Chapter 473 Great Waves

Boat? Some people thought they were wrong. Why did a boat suddenly appear on the sea? But there are also a few people who are calm and still have space ability. Even if the newcomer does not have the ability to space, there are some top alloy items in this era, which also have the ability to space. It seems that at the end of the show, there are many people who want to clean up the so-called mess. People looked at the ship quietly. It seemed to be moving very slowly. In a few blinks, he had transformed from a small black dot in the sky into a clearly visible wooden boat. And who was the man the captain was standing on? Almost everyone was concerned about this, except Tang Ling and the other side... At this point, the power wrapped around Tang Ling was finally exhausted. Even when the last sword was about to stop the giant hand, the power was already insufficient. Tang Ling could feel that he had used a little power from himself. What is that power? Tang Ling knew for some reason that he had consumed a little more of his life force with the race. What's the consequence? Tang Ling doesn't know. He didn't care anymore. He felt his whole body relax and his heart empty when he got revenge by such a coincidence. After that, he was confused. So, is it the best outcome to be caught now? Tang Ling had no time to think. His life was originally a race that shared life force before he could barely survive. The strength just now came entirely from Tang Feng's' gift', a trace of the mysterious origin of all the universe. Now, his strength has been exhausted, and even his life force has been drained... Tang Ling fell into weakness again. It was a weaker and weaker state than after the release of the seed of war. So the next moment, he fell into a coma. As for the other side, the battle began after Tang Ling was caught by a giant hand. However, she was restrained by a gentle force, unable to move her whole body. What was more fatal was that her mental strength was also restrained, unable to spread out at all... This meant that the other side could not use her power! It also meant that the person who took action was definitely the person who stood at the top of the world. Otherwise, as the queen of distress on the other side, how could he be so easily imprisoned? Even though she was still not fully grown up. This power is not malicious, otherwise it would not be so gentle. But it was full of malice to the other side, because this force was preventing her from saving Tang Ling... So the struggle that the other side began to struggle with was a struggle of mental strength, for which she did not hesitate to start burning the mysterious power in her body! This was fatal to the other side. "Little girl, calm down. I'll save Tang Ling. If you don't believe me, look..." Just then, a voice came from the other side. It was the voice of an old woman who seemed to have deep feelings for the other side. Not only did she pacify the other side, but she spoke in a very affectionate tone to the other side. This voice was somehow able to calm the other bank, allowing it to calm down in an anxious situation. Then, the other bank found that the huge hand holding Tang Ling was still in the air. Although it did not let go of Tang Ling, it could not be retracted... The other hand, which was wrapped in the icy blue flame, also froze in the air, although with Tang Ling's coma, the icy blue flame had disappeared. Tang Long also saw this. But what's the point of seeing all this? Tang Long had completely lost the desire to continue living, and the only consolation was that Tang Ling, who he had killed with his own hands, was not dead... Did he finally discover what the copper faced weirdo called kinship? I don't think so! Tang Long's heart was still cold towards the so-called kinship. It's just, it's just... Tang Ling didn't seem like that! That" don't" sentence was imprinted on Tang Long's heart, so I don't want to owe him, right? If he was still alive, would he have a chance to pay back? But what if I don't want to live anymore? Long Shier's behavior made Tang Long deeply doubt everything about the Star council. Was it because he was a chess piece that he got the resources, the'love', and everything he got? Once this idea arose, it could no longer be put to rest. This almost broke the last warmth and pride in Tang Long's heart... Looking at the giant hands in the sky, Tang Long knew that he would never want to go back to the Star council. He was afraid that when he returned, the last warmth in his heart - his godfather, and his master Seven fists, who also regarded him as a chess piece, wouldn't his entire life be a mockery? So, what's the point of being alive for someone who doesn't even know where to go after that?** Everything. It was like a freeze. Black elder sat quietly in the secret room, looking at the screen. At this moment, he looked drowsy. He muttered to the captain standing behind him: "Before, did all the live broadcasts follow my instructions?"" It was cut off before Tang Ling was resurrected, and only the people listed on your list were allowed to see the live broadcast," the captain said respectfully." Well, I should go out now. Monsters and monsters are about to appear. This has not happened for a long time. I'm going to join in the fun." Black elder coughed a few times and put on a cloak-like coat and stood up. His body was very old, so old that he looked a little bent. However, after putting on this coat, the whole person unexpectedly emitted a wild and unruly, and majestic temperament. As you can see, this coat is a captain's cape." Black elder..." Seeing old man hei stand up, the captain couldn't help but call out to Black elder." Yes, say it." Black elder walked to the door without looking back." That... Tattoo on Tang Ling, what's going on?" The captain couldn't help but ask. He could never forget how powerful tang ling was when he had the black veins and seemed to have seen everything in the world and was calm about everything, even Black elder, who was not moved by Tang Ling's resurrection... When she saw the tattoo on Tang Ling's body, she knocked over the bottle beside her. The captain had never seen Black elder lose his cool like this. He didn't care about the overturned bottle, but stood up and looked at Tang Ling on the screen, his breathing quickening. After the captain finished asking, he was answered by Black elder's silence. This made the captain feel very uneasy. Did he ask the wrong question? After a few seconds, old black said," do you want to hear the truth?"" Yes." Almost instinctively, the captain let out a' yes'. Black elder's tone was heavy with vicissitudes of life, sighing, but more confused:" so, the truth is, I don't know what that is? I have a guess, but I can almost be sure that my guess is not right." After saying this, Black elder opened the door and disappeared from the room in an instant.** Blood city of steel. Only those who have been in Blood city of steel for three years know a secret. That is, there is a special section of the city wall in Blood city of steel. If you want to see Blood city of steel as a straight line, this section of the city wall is the sharp angle of the straight line, which goes deep into the outside of the blood city and is called the territory of the chaotic world. Why is this happening? This was a secret that only a few people knew. In any case, anyone who knew of this particular section of the city wall knew that it was this section of the city wall that went deep into the chaotic world. Instead, it was very quiet, so quiet that there would not be a battle for almost a few years. But what they didn't know was that once there was a battle here, there was no one that wasn't earth-shattering. What they did not know was that the three mysterious marshals of Blood city of steel were stationed here all year round. At this moment, this section of the city wall was almost hidden in an office on a labyrinth road. The three marshals sat silent. Both marshals leng yue and flash star looked at marshal Lieri, who was sitting in the middle." You want to go in person?" It was marshal leng yue who broke the silence first." Or else, I'll let a general do the work?" Marshal flash star followed marshal leng yue closely and asked. Marshal Lieri did not say anything, but tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table." Tang Ling's... Pattern is not a super-tech pattern. We are not sure what it is. Do we need to pay attention to your appearance personally?" General leng yue added." Yes, Blood city of steel is not involved in the troubles of the world in the blood city according to the principle. You are too sensitive." Marshal flash star expressed concern. With a' whoosh', marshal Lieri stood up and walked directly to the front door in silence." Well, I'm leaving." He just replied." Ah?" Leng yue and the shining star exclaimed at the same time. Although they had guarded Blood city of steel together for more than ten years, they were still unable to adapt to Lieri's personality. He did not speak or explain certain things, When he spoke, it was time to announce the results directly." I object." Leng yue was a little excited." I can't say no. I understand that Tang Ling has shown amazing potential this time, but he is also very likely to cause amazing trouble. We value him and want to nurture him, but we really don't need you to do it yourself..." Sparkle quickly put an end to it. Among the three marshals, Lieri's character was so strange, but leng yue could not bear it, and he was the one who often wanted to be reconciled." Well, you just said that it was incredibly troublesome." The next second, Lieri appeared in front of the huge screen, pointed at the big hand on the screen, and then said," if I didn't show up, this thing wouldn't be suppressed."" Besides, I can't do it alone. I think everyone is moving! Of course, the monsters are lonely, at this time..." Lieri stopped talking and took a deep look at the big hand on the screen. Then he reappeared before the gate:" I'm leaving, maybe two hours. You guys, guard the blood city." This time, neither leng yue nor flash star objected. After all, this was a rare explanation from Lieri