Chapter 956. Boss Fang Brought Back A New Game from China?

As the new year drew near, a dusty figure pushed open the door and walked into the shop, shaking off the snow covered with cloaks. The shop had always been so lively, even in the cold winter, it was still popular. On the screen, there were all kinds of games. "Hero alliance,"" legend,"" legend of the immortal sword,"" romance of the sword," etc." A slender figure in white sat very conspicuously near the counter, wearing a virtual instrument, and was concentrating on the game." Webmaster! Webmaster! Have a cup of cappuccino." A burst of shouting and drinking did not seem to notice the arrival of someone behind him. The scene on the screen was ancient." Three swords!" In the middle of the screen, a little girl in green, who was less than half the height of someone else's waist, jumped up and down on the union channel with a" plain Elder Master Da" id." Xiaoyue, can you help me see if this looks good in white or red?"" Also, this new appearance box, as long as it's 888 Spirit crystal, should I grab the black one or the blue one?"" How old are you? You look good every day, and you play with a loli to fool people about being young. How shameless are you?" On the guild channel, a member of the guild whose id was" master nalan" was immediately dissatisfied." Really?!" In the internet cafe, behind Su Tianji's seat, the young man who had just entered nodded repeatedly. Then he saw Su Tianji open the details of" master nalan." A man who had just reached his waist came into view. Fang Qi:" woge..." Just two steps later, she saw a cute little loli, who was manipulating a cold imperial sister on the screen. She was a little cold, and then shot out like a dragon." Elder Master Su, pk!"" Poof!" Boss Fang almost spat blood on the screen and coughed twice." Are you all there?"" Ouch! Who is it?!" The disturbed little loli turned her head unhappily."..." A pair of beautiful big eyes immediately widened." Yah-!" The surprise was like a frightened hamster." Boss!"" Boss?" All of a sudden, several heads popped out to look," where?! Where?!" Boss Fang covered his forehead and saw a group of old salted fish, all of them staying in the internet cafe."..." There was also a little lolita, a little smaller than Jiang Xiaoyue in a black dress, standing behind Jiang Xiaoyue and staring at boss Fang with a wary face." Eh?" Boss Fang looked over curiously." Why is there another one?" She immediately saw little loli huddle behind Jiang Xiaoyue." This one... Ah no!" Jiang Xiaoyue's eyes darkened, and he quickly shut up, almost being led astray by boss fang." This is my sister, hee hee! Her name is jiang xiaoyu." Do you remember that big ball of light?! Right, that one!" And this one!" Boss Fang reached out his hand and was about to touch his head when a small hand stopped him on the spot. He hid behind Jiang Xiaoyue with a fierce look on his face." Boss, xiaoyu is very afraid of strangers! Don't scare them!" Su Tianji glared at him." Really?" Boss Fang took a look." Get me two bags of chips!" Boss Fang approached with two boxes of chili chips. Before the chips were handed out, they were immediately taken away by two small hands." Ahhh!" Boss Fang regained his senses." You told me this is called being afraid of strangers?!"" Er..."... There was a loli in the store, but it didn't matter. It was quiet when xiaoyu ate snacks. Of course, boss Fang didn't have to touch her head. The trashy boss had a dream. A few people sat on the sofa and chatted. While drinking cappuccino, it was very harmonious. The biggest gain in this industry should be an understanding of the whole world. Of course, these people were obviously not interested in these things. What they were most interested in was that one day they could go to what boss fang called" huaxia."" Boss, where is the' huaxia' you're talking about?" Su Tianji asked," why hasn't this elder heard of it?"" Exactly!" Jiang Xiaoyue said," I'm sure the boss hasn't been there either, so he will take the legendary things and fool us!"" How is that possible?!" Boss Fang said righteously." Speaking of huaxia, we have to talk about the new game that our store is planning to launch recently." Boss Fang said," this is the most popular game in china a while ago. It's made in china. It's the latest game." Boss Fang was holding a black box with a strange spark pattern on it." Dream fu qianqiu xingchuye ancient sword qitan san!"" Huh?!" Everyone's eyes lit up." What is this?!"" What kind of game is this?!"" The ancient sword?" Everyone look at me, I look at you," why haven't you heard of it?! It's only three in huaxia?!"" What about one and two?!" The crowd immediately looked like" boss, are you hiding something?"" yah-!" Jiang Xiaoyue suddenly exclaimed, and her beautiful eyes rolled around as if thinking of something." Boss, did you finish playing one, two, and three of this' ancient sword mirage' by yourself before you brought it to us to play?"" What the hell?!" The others looked at boss Fang with disdain." Boss, you eat your own food!"" Play for me!"" I want to play!"" How much is this?!" One by one, they seemed to be afraid that sending money to boss fang would be too slow. Boss Fang: ..." Boss Fang's face darkened." Don't make a scene. My boss has gone through a lot of trouble and difficulties to get you the latest game from huaxia. He still blames me?"" Now that the three swords are officially released, only Spirit crystal 99 can activate it!"" Also, a new version of the Dungeon and warrior will be opened during the new year! A new gift bag, a new boss, the king of hebron, and the Luke foundation!"" Ouch!" Su Tianji's eyes darkened. He touched his pocket and almost fainted." This elder's budget for this month has been used to buy looks..."" Give me a copy of" dream fu qianqiu xingchuye ancient sword qitan san" first!" Nalan Hongwu decided to forget it. Why did he feel that his granddaughter had made so much money from the palm game and still felt a little inadequate? Illusion, it must be an illusion! At this time, the whole group had already exploded. Western continent main store, A group of elves held a new Messenger jade in their hands and looked at the chat group." Elder!"" Your majesty! The boss is back with a new game that just came out of huaxia a while ago!" Three ancient swords!"" Let's go! Let's go to the internet café. Let's go to the internet café!" Please remember the domain name of the book:. Com