeling came out of his body. His eyes were ferocious and unwilling to look down at Xiao Yan.


Xiao Yan coughed violently. His face was as white as paper, and blood was gushing out of his mouth. This blood fight was too cruel, but no matter what he said today, he must not let the tiger return to the mountain.

"Hehe, how could I let you go..."

Wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, a strange smile appeared on Xiao Yan's face. Special fire plaza, slowly ascended into the air, while Xiao Yan's body suddenly burst into a brilliant fire, and with the appearance of this brilliant fire, the square suddenly trembled, in the middle of the square. Yet another pillar of brightly colored stone rose.

Looking at the stone pillar, a smile appeared on Xiao Yan's pale face. His body trembled and burned at this moment.

"Ignite the body of Fighting the emperor, Xiao Yan, you want to die!"

Seeing Xiao Yan's actions, Huntian Emperor was shocked and paled. If Fighting the emperor's body was ignited, it would take at least hundreds of years or more before it could be trained again. Sometimes, it could not be successfully trained again. The price would be extremely heavy.

Xiao Yan smiled calmly at his harsh drink, and the flames on his body grew thicker and thicker.


"Emperor yan's righteousness"

Throughout the world, the countless people seemed to know Xiao Yan's desperate act. On the ground, they knelt down and fell into a sea of people.

"I'm the Abnormal fire, sealing you off for thousands of years. Huntian Emperor, the scourge of the mainland, this is the end!"

Xiao Yan's body was completely transformed into a brilliant flame, and under this flame, the other Abnormal fire in Special fire plaza were all slightly dim, making a low humming sound, as if they were seeing an emperor's subjects.

As soon as the flame took shape, it was swept into the last stone pillar. Immediately, twenty-three fire pillars gathered, forming an unusually mysterious array above Special fire plaza.

But when he saw the flame array, Huntian Emperor's face turned pale. From there, he sensed the breath of death and hurriedly retreated.


However, as soon as he retreated, the huge Special fire plaza appeared directly below him through the void. The array swept and sucked Huntian Emperor into it.

"Boom! Boom!"

"The thousand year plan of my soul race has completely defeated you, Xiao Yan. I am not willing, I am not willing!"

Under the gaze of countless eyes, the formation turned into a thick line of fire, wrapped around Huntian Emperor's body, and its body, was actually wrapped in the line of fire, quickly melted, and finally turned into a group of soul light, and at this moment, Huntian Emperor's shrill roar, was also rumbling in the sky and earth.

As soon as the ball of light appeared, the line of fire turned into a huge cocoon. The cocoon took shape, then slowly fell onto Special fire plaza, and finally slowly sank into the deep part of the square. And the mysterious lines of fire wrapped the whole square like a seal.

On the ground, countless people looked at the cocoon of fire that was suppressed in Special fire plaza, their bodies could not help but tremble. For more than half a year, it was like the end of the world, and today, they were finally freed.

"Did it work?"

Hearing the earth-shattering cheers from above Zhongzhou, Gu Yuan and the others also looked sluggish. Staring blankly at Special fire plaza floating in the sky, this catastrophe, Was he finally stopped?

"We... Succeeded..."

A moment later, the dullness on their faces gradually turned into ecstasy. Gu Yuan and the others looked at each other and were in a great mood. They could not help but laugh. This time, they laughed so recklessly.

"Xiao Yan..."

Xun er and Cailin, on the other hand, stared at the Special fire plaza in a daze. After a moment, they were like crazy and hurriedly plundered towards Special fire plaza.

When the two arrived at the square, they only saw a strange pillar of fire, and their eyes immediately froze on a beautiful pillar of fire in the middle of the place, but there was no imaginary figure standing there. For a moment, the two women were like being struck by lightning, their pretty faces were miserable and colorless, and the tears could not stop.


When the two women were in a state of grief, a weak cough suddenly sounded, and a flame rose from the pillar of fire, and a slightly illusory figure appeared in front of them.

"I'm not dead yet. I'm just destroying my body. I just need to practice one more time..." Xiao Yan looked at the two women with a pale face and smiled weakly.

Just as Xiao Yan's laughter fell, two beautiful shadows flew towards him and crashed directly into his arms.

"Don't be a hero next time..." Sobbing, I don't know who complained like this.

"If we don't do it, this continent will be destroyed..." Xiao Yan sighed in his heart and nodded with a smile, "This is the last time..."

As he spoke, Xiao Yan's eyes took a look at the center of Special fire plaza, where the soul of a Fighting the emperor was sealed, where he would be gradually refined by the Abnormal fire in the dark...

The war was brutal, but fortunately, he won...

Looking at the devastated Zhongzhou, Xiao Yan smiled, a feeling of relief that he had never felt before, spreading from the depths of his soul.

"We can finally rest..."

On Special fire plaza, Xiao Yan held the two girls in his arms, but his eyes slowly closed.

For all sorts of reasons, I have worked hard for so many years, but it seems that the results I have achieved in the end are quite good...

"Emperor yan, Xiao Yan..."

Xiao Yan smiled and muttered to himself, "Ancestor Xiao Xuan, I did what you didn't do..."

(12,000 Words, one day, four chapters. Of course, it's not complete yet. There are still some more to come, but it's the end of the story. I can't do it anymore. I have to write it tomorrow.)

In any case, it was really the end. The young man who left Wutan city in the past had also become the most powerful man in The land of fighting spirit. It was really gratifying that his efforts had been rewarded because he had protected the people he wanted to protect.