Chapter 467 Heartbeat

Actually, Long Shier's actions were a little funny. In the era of the Zi Yue, force is paramount and technology is the pursuit of people. Waving a stick that looked like a Magic stick, it looked like it was about to cast some kind of magic, which made people laugh. But no one could smile. Because Long Shier only waved the stick twice, the other bank actually frowned and covered his forehead with his hands... It could be seen that the other bank was trying to resist something, but it could also be seen that the other bank was having a splitting headache. After all, there were many experts on the scene, and even from a distance, they could see that the other bank's face was covered in sweat. "Let go." Long Shier walked to the other side step by step, his voice no longer warm and friendly as usual, but a strange coldness. The other bank did not speak, but shook his head desperately and hugged Tang Ling with both hands. I can't let go. Even if Tang Ling is dead, I can't let go of him. I have to protect him. There was always a bad feeling in their hearts. If they allowed them to take Tang Ling's body, everything would be doomed. "Aren't you going to do it?" Jian fei looked at the scene and asked number one beside him. "Nonsense." Number one only said two words to Jian fei. But Jian fei understood that these two words did not mean' nonsense, we must make a move', but' nonsense, it's not our turn to make a move'. Perhaps it was no. 1's attitude that upset Jian fei. He glared at no. 1 and said, "Are you sure it's time? Are you sure the other side can hold on?" Jian fei stared at the'Magic stick' in Long Shier's hand as he spoke, his eyes filled with anger and heaviness. Thinking about it, he looked at no. 1 sarcastically, "Layout! The so-called layout that you inherited! Is this how it's done? Haven't you noticed that the Star council already has a special way to control the other side? This is a disaster!" "Not exactly. I need to observe something." No. 1 waved her hand and gave Jian fei an ambiguous answer. Jian fei choked and laughed coldly, "That's right. Why should I be so anxious? I had no position at all." ** "Let me go." Hanxing was roaring in a low voice, and next to Hanxing, two people who were obviously from Holy tree city held Hanxing in tight control. Despite Hanxing's struggle and Hanxing's red eyes, there was nothing he could do about it. Dead?! Dying so easily? Dying so suddenly? As if in a dream, I can't accept this fact at all! But the truth is the truth. As Tang Ling's friend, shouldn't the person who had made up his mind to follow him do something in the end? It was like protecting the other side that Tang Ling cared so much about, like guarding Tang Ling's body, so that he could be buried safely... Hanxing was not stupid. Would it be easy for the Star council to take away Tang Ling's body even if they were to reveal that there was a genetic chain of distress on the other side? "Calm down, master han. We've done everything we can to help you... At least, you can still watch the situation unfold." One of the men who stopped Hanxing said so. "Yes, master han, otherwise, it's the best way to deal with it like your friend's elders. Please don't make it difficult for us." The other one answered. Friends, naturally referred to as Luo family siblings. At the moment of Tang Ling's death, Gudao suddenly appeared and knocked them out. Hanxing saw with his own eyes the tears that flowed from the corner of luo xin's eyes the moment he fell to the ground. It's so sad! So cold and heartless? These so-called elders! Just like Gudao knew Tang Ling and boss Huang's friend, so cold and heartless! Where's boss Huang again? Why don't you help Tang Ling? But he had no choice. He couldn't be knocked out. He wanted to watch... As a man, he knew his brother for a day, and he was a brother for the rest of his life! At least look at how these people ended this cruelly, and he, han xing, will seek justice for his brother in the future. Hanxing looked at the ring and almost bit his teeth out of blood! Because Long Shier was still pressing on, the whirlwind around the other side of the bank was about to dissipate. The fingers holding Tang Ling's clothes on the other side almost oozed blood from his nails. "Ah, the other side..." Long Shier had already reached the other side, but he did not dare to approach the whirlwind around him. So he stopped before the whirlwind. "Can't you let go yourself? If you compromise, you are still the queen of the Star council, and you will be above and below everyone! Even if your identity as the queen of misfortune is exposed, the Star council will still be able to protect you. You should believe it." He tried to persuade the other side. According to the master, this secret weapon should not be used too much now. The core of the weapon is very precious. The other bank looked up at Long Shier with disgust and disgust in his eyes. She did not expect Long Shier to hide so deeply, but she did not care about it. She had to protect Tang Ling, which had become her belief. "Let go." Long Shier's tone turned cold again. On the other side, he just hugged Tang Ling and a drop of sweat fell on Tang Ling's lapel. "Hand it over!" Long Shier looked around a little irritably and finally shook the'Magic stick' in his hand again! "Mmm." A much greater pain than before immediately swept across the shore, and she felt as if something had been buried deep inside her brain, shaking violently in her brain. The shaking tugged at the rich neural network in her brain, causing intense pain. It dazzled her brain again, making her feel like the world was spinning around and her will was being swallowed up little by little. But her other hand held Tang Ling's hand tightly. Although Tang Ling's hand had gradually become cold and stiff, it still seemed to be transmitting power to her... "No." The other side replied stubbornly. "Hehe..." Long Shier stopped talking and just sneered, shaking the Magic stick in his hands. Because of the great pain, the other bank began to groan, and the body holding Tang Ling began to crumble. Protect him, you must protect him! Blood dripped from her eyes and nose on the other side of the river. Only when she was in such pain did she realize how much pain the stick had caused her in the shaking process was so great that it even exceeded the wooden punishment room... The sharp increase in the pressure on her skull was like a rope wrapped around her head, constantly tightening it. So, her beautiful eyes were bloodshot, and the blood that flowed out of her nostrils changed from drop to drop, falling straight down... But I don't know what kind of willpower it was that made her hold on to Tang Ling like this, let her barely control her own strength, and protect this small safe corner. Even though they knew that the other side was the queen of misfortune, some people could no longer bear to watch and turned their heads away... There are more people with heavy hearts! The Star council is showing off their weapons! Telling the world that they can control the queen of distress... "Still not compromised?" Long Shier was angry, and his other hand was on the Magic stick, holding the tri-colored gem on the Magic stick. If you must, don't use this move easily. It is the master's clear order. Just as the master had clearly instructed him to control Tang Long, Tang Long's heart had been'tainted' and turned him into a' puppet'. But at this point, do we still need to use this move? Long Shier's eyes were filled with anger. He wanted to do his master's bidding perfectly... Tang Long was still in a daze on the stage, not knowing what he sensed, and tears were welling up in his eyes. When dragon 12 put his hand on the stone, Tang Long, who was originally controlled in the corner of the ring, trembled violently. It looked like he was struggling. Long Shier took a mocking look at Tang Long. He was indeed a genius. What a hassle. But he was no longer in his care. Thinking about it, Long Shier still twisted the Magic stick gem, which may require a lot of strength, and Long Shier twisted very slowly. However, as he twisted every inch of his way, there would be a cry of pain on the other bank. The wind around her finally began to become scattered and thin... At this moment, the Silver fox tattooed eyes lit up again on the trembling Tang Long. Tang Long gave a wild roar and pounced on Long Shier. All of this happened too fast, and Tang Long's sudden burst of power carried an unparalleled horror, like an ancient behemoth that suddenly stood up and began to roar and reveal its fangs... To the extent that the two fourth tier Zi Yue warriors who watched him by his side were caught off guard, they could only watch Tang Long pounce on Long Shier. Long Shier was completely unprepared. He did not expect tang long to make such a strong counterattack. He was immediately thrown to the ground by Tang Long. The Magic stick in his hand almost fell out, but he reacted quickly and grabbed the Magic stick in his hand again. "You want to die!" Long Shier was so angry that his eyes turned into an absolutely abnormal red color. At that moment, an unbelievable force erupted and he flung Tang Long away. Then the other hand holding the weird flute sent the weird flute to its mouth and made a sharp sound. Tang Long was thrown to the ground. With the shrill whistle of the flute, his chest began to rise and fall violently, and his whole body began to tremble violently... But his mysterious and sudden outburst finally gave the other side a chance. On the other side of the shore, the originally scattered whirlwind gathered again and swept towards Long Shier. "Oh no!" Long Shier let out a cry in his heart, but at this moment, he suddenly protected the magic stick in a strange position, which was his abdomen, and then he curled up... Then, Long Shier was surrounded by a whirlwind! The feeling in people's hearts suddenly became complicated and frightened. What was complicated was that they instinctively didn't want Long Shier to succeed. What was frightening was that the queen of misfortune had lost control, so... However, this situation lasted less than two seconds, and an arm stretched out in the whirlwind. The arm was all green and gray, with diamond scales on it. The arm held the Magic stick and began to shake violently... The other bank immediately groaned in agony again, and the whirlwind that had enveloped Long Shier began to become extremely unstable and thin... In such a thin whirlwind, people were stunned to see a monster with wings like moths standing in the whirlwind. That's Long Shier? What is Long Shier? People's mood began to shake violently. But how could the twelve dragons be afraid of anything else at this time? Behind him, he began to twist the Magic stick's stone quickly. At this moment, a huge shadow appeared under the ring! What's that? Someone stood up immediately and the next moment saw the shadow break out of the water. It was a level seven beast - the deep sea ice snake! As soon as the beast appeared, it opened its mouth to the figure holding Tang Ling on the other side. Because of the snake's characteristics, the mouth expanded immensely, enough to swallow both of them in an instant. A relieved smile appeared on the other bank's face. That was what she did when she was still under control! The most powerful beast was found in the sea and brought here under its control. At this moment, it finally came. If I can't protect Tang Ling in the end, then let me hold Tang Ling and be devoured together. The other side had a mysterious feeling about life, and she knew that this black snake was no match for Long Shier... Dong, dong, dong. It was as if Tang Ling had suddenly fallen asleep and finally sensed danger. Suddenly, his heart began to beat strangely..