Chapter 470 Ultimate Battle

The void broke so fast. And the last two black lines that appeared, Tang Ling had no specific feelings before they disappeared. The next moment, Tang Ling woke up. He also looked a little confused and saw Long Shier's face full of shock and doubt. But now Long Shier had turned into a man with black and blue skin, scales on his arms, and a head that resembled a combination of fish and man, naked, bulging eyes, thorns on his back, and a tail. Seeing was just an instinctive dislike, but she could not recognize Long Shier at all. "What are you?" At this time, Tang Ling fell from the floating state, he felt a strong malice from Long Shier, his tone was very cold. Faced with Tang Ling's question, Long Shier did not answer at all. There must be a demon if something went wrong! At this point, even if the Star council has an absolute advantage, it is better to be careful! Settle the other bank first! This was the only thought in Long Shier's heart. Although he did not know how Tang Ling came back to life, no matter how talented he was, he was not even a Zi Yue warrior. Can he run now that the world is full of traps? But the queen of doom was different. Long Shier had the same idea and was not slow to act. He immediately put away the shock of Tang Ling's sudden resurrection and ripped open the stone that had been twisted to the end. There was something hidden in the Magic stick that could finally subdue the queen of distress... It's precious, but if it's used up, it's used up! It's urgent!" Long Shier." Just as Long Shier opened the gem, the other bank also leaned in Tang Ling's ear and told him the identity of tang linglong 12. But as the gemstone was lifted, a large amount of blood suddenly gushed out of the other bank's mouth after saying these three words, and the whole person could not even stand up. She wrapped her arms around the other bank and glanced at the other bank in her arms, only to find that her eyes had suddenly become distracted. Anger and hatred instantly ignited Tang Ling! So, this monster is Long Shier! Is he going to kill the other side now? Is this a new grudge or an old one?! The Hell cliff didn't kill him, but today he couldn't run away." Now, let's start." As if sensing Tang Ling's emotions, the race suddenly called out in Tang Ling's consciousness, and with the race's cry, a mysterious force was released from the little race's body. The race fell into a deep sleep, and Tang Ling was instantly wrapped up in this power. At this moment, a thick cloud of gray smoke had emerged from Long Shier's magic staff. But at this moment, a finger suddenly appeared and held Long Shier's magic staff." You want to kill the other side?" Why so fast?! It was still five or six meters away, and even third-tier Zi Yue fighters... Long Shier looked up and saw Tang Ling's face. It was still that face. Why did it look mysterious and reserved? A great sense of crisis suddenly appeared in dragon 12's heart. Without thinking, he released his magic staff and retreated backward. Long Shier, who had revealed his true colors, was undoubtedly powerful, at least as fast as a third-tier Zi Yue warrior. One retreat and he came to the edge of the ring." Kill him at all costs." Then he squeezed the words out of his teeth. Long Shier was undoubtedly very smart and made the right choice. As soon as Long Shier's words fell, the first two Zi Yue fighters who had previously guarded Tang Long charged at Tang Ling like lightning. Seeing that their attitude was not as solemn as Long Shier's, it was not easy to kill a soldier of the moon?! They didn't even bother to expend their mental energy or use their innate abilities! With the basic ability of a fourth level Zi Yue warrior, that's enough." First evolution, perfect state. All basic abilities are increased tenfold. Hidden physical strength, defense, and so on are all increased tenfold." Now that Tang Ling is completely useless, what is the concept of magnifying ten times? At least be able to fight a fifth level Zi Yue warrior with basic abilities. So, Tang Ling moved too! He kept one hand on the other side of the shore, facing the impact of the fourth level soldiers, he chose to directly hit the hard way. The speed was even faster, like a shooting star, which slammed into one of the fourth tier Zi Yue fighters, then turned around and hit another one of the Zi Yue fighters with its back." Poof," two Zi Yue warriors were slammed into by Tang Ling. It felt like they were hit by a heavy hammer. They couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood and fell straight into the sea. Why?! When they fell into the sea, the two fourth tier Zi Yue warriors were still puzzled. Why did Tang Ling suddenly become so powerful?! He was clearly holding the queen in one hand." All charge up!" Sure enough, something was wrong. Dragon twelve shouted. At this time, all the Zi Yue soldiers in the sea rushed towards the arena! Zi Yue warriors, who were afraid of Tang Ling's current state, directly activated their innate instincts and began to build up their energy, preparing to bombard Tang Ling from a distance." The second evolution, the ultimate state. Come on." Looking at the enemies charging at him from all directions, Tang Ling did not panic at all. As the race said, he was invincible! Under such an evolution, it was impossible to lose! At least not in front of such an enemy group. With a cold smile on his face, he jumped up with the other bank in his arms and avoided the first group of people who rushed up. In the air, Tang Ling's body changed again. A set of gray-white bone armor spread quickly. As the gray-white bone armor spread, mysterious lines appeared on the bone armor. Then, the color of the bone armor quickly deepened, and the pattern color began to lighten. Finally, it became a set of extremely dazzling and handsome pure black armor, with silver mysterious lines shining on it. Boom, just as Tang Ling was about to land, countless fists and feet with a huge shock wave hit Tang Ling's body. He held the other bank in his arms and spun around to withstand all the impact with his back! What a powerful bone armor. Not only did it block so many fists and feet without breaking, but the silver lines on it also dispersed the shock wave. Tang Ling, who was covered in armor, was not hurt at all. In that case... How can I wait for a beating? He moved like the wind, fighting skill-the Trias Fist! Under the perfect double evolution, the power was simply different. With just one punch, three third-tier Zi Yue fighters were sent flying, and one of them was punched through the chest by tang ling. At the very moment, he looked at the big hole in his chest in disbelief..." Clearly, the armor has been released." This was the last thought in the mind of this third-tier Zi Yue warrior, and he fell to the ground. And the moment he fell to the ground, Tang Ling had been like a fierce tiger into the Star council's fighting group of the Zi Yue soldiers. It was still a technique that evolved from three overlapping forces, and Tang Ling was able to play four or even five stacks in this state! From afar, it was as if the sea was raging in waves, relentlessly attacking the Star council's group of Zi Yue soldiers, occasionally blowing up one or two people, then landing heavily, and then falling down! But even with such intense fighting, Tang Ling was getting braver and braver, and tang ling held the other side tightly in his arms with one hand. The sharp-eyed people noticed that Tang Ling had changed again. His shoulders, axes, knees... Sharp bone thorns and blades grew all over his body, and a sharp thorn horn grew on his back... Humanoid weapons! These extended weapons turned Tang Ling into a real human weapon! Because these weapons can actually extend three meters and are not afraid of colliding with super alloy weapons! At this moment, Tang Ling elbowed and kneed... Would cause fatal damage! Moreover, the whip hanging behind the sharp corner of his helmet was like a bone snake circling him, forming an absolute defense against such a strong and hard bone armor! This bone whip protected the other bank so tightly that even in such a chaotic battle, the other bank was not harmed at all. Bang, a fifth-level purple moon warrior finally made his move. In less than 20 seconds, Tang Ling turned into such a'monster', killing seven third-level Zi Yue warriors and a fourth-level Zi Yue warrior. It was too late to calculate the serious injuries. Originally, the fifth-grade purple moon warrior was still holding his own identity, unwilling to follow the crowd to beat up a quasi-purple moon warrior! But now, if we don't do it! Tang Ling was afraid that he would kill more people to buy time for the other Zi Yue soldiers to use their talent. Even if the Star council is powerful, the level three or above of the Star council soldiers are not able to afford to lose the elite ah! The fifth rank purple moon warrior's weapon was a long sword with a single door. The hilt of the sword was two meters wide and the blade had a huge barb! This was the most precious thing in his life. He used a sufficient sum to allow him, who was already able to use his innate ability at any time, to use weapons at the same time! He was a fifth-stage purple moon warrior with thunder stats, so he struck at Tang Ling with a sword, which was filled with lightning power. The power of lightning was completely different from the power of lightning released by Anthony, whom Tang Ling had seen before! As the body of the sword fell, seven or eight huge bolts of lightning around the body of the sword also struck Tang Ling. And at this moment, Tang Ling held onto the Blood rush sword! After his death, too many things had happened to him, but under the protection of the other side, no one could take anything from him. As soon as the Blood rush sword got started, the weapon power on its arm immediately surged towards the Blood rush sword, which was originally a superpower, and received a huge blessing, emitting a sky-high momentum. It was only when it hit the five-stage purple moon warrior's one-door sword that it made the piercing sound!