Chapter 471 Massacre

Without a doubt, Tang Ling's Blood rush sword is powerful! However, the Zi Yue warriors had reached the fifth level, and their innate abilities had been cultivated to the point where they could use any move they wanted. The fifth rank purple moon warrior's sword was blocked by the blood pu sword, but it could not stop the lightning that was wrapped around it. Tang Ling would eventually lose out on this move. If the fifth-stage purple moon warrior could not stop Tang Ling, how terrible was tang ling now? This is what people think. But that doesn't mean that Tang Ling can't stop himself. Tang Ling's expression was very calm in the face of the lightning. In the next moment, his Blood rush sword was ablaze with flames, and he was also engulfed by the lightning... Fire attribute talent? No! It was just a set of hand gestures that Tang Ling had learned in that weird temple. In this state, Tang Ling found that he did not need to fight with the hand gestures. He could release flames just by following the energy flow path that the hand gestures matched! This discovery made Tang Ling ponder, but how could he afford to ponder in the fierce battle? At this time, many Zi Yue warriors' innate abilities had already been built up and attacked Tang Ling. "Danger!" In Tang Ling's arms, the other side could not help but remind Tang Ling that after Tang Ling took Long Shier's magic staff, the other side had actually recovered its fighting ability. But if she could, she did not want to use her ability. Although there was no right or wrong view in the other bank, her nature made her not want to hurt the innocent. Besides, it felt good to be protected by Tang Ling." It's okay." Hearing the reminder from the other side, Tang Ling only replied in this way. He swung the sword of the fifth-stage purple moon warrior with all his might, and the bone whip in his backhand was already in his hand. The next moment, the bone whip exploded to 100 meters, only to wrap itself around the white arena opposite. Before all the attacks landed, Tang Ling had carried the other side to the black arena." Boom,"" boom,"" boom," the attack of the innate ability keeps landing, thunder, fire, wind and cloud... Like the brightest fireworks, all of them exploded on the white arena. But it wasn't fireworks, it was a deadly attack. Although the target was Tang Ling, no one expected Tang Ling to have the means to break out of the encirclement. Therefore, these attacks lost their target all of a sudden and could only be scattered on the stage, injuring many Zi Yue soldiers who had not been able to avoid them in time. The most unlucky person in this melee was naturally a third-tier Zi Yue warrior, and even five more died under the bombardment. Long Shier, who had long escaped and taken Tang Long away, almost bit his teeth as he stood on the beach. Such a loss, although far from hurting the Star council, there is still some pain. If tang ling were to continue killing like this!" Strike with all your might." Long Shier roared at the beach. In fact, without Long Shier's warning, these fifth-stage purple moon warriors realized that at this time, Tang Ling did not know what miracle he had encountered, and his fighting capacity could be said to be the same as theirs. The premise was that Tang Ling would not change again. But was Tang Ling's change over? Obviously not! A pair of winged bone armour appeared behind Tang Ling. Under the powerful bombardment of the fifth stage purple moon warrior, Tang Ling held the other bank and flew into the sky, trying to avoid the bombardment of the fifth stage purple moon warrior. With great speed and precise instincts, these fifth-stage purple moon warriors could not hurt Tang Ling at all. What was even more despairing was that Tang Ling's bone armor wings began to sprout feathers one by one. These feathers appeared very quickly, and as the feathers grew, Tang Ling's flying speed was beyond the reach of these Zi Yue warriors. First three, then four... In the end, even the fifth stage couldn't see Tang Ling clearly." It's almost over." After a few seconds, Tang Ling's wings finally completed their ultimate form. Holding the other bank, he stopped in the air. After less than two minutes of intense melee, the battlefield was in disarray. The special materials, the white arena that even the Golden shark could not chew, had long been smashed to pieces, leaving only four pillars. The black arena was also smashed in half by the bombardment and half collapsed in the sea. There were dozens of third-tier Zi Yue soldiers in the water, who could no longer walk on the waves because of their injuries. They swam desperately towards the beach. What is killing god? The resurrected Tang Ling was the god of death, and in less than two minutes of fighting, the Zi Yue warriors were already terrified. Completely devoid of fighting consciousness, he just wanted to escape from this battlefield of death. This is not a battle that a third-tier Zi Yue warrior can fight in. But is Tang Ling going to let them go? No! In the past, from that rainy night that overturned his fate, the Star council was like a huge shadow over Tang Ling... Mother-in-law, sister, Weian... Their deaths were directly or indirectly related to the Star council! And Tang Long... Thinking of this, Tang Ling's heart surged with unspeakable complexity. So, since there is such an opportunity today! Then let's count the old and the new together! Don't even think about running..." Over there!"" Maybe he was exhausted and killed him in one fell swoop!" Only after hovering in the air for less than half a second, all the Star council's Zi Yue fighters found Tang Ling. This time, it might be the best chance to kill Tang Ling. No one chose close combat, and all began to unleash their innate abilities at any cost. The third tier Zi Yue warriors took the lead, while the fourth and fifth tier Zi Yue warriors began to brew big moves. At this moment, even the air was filled with a murderous atmosphere! The murderous intent almost condensed into reality. Let them attack? Tang Ling is not a fool! So, Tang Ling's wings began to flutter, and with the agitation of both Tang Ling's hands, several huge black cracks suddenly appeared in the air! Space ability! This is at least the sixth level Zi Yue warrior's ability to use, before the huge momentum! Before anyone could be shocked, they saw the huge black cracks that had appeared in front of them. One of them cut straight into the sea. The other three appeared in several places where Zi Yue fighters were most concentrated... Instant spatial ability! The fifth rank purple moon warrior was a man of absolute knowledge. When he chose to avoid it at the first time, he shouted," hide!" Hide? How?! In addition to the time ability, the second most powerful ability - space ability, from a certain point of view, is the extreme speed! Except for the fifth purple moon warrior and a few powerful fourth level Zi Yue warriors, most of them could not avoid these black cracks. Silently, a huge crack appeared on the surface of the sea. The sea surged towards the crack, and dozens of Zi Yue soldiers still floating on the surface swam desperately, unable to resist the huge suction force. A Zi Yue soldier's arm was near a crack... In an instant, he let out a huge howl and his arm was soundlessly split. More and more Zi Yue fighters had to get close to the crack... A tragic scene was played on the sea. No blood, no broken limbs... It was just a silent tear, which made people feel cold. The same tragedy happened where other cracks appeared. Countless Zi Yue soldiers who had been chopped off, split up, and were only able to dodge a little, became people without arms and legs... This is space power! Silent slaughter! Several cracks in space existed for nearly ten seconds before they disappeared! Especially the space crack on the surface of the sea. After it disappeared, the seawater that was sucked into the crack immediately poured out, causing a huge wave, rolling up countless debris, and the marine life that was affected by it... Big scene, absolutely big scene! Long Shier brought over a hundred Zi Yue soldiers who were lying in ambush in the sea. At this time, half of them were lost! Most of the rest were also injured, and the physical disability had an absolute impact on combat effectiveness. So Tang Ling's big move this time is the ultimate? It didn't matter if it wasn't the ultimate move, even though the Star council troops paid a heavy price for it. But it also gave the fifth rank purple moon warrior and a few top fourth rank Zi Yue warriors precious ten seconds. After they dodged, they quickly brewed a big move. By this time, their big move had already taken shape." Aren't you going to do it yet?" Next to Long Shier stood two level six Zi Yue fighters. Although the Star council had suffered such a setback, the two level-six Zi Yue fighters did not take action. It was not that they were unwilling to take action. Instead, there was a rule in this world that was specifically set up for sixth tier Zi Yue fighters, which imposed various restrictions on the actions of sixth tier Zi Yue fighters. This had to be limited, because Zi Yue soldiers were divided into nine ranks, and those who were above six ranks were known as the upper purple moon warriors. Don't look at them. They are only one step away from the fifth level Zi Yue warriors, but when they reach the upper level, the level is definitely different. The power of their attacks was at the slaughter level! If they were not restricted, to put it more seriously, they would be a threat to human reproduction. In this case, they can't really make a move. The last time boss Huang hit the Hell cliff was because Tang Ling was besieged. He was saving lives! This time, Tang Ling was still under siege... This was definitely not within their reach. Thinking back to the last time, the last time shin appeared was because of boss Huang, who was also a sixth level Zi Yue warrior... So, most of the time, a sixth tier Zi Yue warrior was a town fighter... Long Shier was helpless. Even in his position, it was impossible for him to order the purple moon warriors. However, it doesn't matter. After all, the remaining soldiers on the battlefield are powerful Zi Yue soldiers, and the big move has been brewing. This time, how could Tang Ling avoid it? These big moves are no joke! What if he dodged? Even better! Because, in this way, it would meet the requirements of the sixth level Zi Yue soldiers to attack! Could Tang Ling avoid it? At this point, no one dared to make wild guesses. Although Tang Ling was rationally thinking that there was no chance of escaping, he was not sure whether Tang Ling would show any other great possibilities. Early summer afternoon. The sun was glaring and hot, and what was even more glaring than the sun was a few fifth tier warriors, along with nine fourth tier Zi Yue warriors, who were planning big moves. Fire tiger, thunder spear, wind turbine, ice cone... It erupted almost at the same time, then surged towards Tang Ling without stopping for a moment... Looking at this scene, Tang Ling was not in the least afraid, but filled with a kind of agitated mood. The most exciting scene seen in the void was the scene of hundreds of feathers shooting at each other and annihilating everything in a flash. Although these big moves were not as shocking as meteor fragments, they were finally worthy of this one." On the other side, do you want to see the fireworks?" Tang Ling suddenly asked." Yes." The other bank leaned lazily in Tang Ling's arms, like a kitten full of security. She did not feel the threat of all these big moves, nor did she feel the urge to make a move. Leave it to Tang Ling and believe in Tang Ling. It's as if this feeling of dependence has existed for a long time. It's as natural as that. Let's continue like this in the future. Look at the fireworks. It's great. Even if there were no fireworks, it would be fun to turn into dust with Tang Ling. Don't you know what the other side thinks? Is it fun to turn into dust? Tang ling was not as independent as the other side. He had just finished a brief conversation with the other side in less than a second. The hundreds of feathers on his wings had already shot out. Most of them went for the big move, while a few feathers flew towards Long Shier. There was no earth-shattering scene. People only saw a pile of feathers turned into flying knives, surrounded by black lines, and the next moment appeared in front of the series of big moves. The flying knife flashed, and the fire tiger was first silenced, followed by the thunder spear... The flying knife kept flashing, and those big moves were constantly annihilated, spattering out bits and pieces of residual energy. It did not deceive the other shore. This scene was like a huge fireworks display between the sea and the sky. Although there was no sound, the shocking appearance was unforgettable to everyone who saw it. So crazy! Who could face so many middle-level (fourth and fifth are mid-level purple moon warriors) Zi Yue warriors when they were young, be calm, kill their enemies like they were in the middle of nowhere, or even turn such an earth-shattering move into a fireworks display? No, even legendary Tang Feng never did such a feat. Tang Ling's black hair fluttered in the gale of annihilation! And the other shore in his arms was still lazily leaning against him, with fireworks in her beautiful eyes. The youth is proud, the youth is flying! This picture seemed to have a deep magic power. Even if people wanted to ignore it, they unconsciously engraved this picture in their minds. There was a strong hatred in Long Shier's eyes. Sure enough, he managed to resolve it... At the same time, the knives that tang ling shot at him were also neutralized by two level six Zi Yue fighters beside him. But... How should I explain this loss to my master? Long Shier, who had just dodged Tang Ling's fatal knife, had no time to be afraid, and a strong resentment rose in his heart. In his opinion, it was over. Two level six Zi Yue warriors finally made their move after Tang Ling cracked the accumulated moves. Being able to resist the attacks of several fifth rank purple moon warriors and a dozen fourth rank Zi Yue warriors has already proved that Tang Ling has a higher combat power than the fifth rank purple moon warriors at this time, so at this time, the sixth rank Zi Yue soldiers will no longer have to be tied down. No matter how strong it is, it is impossible to defeat a sixth level Zi Yue warrior! Because people with a little common sense know that the sixth level is a dividing line, the strength below the sixth level can only be called'superman', and the strength above the sixth level can be called' god'. Yes, just like the mythical deities and immortals of the pre-civilization. The ability to turn mountains and seas upside down has surpassed the scope of a human being. Long Shier was full of confidence. Since the matter was settled, he had to calculate the loss, the cost... How could he not hate it? However, at the same time, he had a trace of joy! At least Tang Ling hated himself like a raging flame, but he couldn't kill himself, could he?" Hehe." Thinking of this, Long Shier let out a series of low laughter. Hundreds of flying knives, after annihilating the big moves of the four or five Jieziyue soldiers, did not disappear. Instead, they continued to fly directly at the big moves of the Zi Yue soldiers. This time, only a fifth tier Zi Yue warrior could escape. He was determined to use a massacre to pay homage to his family, to the annihilated settlement, and to give the Star council a hard mouth. However, these flying knives were stopped. At this moment, two bodies blocked the Zi Yue soldiers who were attacked. One of them closed his hands, and a circle formed by a flame circled half the flying knife in the circle of fire. In this circle, the black line of the flying knife continuously annihilated the flame, but a new flame came out again and continued to be born, always holding the flying knife. The other man, on the other hand, formed an ice wall and froze all the flying knives inside. The ice wall would crack continuously, but it would instantly revert to its original appearance. The endless cycle would still maintain the confinement of the flying knife. It was a duel of two energies. This was also the realm of the sixth level Zi Yue warriors, clearly the simplest ring of fire, the ice wall, but it seemed to have a life of endless life, the simplicity of the technique contained great extraordinary." When you step down, I will take action. You are not allowed to participate anymore."" Step back." The two sixth level Zi Yue warriors said as they maintained their fire rings and ice walls. First, it is against the law for a sixth level Zi Yue warrior to fight with a low level Zi Yue warrior, unless it is a group war. Second, the Star council had already been beaten in the face in this battle, which also caused a painful loss. There was no need to increase the losses. Seeing this, people sighed in their hearts. The sixth level Zi Yue fighter had taken action, and by this time, the dust would have fallen. Seeing this, Tang Ling was a little angry. There was clearly a chance to kill these guys just now, although there was still a fifth evolution so far. However, even in the virtual space, the evolution was not completed. What could the fifth evolution do? Even Tang Ling himself was not very clear. But Long Shier didn't kill him! How could Tang Ling be reconciled?! The power that enveloped Tang Ling had not been depleted, even after a four-fold evolution and more than half of it remained... If that's the case, then we must continue no matter what! Even if the fifth evolution did not succeed, he had to find a way to kill Long Shier. At this time, two level six Zi Yue warriors were still consuming the power of Tang Ling's flying knife, and everyone could see that after all, it was a level six move, and the process was still very fast. In less than 20 seconds, the shape of these flying knives had become void, and there were at most 30 meters left. Presumably, the energy of these flying knives would be exhausted. Then, it should be time for the sixth level Zi Yue warriors to personally attack Tang Ling!" Don't worry about anything. I'll stay with you until you succeed." In Tang Ling's arms, the other side said something faintly. She seemed to be able to feel Tang Ling's thoughts, and she naturally wanted to protect Tang Ling." Yes." Tang Ling also took it for granted, still holding the other side with one hand, fell from the air and landed on the broken pillars of the ring. This pillar was quite wide, and Tang Ling sat cross-legged without hesitation after landing, while the other side was behind Tang Ling. Then, in Tang Ling's mind, he tried to recall the tracks of the two black lines. Tang Ling did not expect that just thinking about it, he felt the heat that made his soul tremble, and his whole body was like entering the world of fire, full of eyes and heart to see the flames, burning, endless. In just a second, Tang Ling felt like he was about to melt into the sea of fire... But at that moment, Tang Ling's wings, the weapons on his bone armor, and even half of his bone armor were gone." Feel the fire." Tang Ling had such a clear consciousness in his mind that he endured the intense pain that was about to melt and sat down cross-legged in the fire. For another second, Tang Ling's mind was empty. In this great pain, in this fire, he could not feel anything. He had no basic knowledge of fire. However, a second later, the bone armor on his body disappeared, and the first evolution began to retreat... In this short period of time, the fifth evolution is a matter that can only move forward, not backward. What should I do? Tang Ling couldn't feel the flames at all, and what else did he know about them? No! If there was, it was in the temple... Tang Ling had no choice but to desperately start the path of fire energy within his body, which was found in the temple and matched with the hand formula. What Tang Ling did not expect was that he was desperately meditating like this, and a thin flame actually penetrated his body and began to work in the direction of his meditation. As this flame entered, The unbearable heat around them gradually cooled down. It worked! Tang Ling's eyes lit up and continued to meditate like this. In the eyes of the people, tang ling was restored to a slightly thin young man, and any strange phenomenon on him disappeared, only a line slowly spread from his left arm to his chest... What is this? It felt like there was no power at all! However, they would never have thought that in a moment they would witness a truly extraordinary scene that would shake the whole world and shock the old monsters hidden behind the world