Chapter 468 Five Fold Evolution

Wake up. "" Tang Ling, my father, my brother, my partner..."" wake up."" Wake up!" In the darkness of nothingness, Tang Ling suddenly opened his eyes. Countless pieces of memory turned into waves, drowning him in a flash, filling his mind in an instant, and finally settling on the punch that Tang Long had punched him in the chest." I'm Tang Ling. I'm dead, aren't I?" Tang Ling wanted to sit up, but he realized that just as he had this idea, his whole body had already floated up and came to a white world. At this moment, Tang Ling's memory was still in a mess, and he did not fully recover. He just subconsciously drifted around the world, and then found that there was a shadow in the world, making it seem that the world was not so lonely. He approached the shadow in a daze and stopped less than two meters away. Is this the legendary hell of the pre-civilization? And that shadow is the king of hell? That hell is too lonely, and the lord of hell is too lonely, right? Thinking about it, he didn't know what was going on. The only thing he could be sure of was that he was already dead. At this moment, the shadow turned around. When Tang Ling saw the shadow clearly, he was stunned. That shadow looks exactly like me?! At this time, even if Tang Ling was confused about the situation at this time, he knew that this was definitely not a region, and that the shadow was not a god of hell..." Where is this place? And who are you?" Tang Ling chose to ask questions that he could not figure out." Have you forgotten my voice calling you?" The shadow raised his eyebrows and asked Tang Ling back. Calling his own voice? Tang Ling frowned and suddenly remembered that in the dark, endless sleep, there was indeed a voice calling for him to wake up. He called himself'my father, my brother, my partner'? What kind of strange name is this?! Father, brother, and partner? But the next moment, Tang Ling suddenly thought of a possibility, looked at the shadow and said," you, you are a race?"" You, why are you like me?" Looking at Tang Ling's surprised look, the little seed smiled." I was just a ball of consciousness, I didn't have any specific appearance. But, we live together. In essence, you are me and I am you, and your appearance is naturally mine." I see." Tang Ling nodded, understanding the meaning of the race, but at the same time, his face showed a guilty expression:" I'm sorry, I seem to be more stupid, playing myself to death, but also implicated you..."" not dead." The race was still smiling, a smile full of intimacy, trust, and dependence on Tang Ling." Dead." Tang ling touched his heart. He could feel that his heart was broken. How could he not die? What Tang Ling did not expect was that he did not touch his familiar chest, and his hands felt empty." This is the deepest part of your consciousness. We are communicating with our consciousness. There is no body." The race explained to Tang Ling. The next moment he said," since the consciousness space still exists, how can you die?"" Not dead? Why not?" Just like the race's trust in Tang Ling, tang ling had unlimited trust in the race. Since the race says it's not dead, it's not dead! But he had to know why he wasn't dead. What's going on now?" Because I have shared my life force with you. But there is only one chance. If you die in the future, I will really fall into silence unless I find the next symbiotic." The race explained the reason very directly." Your life?" Tang Ling's eyes were moved." Yes, my life. It wasn't that strong at first, because in my vague memory, my life force had been greatly depleted, and I had fallen into a deep sleep. When I had a little consciousness, I found that I was already in your heart, symbiotic with you."" I see. Did you use a lot?" Tang Ling was worried about the race." It doesn't matter if it's consumed. You gave me this power, or I wouldn't be able to share my life force with you." The seed's tone was very calm. After a pause, she added," you really don't have to be touched. We live together, so we should be."" No, I'm touched. I'll remember!" Tang Ling subconsciously wanted to pat the baby on the shoulder, but it was empty. The two of them looked at each other and laughed as if they were looking in the mirror." But why do you say that I gave you strength? Do I have the ability?" Tang Ling raised his eyebrows. Did he usually eat and drink like a husky boar and somehow give the race strength?" Do you remember that demon baby? I need something special to replenish my life force. To be exact, it's the life force of a powerful life form. That demon baby is very powerful, and it's really luck that you can kill him..." The little seed's mouth once again raised a smile, and he knew everything about Tang Ling." Hey, hey, hey! What's luck?" Tang Ling was a little dissatisfied. He didn't argue with Tang Ling and said directly," you have an inconspicuous bottle in your backpack with half a bottle of water in it. That's the key to killing the baby. You just forgot about it."" In short, the devil's baby is a powerful life force. Even if it is dead, it condenses the life force I need, which is a huge supplement to me." When he heard that, he remembered that it was indeed those black-robed clerics from Dream land who carried a bottle of water and poured it on the guy who possessed the baby... He had taken the bottle of water away by the way and had indeed forgotten about it. I just don't know what the purpose of that bottle of water is? Does it work in the dream world, or does it work in reality? He was thinking about all these messy questions. Then the race continued," this is one, and the other is that you bought a bottle of blue blood by mistake at the auction. Although I don't know what that is, the effect of that bottle of blood is as strong as the corpse of the demon baby, and I have been greatly replenished."" Then, you can share your life force with me? What about the tooth?" Tang Ling thought as he spoke. Not to mention the body of the demon baby, the bottle of blood always felt strange? I always feel that there is someone behind this to let me get it on purpose. What is the purpose? In addition, Tang Ling was very concerned about what he had spent money on. Since the tooth was what the race wanted, it was not easy for him to communicate this time." That tooth? Well, remember those red blood strands? Those are definitely the teeth left by a powerful life form. Those red blood strands are the life force that has not dissipated yet." The race answered directly. There was no need to beat around the bush between him and Tang Ling." That is to say, the value of the tooth itself is very great? Little race, can you just absorb the life force and leave the tooth for me!" Tang Ling's eyes lit up. The little seed smiled and said nothing. Instead of continuing the topic, he looked at Tang Ling and said," no matter what the reason is, my life force has been replenished. This time, in addition to sharing life force with you at a critical moment, there is also a gift for you."" To be exact, I finally have the strength to give you the gift that a person left with me."" What gift?" Tang Ling was very happy when he heard the word" gift," but at the same time, he was confused. Was the gift given to him by someone else? It always sounded suspicious and strange." The gift is my' true face', or rather my true five-fold form. That person sealed a special power in my body, a very precious source of power that allows me to evolve these five forms in a short time." At this point, the little race frowned." How can I explain this to you? This source of power can indeed allow me to evolve, but if it were not for you, I might not have been able to evolve into a true fifth form, especially the fifth."" Or maybe, it might evolve into another form."" What do you mean?" Tang Ling always felt that this sentence contained a big secret." To put it simply, only your genetic chain can allow me to be symbiotic with you to reach the most perfect form. But don't ask me too much, my memory has been broken a lot..." The race's face showed pain and confusion." Okay, I won't ask." Tang Ling's expression returned to calm. He did not know what the significance of the evolution of the race into a true five-fold form in such a short period of time was. But there was one question he had to figure out:" who left this gift?" When he asked the question, Tang Ling had already guessed." Tang Feng." The race knew that Tang Ling was unwilling to call tang feng his father, but he still had to tell Tang Ling the answer." Well,..." Tang Ling didn't know how to respond. His death was originally to pay off Tang Feng's debts... This kind of mentality is very strange, why should I pay for him? I clearly have no memory of him at all. But... He didn't seem to care about himself at all. But what about Tang Long? Tang Long, his own brother, as long as he exists, it seems that Tang Feng is such a heartless and ridiculous person! I should have cleared up with Tang Feng, but now what gift did he leave for me? Don't you know that you're already dead to pay off your debts? Dead and still... Thinking of this, Tang Ling suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, or perhaps his consciousness was finally fully awake, and his memory was restored. Yes, he's dead! At the last moment, the other side appeared... Originally, she thought she was dead for a hundred years, but when she thought that the other side might be sad because of her own death, Tang Ling felt like a knife in her heart. Why is the feeling inside so strong? Tang Ling was no longer willing to think about it. There were too many mysteries between him and the other side." You remember it all, right? But don't worry. Our conversation is just a moment. But we should wake up too." The little race's eyes became sharp." The situation outside seems very lively. When you wake up, you will truly feel my five changes."" You are too badly injured. When the fifth transformation is over, even if I share your life force with you, you will fall into a state of severe injury and coma."" So, you have to deal with everything in a thunderous manner. Because, you have my five states, it's too shameful to lose." The little one's smile was a little devilish and domineering, as if this was the real him.** Is there a lot of activity outside? This kind of excitement must not be a good thing! Tang Ling was symbiotic with the race, and the race's anger could be felt in the eyes of the little race. There was no doubt that they were both happy and sad. Okay, wake up! We still have to face the world again, the endless hatred, the people we care about... After a year, she realized that the world was worth remembering." Now, you..." The little one wanted to tell Tang Ling how to wake up." Wait a minute. Tell me how you changed from calling my father in a baby voice to this? Are you going to be like this in the future? If that's the case, don't call me dad." Tang ling always minded the fact that the little one called him father. Damn it, even if you grow up to look like an uncle, do you still have to call yourself father? I'm barely 16 years old, so don't be a father, okay?! And being called father by an uncle..." I'm sorry, this can't be done. You were beaten to such a state that the shared life force consumed more than half of it to barely sustain your life. Then, I had to expend my life force to open your' gift', and all that was left was to support this conversation between you and me." The little seed shrugged." So?" Tang Ling raised his eyebrows." So, I will still grow back into that milky voice and grow with you. Unless you can find a lot of the life force I need! Otherwise, I will grow very slowly..." The little seed's smile was teasing. He had the urge to swear." Remember, I have already shared my life with you! After that, your path of cultivation will change subtly. You can explore for yourself... But don't die so easily next time. I only have one life, and I can't share it again." When the little seed finished speaking, she suddenly looked at Tang Ling, revealing a domineering air that made the entire space of consciousness tremble." Remember, my form is invincible!"" It's the same in the entire universe, I am..." The little race's eyes once again filled with great confusion. But the next second he regained his dominance:" let's, wake up!" This wake up, with great spiritual strength, immediately shook tang ling out of the consciousness space... Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud! Even in this era of superman Zi Yue, people would regard such words as absurd! But Tang Ling, who had been dead for almost ten minutes, was really heartbroken. The first thing he felt was naturally the other side of the river hugging him tightly. But there was no surprise on the other side, as if it was only natural for tang ling to have another heartbeat and wake up. At this moment, the teeth of the deep sea serpent almost touched the body of the other shore. Even if the entire arena was not small, it could smell the strong smell of the deep sea serpent's mouth... But everything stopped. The control of the deep sea serpent almost in a strange manner, slammed into the sea and sank to the bottom of the sea." Hehe, don't you have the courage to die? Do you want to go back to the Star council? Unfortunately, you have no chance! You can only be suppressed in the Star council as a captive forever." The deep sea serpent actually sank into the water? A huge surprise emerged from Long Shier's heart. Originally, he was completely unsure of subduing Tang Ling and the other shore before the dark sea snake devoured them and bringing them back to the other shore, which was vital to the Star council, as well as Tang Ling's body. But now that the other side has fallen into a trap, I won't be able to persuade them. I'll just use violence to solve everything. After all, he was suppressing his anger! To reveal the secret of his identity in front of so many people! But it didn't matter. The great master had long expected this to happen, and was ready to explain and follow... Long Shier's words were like a joke, not heard by the other side at all. She just kissed Tang Ling gently on the corner of her mouth with tears in her eyes. So what if girls aren't reserved? What about kissing before everyone else? The other side didn't care what anyone thought. It was such a joy to have someone who had been lost and regained. In that case, before he wakes up, can you quietly feel the warmth of his mouth? He already has a heartbeat, and the corners of his mouth should be warm again soon, right? Thud, thud, thud. Tang Ling's heart beat like a drum, getting stronger and stronger. The other side kissed Tang Ling without hesitation. Next to her, Long Shier twisted the stone with a ferocious expression. A faint gray breath had escaped from the stone. As long as the stone was completely unscrewed, then... Tang long trembled and looked at the other side with despair and pain. This is my own hell right now! He had to watch the other side suffer so much and watch the other side kiss Tang Ling! But the other side will die. Will she die? What could kissing Tang Ling be compared to death? As long as the other side can survive this crisis... And the other side doesn't care about anything at all, what else is more important than kissing this person in your heart? What was the great pain of twisting a gem? What was the amount of blood that spilled from his nose and mouth? Even though he was doomed, he came back to life. I just can't let him find himself doing such a thing. There was a sweet shyness in the heart of the other bank, but it was only shyness towards Tang Ling. Finally, the blood dripping lips fell gently on the corner of Tang Ling's mouth... Tang long turned his head away, his fists still clenched in trembling, and blood oozed out of them... This scene was like a fixed image, imprinted in the eyes of everyone present, making people actually have a tinge of heartache. Even if the other side is the queen of misfortune... She also seemed to be pitiful at this time, because her appearance was too beautiful, even if she was in such a mess, she also gave birth to a kind of sad beauty, which would make people pitiful? People exclaimed in their hearts! No one expected that a life and death ring would lead to so much trouble, and Long Shier, who had somehow become a monster, could not help but feel disgusted and helpless towards him.*" The universe is invincible too? Is the race so arrogant? Does it know how big the universe is?" Tang Ling was shaken out of his consciousness, and there was only one thought in his mind. But the next moment, he regained all his senses! The fatigue after the war, the pain from the injured area, and the intense pain in the heart, but the heart seemed to have recovered. But what was the salty taste at the corner of his mouth? Was he thrown into the sea? No, it's the smell of blood. You vomit blood when you wake up? Didn't they say it was strong? He suddenly opened his eyes and saw the other side... Why was the other side in front of her eyes? Tang Ling's heart suddenly beat so hard that a throbbing pain came from his newly recovered heart." Mmm." The pain made Tang Ling gasp, and the soft cry made the other bank open his eyes at once. For a moment, their eyes met. He actually woke up. When did he wake up? Her face on the other side turned red instantly, and the burning sensation almost made her forget the great pain. Only then did Tang Ling realize that the other side's lips had landed on the corner of her mouth. Was she kissing herself? Even if his heart felt a throbbing pain, the discovery still made Tang Ling's heart beat violently. However, in the next second, an unpleasant stench and a gray fog swept across the shore..." Tang Ling, here we go. Remember, the opportunity is only for a brief moment." At the same time, in Tang Ling's mind, came the voice of the race. As the race's voice fell, a huge force spread from Tang Ling's heart. His body stood up uncontrollably and his feet were about ten centimeters off the ground, half floating in the air. Even so, the recovery of his precise instincts also allowed Tang Ling to pull the other bank in time. At this moment, he pulled the other bank behind him, and his consciousness fell into a blur, while countless lines flashed through his pupils." Yes, this is the first change." In Tang Ling's eyes, a huge muscular giant appeared, just like the giant he had transformed into. This giant was standing in the universe, with thousands of stars like his back. He screamed silently in the vacuum of the universe, then his body kept shrinking... As his body shrank, the color of his body changed drastically. Bronze, black iron, silver, gold... In the end, the giant's body was completely restored to normal size, and his muscles contracted into a normal shape, but each piece looked as tight and indestructible as a diamond. The gorgeous golden color also contracted into the skin, and the entire skin returned to its normal complexion, only to have a metallic luster when you look closely. Then, This seemingly overbearing person had changed again. From his four limbs, there appeared gray-white bone armor. Although the color of these bone armor was dim, it had an indestructible feeling. There were also mysterious lines on the bone armor... The bone armour spread rapidly, wrapping itself up in an instant, and finally drawing out a helmet with beautiful sharp horns on the back of the head, which stopped the spread." Second form? Is this the end?" There is almost no concept of time in the evolution of consciousness. The rest of the world was gone for a moment, but Tang Ling had already experienced a slow and fast evolution. But for the second evolution, Tang Ling was still not satisfied. Sure enough, there are new changes in the second evolution! The color of the bone armour began to darken, and the color of the veins began to lighten... What shape would it eventually take