The Man in Yellow

The Lulsk advanced magic academy sky was shrouded in dark clouds, and light rain fell from the sky. The Primary crystal, which received the signal from the tree of the world, was still running, projecting images from Hearthstone tavern onto the wall behind them. "The main purpose of this program is to collect questions from the users of the Spellcaster forum and then ask them to answer. Of course, there is no need to answer. You can refuse." In the picture, Tai Lin picked up the piece of paper on the table, glanced at the lines on it, and first looked at Bei er, who was sitting opposite him. At this moment, the three people sitting in Silent hall were able to enter the camera." The first question was raised by a Thunder crystal user." After glancing at the question in the script, Tai Lin's expression changed subtly. It was a' gossipy' expression that every woman would have. The Frost fairy was very polite to almost everyone in Hearthstone tavern, but only liked to bully Enoch, and was no exception in interviews." That's a very sharp question, Enoch. Do you have a partner?"..." Enoch blushed even though he was prepared to be asked such a sensitive question in public. In the end, he had to cover his face with his hands to hide the blush on his face." No... No!" When enoch gave this answer, Cheers were heard throughout Magic arena, mostly from boys. But girls were also among them." I see. What kind of person do you like, Enoch?" Tai Lin asked another question that Enoch could not answer. Perhaps it was an illusion. When tai lin asked this question, the sound in the arena suddenly disappeared. The thundering unicorn in front of the grandstand in Magic arena snorted several times before breaking the silence. Its owner reached out and stroked the thunder unicorn's hair, barely calming it down. After the Croat Hill academy chief appeased the unicorn, the servant who came with her dared to approach her cautiously." Miss... Miss, I remember that Thunder crystal is your name on the Thunder crystal."" The name I used in the Spellcaster forum was correct, but I wasn't the one who asked the question." The head of the Croat Hill academy turned her eyes to the sky. She stroked her long orange hair, which covered her right eye, and narrowed her eyes to catch the dark shadows in the sky, which were interwoven by thunder and dark clouds. It was a human wearing a yellow robe. The color of the robe was very dim, but the light gold inscription on the surface was clearly visible. The man walked down slowly in mid-air, as if there was a staircase beneath his feet that could not be captured by the naked eye. In the picture projected by the Primary crystal, Enoch was still hesitating and did not know how to answer, while the students in Magic arena looked at the" beauty"'s shy appearance, and they were all looking forward to Enoch's answer. Unfortunately, their expectations were destined to be interrupted by thunder in the sky... The figure of the man in yellow slowly came to the stand where Croat Hill academy's chief executive was. When her servant saw the man in yellow, he had already lowered his head and looked extremely frightened." Sofina, this is the first time you've slipped out of my class!" The old voice came from under the dim yellow robe. He called out the Croat Hill academy's chief name and looked down at the little girl standing next to the thunder unicorn." It's the third time, Mr. Crow Hill." Sofina looked fearlessly at the old man standing in the air and said his name aloud. When the people in the stands heard the name, they were in no mood to continue paying attention to Bei er, the type of boy that the beauty liked. Especially those students from the Croat Hill academy next door, who almost hugged their heads and wanted to find a place to hide. Some students who knew how to conceal magic began to cast their spells, but in front of the existence in midair, their spells were not even small tricks. Before them was one of Nolan's seven A wise man, who controlled the world's most powerful thunder system magic, the yellow robed Crow Hill! For the students from the Croat Hill academy, the current situation was no less than those students on earth climbing over the wall to the internet cafe, and the principal found the door so scary! Fortunately, the' principal' only paid attention to one person, Sofina Carle Shilov, the chief Croat Hill academy officer at the front of the stands." The first was for the prince of A country of steel's ball, and the second was for Faroshi residence, a party called the premiere of" the devil is not too cold." Sofina looked at the holder of Nolan's highest authority without fear, and with a smile on his face, he generously told the teacher why he'skipped class'." And this time, the reason I came to this academy was to watch a ceremony called an interview."" Sofina, I've given you enough time to play around! With your progress today, it's enough to awaken two more inscriptions! This is my expectation and your father's expectation." The voice of the man in yellow could not detect anger, but it was full of authority that one could not refuse." But that's not what I expected, mentor... The awakening of the inscription can continue in the future, but this interview is only once." When Sofina said this, his eyes crossed the yellow shirt and looked behind the screen of the movie. Enoch had already answered," what kind of person do you like?" But what made Sofina a little nervous was that she didn't hear what Bei er said at all because she was talking to the teacher!" It's these things again, Sofina! I've warned you to stay away from the confetti made by these troupes!" The yellow-robed man noticed that his students were staring at the Primary crystal screen behind him. Time has made the yellow clothed man less easily controlled by anger than he was when he was young, but now he must leave with his disciples! The thunder unicorn next to Sofina once again became extremely uneasy because it sensed a threat from the man in yellow, and A wise man did not seem to plan to use words to dissuade the disobedient student. The moment the electric arc bloomed on the yellow clothed man's hand, an owl suddenly landed on the yellow clothed man's shoulder." Crow Hill... Didn't you have a good time talking to me yesterday about what you call' paper scraps'?" An old man in a dirty robe slowly walked to Sofina's side. The old man looked up at the man in yellow in the sky. The owl on the man's shoulder made a cooing sound, and then flew to the old man's shoulder again." Ruersk!" The man in yellow called out the name of another A wise man in Nolan. All the students around them were silent. Two of the seven A wise man, who were at the peak of Nolan and even at the peak of human magic, now appeared here. This scene was enough for them to paint a picture, although to those who did not know the truth, it was just two bad old men looking at each other affectionately." Why don't you be lazy today? The post you discussed with me yesterday about the appreciation of beauty and the devil hasn't been finished yet." The grey clothed man took out a few wriggling yellow mealworms from his long sleeves and fed them to the appreciative owl, saying in a very calm tone... Not only did Sofina, the chief apprentice of the yellow robed man, be shocked, but it was also a rumor that other students could not believe." Mentor, you watch... Movies too?" Sofina, who had maintained a calm expression, had been replaced by an indescribable complex expression." Not really. I was working with him on the magic of the chaos demon, so I gave the Primary crystal that carried those images to your mentor, but this guy still cried out unhappily,' this story doesn't make sense' and' it's too fake' after reading it." The grey man said in a meaningful tone