Chapter 472 Hate And Kill

Two lines appeared on Tang Ling's body. From his left arm all the way to his chest, at first glance, it was clearly an ordinary black pattern, but when he looked closely, he had a very mysterious feeling. "This, isn't this the mysterious super-tech pattern? How could it appear on him?" This time, it was still the honorable young man who spoke. His heart was numb. He had thought it was just a battle of the paramount moon warriors. Even in the name of the Port of darkness life and death ring, how wonderful could it be? But what he didn't expect was that his precise instincts, top fighting skills, seal battles... And even resurrection! Since the dead can be resurrected, what is there to be shocked about? The honorable young man thought so... So, even after tang ling's rebirth, he was numb to the slaughter of hundreds of Zi Yue soldiers above the third level. Until these two lines appeared! When you see it, how can you describe your mood with a simple shock?! In this world's top family, he knew better than the average person what the meaning of super-tech lines was! At this moment, it actually appeared on a young man? When the lines on Tang Ling's body appeared, there was more than one person who was in the same mood as the noble youth! Super-tech lines? Obviously, it was not the noble youth who recognized the black lines on Tang Ling's body as this mysterious line." No, it's not a super-tech line!" This time, it was still the old man who studied combat skills next to the honorable young man. His years of research on combat skills made him the most sensitive to the differences in detail. At first, he thought that the black line was a super technical line, but after careful observation, he found that the black line was very different from the super technical line! The most obvious thing was that the super-tech lines didn't feel so natural. Not a super-tech line? What's that? The honorable young man frowned. It was obvious that he trusted the old man who studied combat skills. He was just about to ask. At this time, two level six Zi Yue fighters had completely worn off their previous knives, probably due to the importance of Tang Ling. After the two level six Zi Yue fighters had worn off those knives, they almost had no hesitation and immediately attacked Tang Ling. It was still not a fancy move, but a huge knife made of fire, a trident made of frozen ice, and charged straight at Tang Ling. The honorable young man did not bother to ask questions, because after all, he was a sixth level Zi Yue fighter, and anyone could see that the seemingly ordinary giant swords and trident contained great power. Moreover, this kind of fighting will not be merciful. In an instant, the flaming blade slashed directly at Tang Ling's head. The other trident stabbed Tang Ling in the chest. Under these circumstances, Tang Ling still wanted to live, and his only hope was to stand by his side and strike... Although the other side was the queen of misfortune, and the first move meant disaster, what was the mysterious line on Tang Ling's body? It was so curious! Therefore, at this time, whether it was a noble young man or someone else, they all faintly hoped that the other side would take action... But unexpectedly, the other side did not do anything at all! She sat down safely beside Tang Ling before the 6th level Zi Yue soldiers took action. Until the 6th level Zi Yue soldiers took action, the situation had reached such a critical moment, and she was still sitting calmly beside Tang Ling. Was it because of Tang Ling's bravery that Tang Ling could still turn the tables in this situation? You know, even if you defeat a hundred third-level Zi Yue warriors, you can't defeat a sixth-level Zi Yue warrior! This is not a level at all! Is the other side stupid? Or was she not even able to compete with two level six Zi Yue warriors? It was not that without the suppression of the magic staff, the other side could still stop the two sixth level Zi Yue warriors by letting go. However, just as the two black lines on Tang Ling's body had formed, she heard tang ling say to her," on the other side, sit down peacefully. Everything is about to end." The voice was heard by only one person on the other side of the river, and she had no doubt about how tang ling could do this. At least a fourth tier Zi Yue warrior could do it with this kind of mental power. So, Tang Ling said, and the other side did. Quietly leaning against Tang Ling's side, even if a sixth tier Zi Yue fighter made a move, even if the next moment would be devastating, she was safe and sound. However, the crisis can't be solved by persistent belief. As he watched, the flaming blade was about to fall and the icy trident was about to pierce Tang Ling's chest. People began to think regretfully that when the Star council finally won... They opened their eyes! The moment he opened his eyes, the flaming blade was held in the air. As for the icy trident, it was instantly enveloped by an icy blue flame." Fire." Before anyone could react to what was happening, Tang Ling suddenly stood up. Just like the moment he first came back from the dead, this time he stood up and his whole body was floating in the air. His eyes were filled with deep regret and confusion, and the rest of them were empty. It was as if his consciousness was not clear and he was sleepwalking. He opened his mouth and only said the word" fire," which made everyone confused. The next moment, he was like a curious child, reaching out to touch the giant flaming knife in the air. Zi Yue warriors with sixth level fire stats, the flames they condense are not ordinary flames at all! Because Zi Yue warriors have passed the third level, the direction of training is no longer their own, after all, the basic ability is limited. Infinite possibilities - talent! What they want to pursue is innate - essence! Like a Zi Yue warrior with a fire attribute talent, he had to pursue the nature of fire. At the sixth level, he already had a deep understanding of the nature of talent, so how could the condensed flame be ordinary fire? Just like before, when the circle of fire or the ice wall blocked Tang Ling's flying knife, those with good eyesight could see the two sixth level Zi Yue warriors. Their innate abilities already had a hint of profound'life and death' in them. This time, the condensed flame is filled with the will of the master, that is, the intention to kill! Don't talk about touching such a flame. Even if it was near, at least ordinary people would immediately be burned to ashes. Tang Ling actually touched it? You should know that he no longer has the heavenly armor as a protection, ah! Now, Tang Ling, apart from the two mysterious lines, looked like a thin ordinary young man. Did he not know enough about the flame of a sixth level Zi Yue warrior? But I don't know enough... What about the flame trident? In the same way as the flaming blade, the ice that was also condensed by the sixth level Zi Yue warriors could not be ordinary ice. Why is it melting?! Everyone saw that the icy trident had begun to drip... Drip? The sight of a sixth tier Zi Yue soldier gathering ice dripping water was somewhat ironic! But the more ironic scene was that Tang Ling's hand passed through the flaming knife, as though it had passed through the air, without any harm at all. Even as he walked through it, he grabbed the flaming blade and a piece of it was missing. Then, that piece of flame actually appeared in Tang Ling's hand, turned into a flame, and jumped happily in Tang Ling's hand. Pleasure?! Yes, pleasure! At this time, even the most ordinary people could feel the joy of the flame in Tang Ling's hand when they looked at the flame in Tang Ling's hand. A conflicted fire of a sixth level Zi Yue warrior, taken away by others? With joy?! This is a matter of overturning common sense! You should know that the things gathered by your own innate ability are like the extension of your own bloodline and belong to you. Snatched away, if you have to describe it, your own child was snatched, turned into someone else's child, and then very happy... The fire attribute sixth level Zi Yue warrior's face suddenly turned red. He was not shy, but because he realized that he had lost control of his own fire no matter how hard he tried. What was even more ironic was that he couldn't even let out a single spark. The frosty sixth level Zi Yue soldier standing next to him was in better shape. But it wasn't any better! He found that no matter how hard he tried to maintain his icy trident, he could not defeat the icy blue flame... What exactly happened? Was it the effect of the two strange lines on Tang Ling? The knowledge of a sixth level Zi Yue warrior is not something that ordinary people can compare to. If it was really the effect of the two lines on Tang Ling, then things would not be simple. Because, at this moment, Tang Ling's control of the fire has reached a state close to the source! What is this concept?! This was no longer a simple matter of shocking the world. People talked and took a few breaths. And there were more than two sixth level Zi Yue warriors present. Many people's hearts have already begun to turn upside down! There was a feeling that the world was about to be turned upside down. But Tang Ling himself was still in an indescribable state, his eyes still empty, as if the real him had no way to' wake up' at all." Fire..." Looking at the flame in his hand, Tang Ling spoke again, his voice beginning to sound confused. But the next moment, a glimmer of clarity flashed in Tang Ling's eyes. He suddenly threw the flame in his hand into the air and the flame floated up into the sky. But in the blink of an eye, it appeared where Star council's Zi Yue fighters were standing." Oh no!" At this time, the two sixth level Zi Yue soldiers almost said the same thing. Because the Star council's Star council soldiers were standing behind them. But what else could he do besides shout" bad"? The sixth tier Zi Yue warriors had no way to stop such a small flame. As soon as it appeared, it suddenly exploded and turned into a light blue sea of fire. Standing in the middle of the sea of fire, the Zi Yue warrior turned into dust without any reaction... The others were crying for their mother and father, and they had already begun to disperse without regard for their image. They had tried their best to escape from the fire... It was like hell. However, Tang Ling's expression was not moved at all. He just tilted his head and seemed to be thinking about something. Tang Ling was on the other side of the river, and her eyes did not waver. She just looked at it with her chin up, just like the other fireworks that tang ling had set off for her. Hell? In the blurry and blurry memories on the other side, there was a hell more terrible than this, filled with more despair than this... But what kind of memory was that? The other side could not remember, but such a scene could not move her. The sea of fire was limited, and some people on the edge escaped. And the sensitive Long Shier knew that today's event was definitely a failure! He didn't know what Tang Ling's weird state was, though. But he knew that he had to leave as soon as possible! Thinking of this, Long Shier grabbed Tang Long, who had completely fallen into a coma, took out a small ball from his arms, and began to retreat quietly... At this moment, he did not want to attract any attention. But will tang ling really not notice him? No one was sure about this, after all, Tang Ling was not fully conscious at this time. Just as Long Shier quietly began to retreat, he seemed to have stopped thinking. He took a step forward, his whole body still floating in the void. He looked as if he was walking in a leisurely manner, but in an instant he reached the end of the flaming blade. He reached out and grabbed the handle of the flaming knife... It was as if he had really grabbed a knife. Although it was huge, Tang Ling felt as if a child was holding a big knife. But at this moment, who dared to doubt tang ling's control of fire?" Fire!" This was the third time that Tang Ling had spoken. As he spoke this time, he suddenly extended another hand that was not holding the knife and gently squeezed it in the void. The pale blue flame wrapped around the trident of ice turned into a huge palm immediately, followed by a slight pinch..." Clatter," originally dripping with water, the ice trident that had been struggling to maintain broke into several pieces and fell into the sea... Poof, at the same time, the sixth level Zi Yue soldier who struggled to maintain the icy trident suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. At this stage, the things they condense contain their own innate power, and being destroyed by such violence is equivalent to hurting themselves. There was no way to fight anymore. The sixth level Zi Yue soldier immediately sat down cross-legged. However, at this time, Tang Ling seemed to have refused to give Star council's Star council soldiers any more breathing opportunities. He picked up the flaming knife.* Even after many years, those who witnessed this battle called the' initial battle' could not forget it. Yes, it was the scene of Tang Ling holding a giant flame knife! The thin young man floating on the sea raised his flaming sword in the scorching sun... The sea breeze was a little violent, and the boy with empty eyes had black hair fluttering in the wind. His torn trousers were dancing, and his flaming sword was dancing... Then, with a huge knife in his hand, he made the first cut. An icy blue fire dragon roared from the blade of the giant knife and rushed towards the Star council soldiers who were running away... Then it exploded, turning into countless tiny flames that penetrated the chest of every Star council Star council Star council soldier. The Star council came to the Zi Yue warriors this time, except for two level-six warriors, all of them slaughtered! Then, he made a second cut. It was still an icy blue fire dragon that roared and appeared, charging towards the Star council's two sixth tier Zi Yue fighters... As they approached them, they split into two and turned into two fire snakes, entwined around them! Source! Except for the original power, it can no longer be resisted! In this case, two level six Zi Yue warriors used their origins, one spitting out a small fire sword from his mouth, the other spitting out a small ice flower from his mouth. But it didn't work. The coiled fire snake was so powerful that the origin of a sixth level Zi Yue warrior seemed like a joke to it. Two sixth tier Zi Yue warriors fell! Even in a" meat grinder" like Blood city of steel, the fall of a sixth tier Zi Yue soldier could cause a stir. Two were killed in one blow. Then, he made a third cut, which was still an ice blue fire dragon, but this time, the fire dragon only went in the direction of one person - Long Shier! Everyone knew that tang ling had a strong hatred for Long Shier! Although, why do you hate me so much? People don't know. Therefore, what people saw this time was that tang ling's fire dragon did not directly kill Long Shier, but surrounded dragon 12. Long Shier grabbed Tang Long and a look of panic appeared on his face as he turned into a monster. But he was not too alarmed. After all, he had just crushed the ball and had great confidence in his great master. This confidence did not come from thin air... Just like now, a strange black crack appeared in the sky. A huge hand reached out from the crack and grabbed the fire dragon that tang ling sent out around Long Shier. Unlike Tang Ling, who was able to walk through the flaming blade without incident, the hand was not immune to the fire dragon. The moment he caught the fire dragon, the ice-blue flame wrapped around the giant hand, and the whole hand burned. But the owner of the giant hand seemed to be very powerful, and even the icy blue flame could not do anything to him, not even burning the skin a little... At the same time, another huge hand appeared and grabbed Long Shier and Tang Long very quickly..." This is the ultimate spatial ability! Also, this spiritual power is too strong, the condensed hand actually... Who is this from the Star council? Did the speaker take action?" There were already speculations on the beach. But who was important to Tang Ling? Even though he was unconscious, a great hatred still existed, still burning Tang Ling. Today, no one could stop him from killing Long Shier! So, Tang Ling made the last cut! As the blade was cut out, the flaming blade was directly broken, and a huge ice-blue dragon roared out. As the blade was broken, it turned into a sharp blade and fell fiercely towards the giant hand!" Boom," as the knife fell, the whole sky shook, and the sea raised a huge storm. People saw the sharp flame blade, and when it touched the huge hand, it broke into bits and pieces and scattered. The huge hand stopped for a moment, leaving a scorched black mark on its skin. It was such a powerful knife that it did not cut off the giant hand, but only blocked it a little and left a scorch mark on it... Long Shier's face revealed a mocking smile... He had already quickly met that huge hand, he was about to be rescued, the next time tang ling did not have the opportunity to kill him like this! Never again! Ironically, Long Shier was so happy that he, who had always been alert and cautious, kept his head down and ran without noticing the surroundings. He bumped into someone, and he was furious! At this moment, who appeared here and blocked his way? He looked up and his soul was gone! It was Tang Ling standing in front of him! At this moment, Tang Ling's eyes were still empty, but his eyes were burning with great hatred. The flames of hatred were so terrible that it made people feel like they were going to devour the whole world." Er..." Long Shier's mouth made an ambiguous sound. His nervous stomach was contracting violently, and he felt the god of death hanging over his head. He had no idea how tang ling got in front of him in that instant. Only the people around them could see Tang Ling's last knife, the giant knife shattered. But the huge broken knife turned into a little fire, which, like life, exploded, forming a driving force that pushed Tang Ling directly in front of Long Shier. Finally... He reached out and grabbed Long Shier's neck, and behind Tang Ling, the huge hand also grabbed Tang Ling. It doesn't matter, even if he dies, he will kill the person in front of him! From the palm of Tang Ling's hand that was holding Long Shier's neck, a cold flame burst forth and instantly enveloped Long Shier. But for some reason, tang ling kicked Tang Long away... Tang Long was not hurt. Instead, the kick opened his eyes in a daze. It was at this moment that the giant hand was about to touch Tang Ling. In the end, is it to be destroyed together? Long Shier was almost impossible to survive. Even if he was more resistant to fire, the icy blue flame had already taken away most of his life. It seemed that in order to complete a ceremony, there was a huge sea of fire behind Tang Ling. He threw dragon 12 into the sea of fire..." No..." Long Shier only vaguely shouted out such a word, and the giant hand at this time did not even have the tube dragon 12, but grabbed Tang Ling. At this moment, his consciousness had gradually awakened, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face, even though he had been caught... But it didn't matter. That night, Long Shier threw her sister into the crowd. I can't forget that despair! Today, throwing him into the fire and making him feel the same despair, was it a satisfactory result? At this moment, a ship appeared in the rough sea!