Chapter 466 A Troubled Past

The queen of doom! When these four words came out, the whole room was quiet. There was a chill in everyone's heart, and they wanted to run away immediately. A few people, despite their fear, had hatred in their eyes... "Long Shier, I'm going to kill you..." Tang long was furious and struggled to get up. In the face of Tang Long's anger, Long Shier smiled disdainfully and said calmly," young master Long, twelve will go back to your punishment, but not now." As he spoke, a strangely shaped, flute-like instrument appeared in Long Shier's hand. He placed it on his mouth and gently blew it. Tang Long actually felt as if his body had been invaded by something, and then his limbs stiffened, followed by a confused brain." Watch young master Long." Long Shier gave an indifferent order, and immediately two Star council men jumped from the sea to the ring, one left and one right to defend the stiff Tang Long. At this time, long 12 looked at the captain with a smile." Dear captain, do you understand now? The Star council does not mean to provoke Port of darkness. Instead, they are helping you solve the problem." At this point, Long Shier's expression became mysterious. Instead of looking at the captain, the sun shone on everyone." I'm sure everyone knows what the word'doom'means. The Star council will clean up the mess. You can go and stay as you please..." In a short moment, the Star council turned the tables, all because the identity of the other side was revealed to be the queen of misfortune. Why is a title so powerful? The captain of Port of darkness was in shock, and so many of the higher-ups in the room agreed with the Star council. Because the word" misfortune" concerns the two tragic memories of this era. Some people call these two events the most painful events that happened to human beings after the catastrophes, but this is not an exaggeration. Because the owners of these two events, the title is - disaster! What is disaster? To put it simply, a person with a'distress gene chain'. And what is the distress gene chain? In fact, it does not refer to a gene chain in general, but a gene chain that can cause large-scale damage to humans, which can be called a distress gene chain. For example, the first person to be called a troublemaker was a 16-year-old boy whose genetic talent was to be able to control a group of mice. The rodents carried a deadly virus to humans, which made people think unfriendly of a dark era in the pre-civilization of Guangming island, where plague was rampant and almost took away a third of the population of Guangming island. How terrible! However, the little boy's character was very distorted, which was said to have a great relationship with his unfortunate childhood experience. After he destroyed six safe villages, a safe zone, and a third of the population in a safe city. The human race sent experts to encircle the little boy. After paying a heavy price, they killed him completely. This disaster happened 50 years ago in the Zi Yue era, which was the time when people had just entered the era of the Zi Yue 50 years ago... At that time, people came to breathe. The order had just been established and the population had finally grown steadily... As a result, nearly 300,000 people died. How can this history not be painful?! Besides, this was a killing caused by one person, and the root of this killing was the little boy's innate ability. People remembered this tragedy and for the first time called this innate ability to target their race - doom! As a result, a large-scale investigation of the gene chain was launched. But how could such a heaven defying genetic chain be common? After that investigation, no such dangerous gene chain was found. Therefore, this matter was gradually forgotten. Who would have thought that forty years later, the second owner of the distress gene chain appeared. This time, the owner of the disaster gene chain was a little girl, known as the red queen - Alice. Her ability was even more terrifying than that nameless little boy before her. She was able to manipulate a fungus that was not a demonic fungus that turned people into corpses. But compared to the devil fungus, it was no less terrifying. Because the fungus could invade the brain of a living person, it could manipulate a living person after the invasion, making the living person look like a mantis controlled by iron worms in a pre-civilization, or a zombie ant controlled by a certain fungus. What was even more terrifying was that these people were manipulated, but they were able to maintain some of their abilities in their lifetime. There was no need to elaborate on how this gift was so heavenly. The funny thing is, Alice is a twisted girl like that nameless boy. It was said that life had also destroyed her character. It was an earth-shattering disaster! People could hardly resist such a little girl. In this disaster, mankind lost nearly a million people. Finally, a scientist risked her life to discover Alice's weakness. The fungus she manipulated was afraid of the low temperature. As long as the temperature was below - 152 degrees celsius, Alice's fungi would no longer be active. It was important to know that even though the fungus could be killed by high temperatures, if it could not form a blockade, Alice could retaliate with just the slightest chance. But if it loses its activity... In short, the final result was the discovery of this, followed by a high level ice attribute Zi Yue warrior, coupled with a super-technology weapon from the dream world, to create such a low temperature space, before killing Alice completely. This was the second disaster. In fact, both the nameless boy and Alice had something in common: a twisted personality, an unhappy childhood. Another common trait - amazing looks. The older generation who had seen that nameless boy would say this: "I've never seen a boy so angelic. No, I can't even tell if he's a boy or a girl. His face has the advantages of two genders. His eyes are as transparent as a lake blue. It makes people want to immerse themselves in it. You don't think he's a devil."" Even when you kill him in the end, you won't have the heart to do it. You always feel like you're doing something evil." As for Alice, he had met many more people. To Alice, the saying goes," her face is so innocent and heartbreaking. She stands there and makes people feel ashamed. In the end, before she is destroyed, she becomes an ice sculpture. But that ice sculpture is definitely the most perfect artwork in the world."" If the disaster hadn't been too painful, no one would have wanted to destroy the ice sculpture. That's what she looked like. She grew up in people's hearts and was the ideal human appearance." Yes, the owner of the distress gene chain seems to have some kind of destiny, unable to break free. When they were young, they would have the ability to destroy the world. They were all twisted and had unfortunate lives. They brought disaster, but they had a perfect face... It was like a kind of black humor, but also a kind of ridicule from heaven. Therefore, people will fear the other side and even hate the other side. But when she looked at her face, she couldn't help but indulge in it, thinking that it was the most perfect masterpiece of heaven. In that case, shouldn't it have occurred to you that someone with such a charming face should be the owner of the disaster gene chain? But it would be ridiculous to judge by this alone. In any case, it was time for the Star council to clean up the mess and explain to the world why they took in the owner of the disaster gene chain. There was no way people could get involved in this, including Port of darkness. Because Long Shier only announced that the other side was the queen of distress, but did not explain what the queen's genetic chain talent was? This means that other than the Star council, no major force has the confidence to deal with the other side.**" Captain, it's time for you to leave." Long Shier urged the captain again. What a hindrance. Tang Ling's body must be brought back, and Tang Long must be brought back as well. This must be done as soon as possible. The other side still ignored everything and just sat there quietly, holding Tang Ling's body. At this time, as long as no one touches Tang Ling, everything in the world has nothing to do with her." Don't do it without your permission. I need proof." The captain, who was in shock and uncertainty, retreated. If the other side was really the owner of the disaster gene chain, the disastrous consequences would not be borne by a small captain. Long Shier sneered at the idea of not doing anything without permission. After the captain retreated, he looked to the other side." Queen, please hand over tang ling." The other bank gave Long Shier a cold look, and his dark eyes once again shone with silver light. But Long Shier did not show the slightest fear, because his great master seemed to have foreseen all this and sent him a precious thing two days ago. At that time, Long Shier still did not know what the master meant. It was not until he had just answered the phone and heard all the master's orders and arrangements that Long Shier sighed in his heart that the master's greatness could not be matched in a hundred years." Hand it over. I'm not as patient as the captain." Long Shier's expression turned cold. At the same time, he took out a metal rod from his arms. The rod itself looked very ordinary, but there was a tricolored gem at the top, making it gorgeous and mysterious immediately." Get out of here." The tone on the other side was cold, but at this time, a whirlwind appeared around her again. This time, the whirlwind was covered in a mysterious silver, full of inexplicable danger. Long Shier's face also showed a little fear. He didn't even know if he had been" tricked" by now. However, the stick in his hand that resembled the Magic stick gave him great confidence. He just smiled coldly and cruelly, then injected a trace of mental strength and waved the stick in his hand..