Chapter 469 Complete Evolution

What form will it eventually take? The answer will soon be revealed. The evolution speed of the consciousness space was like the direct imprint of consciousness, and Tang Ling soon saw the final form of the second evolution. The bone armour turned black, and the mysterious stripes on it turned silver. The bone armour of the whole body had a kind of fluorescent light, which was slightly warmer than the luster of the metal, and was incomparably handsome. It felt superior to the armor of all the Zi Yue warriors I had ever seen. "The key to evolution is bones." Tang Ling soon received this message in his head. Unfortunately, neither the first nor the second evolution had any specific data. For example, when it comes to the first evolution of the ultimate form, how much can your basic ability be magnified? Or, for example, when the second evolution was completed, what was the armor's defense? Ability?" There is no way to get concrete data. When each form completes its final state, it depends on the symbiotic's ability." Tang Ling's consciousness moved, and soon the race answered. Without much explanation, Tang Ling immediately understood that even in the final form, the strength of the final form depended on himself. The little question soon passed. That cosmic figure is still evolving! This time it's a weapon. The figure's elbows, knees, toes, shoulders... All of them had bone blades and spines, followed by high spines... The beautiful horns on his head were lengthening, forming a bone whip... Next came the arms, which began to melt into various weapons, knives, swords, spears... On both sides of the legs, there were stacked, neatly arranged bone blades that looked a little weird. Is this a weapon too? My heart is boiling! Which man doesn't love weapons? Today's third evolution is simply a transformation into a humanoid weapon. But at this point in time, the evolution did not end, but began a concrete demonstration. The figure in the universe slightly stretched out his right leg, and the strange bone blades on both sides of his legs quickly gathered together. Then, as the figure took a step forward, the bone blades quickly bounced off, and Tang Ling saw that the figure was moving at an extremely fast speed, at least a hundred meters in one step." Accelerator! It looks like a spring was installed." Tang Ling instantly understood the effects of those strange bone blades. The figure took only one step and stopped, then he began to fight alone in the universe. With his movement, the bone thorns and bone blades that appeared in all parts of his body could be extended to about three meters, while the arms of the weapon could be changed into adults and weapons could be extended to five meters. Then, the figure took out another sword in the void. Once this seemingly ordinary sword was held, it immediately became extraordinary and could also extend five meters. Then, a meteor appeared in the universe... The figure was facing the meteor. At the moment when the meteor was about to approach, a sword slashed out and a huge bolt of lightning appeared in the sky, shattering the meteor. If it wasn't for Tang Ling himself, no one would have seen what he was trying to say. But Tang Ling immediately understood that if he did not use his arms as weapons, but rather weapons made by himself, then the weapon attribute of his arms would be strengthened on the weapons made by himself and merged with the weapons made by himself. Moreover, the weapon that has been blessed is full of talent. Regardless of wind, cloud, lightning and so on, it will not reject it. It can also be blessed with talent on it. Strong! It is really very strong! He resisted the excitement because the third evolution demonstration was not over yet. This time, it was the use of the bone whip on the helmet. With the demonstration of that figure, the bone whip would immediately change from less than half a meter of whip to about three meters of whip as long as it was injected with a little spiritual force. Then under the command of the mind, carry out the whole body protection! In the end, the figure took off the bone whip and flung out a whip. The bone whip immediately became a hundred meters long and wrapped around a rock floating in the universe..." You can use this function once when your mental energy is full." Tang Ling received confidence again. At this moment, Tang Ling's mood was beyond description. He could not think of any other direction of evolution! The little one said he was the strongest thing in the universe. Did he really not brag? With this thought in mind, Tang Ling received a new hint that the key to the third evolution was mineral deposits. The strength of the weapon had a huge relationship with the strength of the mine that Tang Ling absorbed. The third evolution was very special. Even if it evolved into its ultimate form, it could continue to grow stronger, as long as Tang Ling could find better deposits! At this point, what is the fourth change? As a kind of life form, to be able to evolve to this point, in Tang Ling's heart is already a perfect fighting life! How much more perfect was it than what he had seen in a book about a pre-civilization movie," aliens," in which the so-called alien was the perfect combat form?! But no matter what Tang Ling thought, the fourth evolution began. The shadow of the universe began to sit cross-legged in the void, and it seemed that it had begun to cultivate. As the practice progressed, wings began to grow behind the shadow. This wing was just a simple skeleton when it was first formed. And this skeleton is made up of bones, which is no different from the second evolution which requires absorbing bones. Then, the bone slowly turned black, with silver stripes all over it, which was no different from the second evolution. When the skeleton of the wing was formed, the first feather appeared on the skeleton as the training progressed. This feather is illusory. How did it form? Tang Ling soon learned that it was mental strength! This figure was cultivating mental strength, and anything that could enhance it could speed up the formation of feathers. Slowly, the skeleton was covered with feathers, but this was not the end. As the spirit power condensed, the feathers gradually solidified, and gradually, it seemed that there was no illusion. The colors of these feathers can be changed at will, and can even be integrated with the surrounding environment. When the feathers condensed to the extreme, the edges of each feather began to sharpen. The figure finally stood up. The first thing he did was to flap his wings and disappear. The next second, he appeared before Tang Ling's eyes." Speed, it can be infinitely increased. As long as the mental strength keeps washing these feathers! As long as the strength of the body can withstand this speed."" And by the fourth evolution, my first evolution will be'refreshed' again and be upgraded."" But by then, everything had to do with the genetic lock."" When the initial condensing of the wings is completed, the initial speed can reach 20 Maher. That is to say, 20 times the speed of sound... That's the limit before my first evolution got a new promotion!" Tang Ling felt the specific information. But is this wing only capable of speed? That simply doesn't match the fourth evolution. A dozen meteors suddenly appeared around the figure, shooting at it as soon as they appeared. At this moment, the figure moved... The wings turned into sharp cutting blades, and there were huge black slits in their path! This is the law of space?! The attack of the wings actually carried the law of space? Tang Ling was excited before, but this time he was truly shocked. He remembered the first time he saw high-level force. It was the city master of zone 17, wolfe! Coincidentally, Wolfe was a rare space genius... That powerful Tang Ling was still upset. He didn't expect the fourth evolution of the race to have its own spatial law, stronger and sharper than Wolfe's attack! More than a dozen meteors broke into pieces silently, and in the end, they became countless fragments, floating in the void. At this moment, another force appeared, controlling the meteor fragments to shoot at the figure again. The attack felt more dangerous than the meteors that had rolled in before. But the figure did not move. Instead, the feathers on the wings floated and turned into hundreds of sharp flying knives, which also collided with meteor fragments. At this moment, Tang Ling could clearly see that each flying knife was surrounded by black lines, but it appeared in the meteor debris in an instant. So every feather has a law of space attached to it?! Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he watched these flying knives flicker in the meteor fragments. Each time they flickered, some of the fragments silently disappeared... This power has surpassed Tang Ling's level of understanding! This feathered flying knife was the ultimate stroke of the fourth evolution. Like the third evolution whip, it had to be imbued with spiritual energy to use it. Well, Tang Ling was too lazy to speculate on the direction of evolution after this re-evolution. At this moment, the figure in the void had once again sat down. This time, it seemed that after a long time, there was no energy added to itself. He couldn't even sense the message. Why was this figure sitting cross-legged?! In view of this, tang ling raised a question to the race, but this time the race did not answer him. Tang Ling just felt that the race wanted to convey this evolution to him, and it was very laborious, so laborious that there was no way to support it. The entire background of the universe began to falter, and the figures sitting in it became blurry. In the shaking, Tang Ling could only see the wings of the figures, the bones, the weapons on the bones, and even the changes brought about by the first evolution all disappeared. Without these, the entire figure sitting in the universe became normal and ordinary. However, at this moment, a black line appeared from the arms to the chest of the naked figure... This line! Before he could take a closer look, the space that had already started to wobble collapsed. With the collapse of space, the shadow immediately became void. In the end, Tang Ling only saw two black lines between his arms and his chest